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Wyoming Bettors Gamble Over $10.4 Million On Sports During August

Written By Derek Helling | Updated:
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The amount of activity that legal online sports betting in Wyoming accounts for equates to a mere portion of that in other states. For the four sportsbooks operating in the state, however, it’s not about the volume of bets.

Combined, the four active apps in Wyoming won a more than respectable amount of the money they took in from bettors during August. If they can maintain that margin throughout the current NFL season, they’ll have a successful end to 2023.

Wyoming bettors meet August sports betting expectations

Last month was the second August in which legal online sports betting has been available in Wyoming. Sportsbooks launched in September 2021. Through two iterations of the month, Wyoming bettors are showing they can be quite consistent.

Comparing August of this year to August 2022, both the amount gambled and the amount of that money that sportsbooks won were nearly identical from year to year. For August 2023, the relevant numbers in Wyoming were:

  • $10.4 million in bets
  • $1.2 million in win for sportsbooks
  • $841,027 in taxable revenue
  • $84,102 in taxes for Wyoming

Sportsbooks won about 11.5% of the money they took in during August, closing out a successful month in that regard. Comparing that statistic to the same metric in other states highlights the strength of books’ performance.

Wyoming sportsbooks fared better than their counterparts

Due to its comparatively sparse population, Wyoming sports betting is quite meager in terms of dollars. For example, in August Pennsylvania’s revenue for sports betting came to $30.6 million while the same in Massachusetts for the month came to $22.7 million.

However, the percentages of the whole that those amounts represented were smaller than what Wyoming sportsbooks managed during the month. Sportsbooks in Massachusetts won about 7.4% of the dollars bet.

The same in Pennsylvania claimed around 7.6% of dollars wagered during August. Wyoming didn’t completely blow away all the “competition,” however. Sportsbooks in New Jersey claimed 13.2% of dollars for a total of $96 million in win during August.

The true competition, however, is between bettors and the books in each jurisdiction. In that regard, the books had an enviable showing in Wyoming for August.

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