Slots Are Now Entering A Fourth Dimension At Station Casinos

Written By Martin Derbyshire on December 15, 2017 - Last Updated on November 26, 2021
4-D artistic rendering

Slots players across the country are being invited to enter a fourth dimension. IGT’s new 4-D Sphinx slot rolled out at Station Casinos properties across Las Vegas, Nevada last week. The leading slots manufacturer is promising to bring the new immersive slot machine technology to casinos across the country.

Now 3-D slots have been around for a while. In fact, IGT’s 3-D Sphinx slot debuted in US real money casinos back in 2014. The technology makes the objects in traditional slot reels appear as if they are floating in the air right in front of you. The new 4-D technology now makes it possible to interact with these objects.

The 4-D Sphinx slot

The 4-D Sphinx slot features 3-D images floating off the screen, much the same way they did in the 3-D version of the game. The difference with 4-D is that now players can almost feel, touch and move these floating images.

The game uses a technology that tracks the movement of a player’s hand. Ultimately, players can draw images with their fingers that have a slight impact on gameplay. Players can draw:

  • Circles in the air to change the game background theme from night to day
  • Figure eights that change into a butterflies
  • Triangles that create a floating triangle and electrify the reels
  • Hearts that causes flowers to bloom around the reels
  • Crowns that instantly take players into the game’s Pharaoh mode

Through something called Haptic technology, players can also feel like they are touching the 3-D objects. Additionally, the chair in front of the 4-D Sphinx slot has built-in speakers. These actually shake, rattle, and roll in sync with in-game features.

Appealing to a new generation of slot players

IGT Chief Product Officer Dallas Orchard told the Las Vegas Sun the company noticed players on the 3-D game reaching out to try to touch and move the 3-D objects in front of them. He said the new 4-D technology is about giving players that kind of control over the game.

However, all of this player and game interaction is just that. None of the technology employed will actually help a player get any closer to winning a jackpot.

From that perspective, the 4-D Sphinx is much different than many of the new, interactive skill-based games also being rolled out in casinos across the country.

However, both are meant to appeal to a younger generation of player. These players grew up playing video games featuring much more control than the average slot.

First Station Casinos, then Resorts World Catskills

IGT launched the 4-D Sphinx slot at Stations Casinos where players club members were given one free spin to try it out.

The game is also expected to be placed in the new Resorts World Catskills casino when it opens in Upstate New York in March 2018.

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