BetQL Review

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Founded in 2015, the QL Gaming Group acts as the parent company of BetQL, RotoQL and AccuScore.

BetQL helps its users find sports betting success through analytical and innovative processes. It offers industry advantages, including real-time line movement, sharp and public data, and meaningful team trends.

BetQL also offers premium articles and best bets to help keep its users on the right track.

Most major betting sports are covered, including NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, MLB, NHL and Bundesliga soccer.

This review also covers BetQL pricing, customer support, how to navigate their site, and much more.

  • Competitively priced relative to competitors
  • Covers major American sports
  • Provides both specific bets on individual games, and overall betting strategies

How to sign up for a BetQL account

You can sign up for BetQL by visiting

On the top right side of the screen, click the “log in/sign up” button. This will reveal a popup screen that allows you to log in if you have a preexisting account or sign up if you’re new to the site.

To sign up, you must select the state you’re located in. You’ll also have to choose a username and password and enter your email. You can opt to add your phone number, as well, but that information is optional.

Once you’ve entered all the required information, click sign up.


Sports Betting Analytics AppBetQL
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Last UpdatedDecember 2022

How much does BetQL cost?

BetQL has a number of subscription plans. It offers any of its packages on a weekly, three-month, or annual basis. The three-month plan gets one month free, while the annual plan gets six months free.

In other words, the longer your subscription is locked in, the cheaper your weekly payment will be. For example, using the most expensive plan, it’s $54.95 per week on a weekly basis, $24.49 per week on a monthly basis, or $6.99 per week on a yearly basis.

BetQL offers 1 Sport Premium, 2 Sport Pro, All Sports VIP and All Sports Sharp packages. If you buy the three-month plan, you’ll receive 40% off the 1 Sport Premium, 50% off the 2 Sport Pro and All Sports VIP, and 55% off the All Sports Sharp packages compared to the standard weekly rates.

You’ll receive 80% off the 1 Sport Premium, 2 Sport Pro, and All Sports VIP packages, while receiving 90% off the All Sports Sharp package if you purchase on an annual basis.

The 1 Sport Premium and 2 Sport Pro packages give you access to premium stats, BetQL’s best bets, all the bet type analysis — including moneylines, spreads, totals and first halves — and access to the BetQL mobile app. You can also change your selected sport(s) weekly.

The All Sports VIP package is similar to the other two with one major difference. This package grants you access to all of BetQL’s sports. You won’t need to select only one or two sports with this package.

BetQL’s most in-depth package, All Sports Sharp, receives all of the above benefits but adds in more advanced data. You’ll receive access to BetQL’s sharp stats, such as advanced metrics for specific sports. You’ll also have complete control over your dashboard, allowing you to customize and save it how you please. Lastly, you’ll receive access to BetQL’s premium content, which is specifically made for sharp users.

The weekly options with pricing for BetQL are 1 Sport Premium ($12.99/week), 2 Sport Pro ($23.95/week), All Sports VIP ($34.99/week) and All Sports Sharp ($54.95/week). This is the shortest option, locking you in for only one week.

BetQL Subscription 1


BetQL’s three-month structure is as follows: 1 Sport Premium ($8.49/week), 2 Sport Pro ($12.49/week), All Sports VIP ($16.49/week) and All Sports Sharp ($24.49/week). This option locks you in for three months.

BetQL Subscription 2

Annual options are: 1 Sport Premium ($2.99/week), 2 Sport Pro ($3.99/week), All Sports VIP ($4.99/week), and All Sports Sharp ($6.99/week). This is the longest option, locking you in for one year.

BetQL Subscription 3

BetQL sports analytic app

The BetQL app starts with a scrolling block of what it offers. You can then select either “let’s get started” to sign up if you still need an account or log in if you already have an account.

Once you log in, the app is relatively simple. In the top right corner of the app, you have a settings icon. If you click that, you can set your sportsbook, state and add a sport. There is also a section for advice here. This is also where you go to log out of the app.

In the bottom left corner of the screen, you can select your sport. The majority of the app is taken up by articles and information on the sport you select. Once on the home screen, you will see articles, polls and sportsbook offers for whichever sport you have selected. To change the articles and information you’re seeing, select a different sport in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Next to the home button in the footer, you’ll find a tab that says “games.” This takes you to the mobile version of the dashboard. You can choose your bet type from best bets, public bets, sharp bets or line movement. You can also select spread, moneyline, total, first-half spread, first-half moneyline, first-half total, second-half spread and second-half moneyline. Furthermore, at the bottom, you can put in the amount you plan to bet, allowing BetQL to help make the best decisions for your success.

The next block in the footer is “my picks.” This shows all of your bets. It has current and past games. It also shows how much you have risked and your record. In the past games, you can select a specific date to see how you did on certain days.

The final block in the footer is labeled “offers.” This shows BetQL’s offers for sportsbooks in every state. It’s an easy way to find your state and see what offers are available for specific sportsbooks.

How to download the BetQL app

You can download the app by going to BetQL’s website at At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a “download app” section on the left side. Click the available app on the App Store tab to download for Apple users or the Android app on Google Play for Android users.

BetQL’s apps are also downloadable in the App Store and Google Play Store.

BetQL features

BetQL has a number of impressive features throughout its website. Some are more general, such as articles or sharp money, while others are more specific, including full analysis for each game.

Near the top of the website, a block features each of its available sports. When you hover over any of the blocks, you’ll find a drop-down menu for each sport. This drop-down menu is broken into two sides.

The left side of the menu looks nearly identical for all sports. For this example, we’ll use the NBA tab. The first clickable link is labeled “NBA Home.” This directs you to the NBA homepage. It shows all of the promotions, articles, upcoming games and polls. You’ll find a full analysis for each game.

This analysis shows BetQL’s best bets, and allows you to compare lines and view top trends. There is a page that allows you to easily find any bet that BetQL recommends, or you can look at line movement and trends to find particular bets that interest you.

The next clickable link in the drop-down menu is the NBA Betting Guide. This is an in-depth look at how to bet on the sport. It’s broken down into sections that explain how to bet on the NBA, spreads, moneyline, totals, quarters and halves, props, futures, as well as how to bet on parlays and exotic teasers. This is a simple yet effective feature for new bettors.

The final clickable link is labeled “about our best bets.” This directs you to a new page that outlines BetQL’s best bets in more detail. This shows you how to read and analyze the site’s best bets.

The NFL and NCAA football are the only two sports that have an extra link on this side of the screen. The NFL offers Super Bowl odds, while the NCAAF offers Heisman odds. This looks at these particular odds more in-depth.

The right side of the drop-down menu features two columns. The majority of sports share the same features in these columns, but there are a few differences. Regardless of what specific link you select, it all takes you to the same page.

This page features a customizable dashboard depending on what you’re looking to bet. The first customizable option allows you to select what you want to look at in terms of who is betting on what. The options include best bets, public bets, sharp picks and line movement.

You will be able to add or remove stats from your dashboard, as well. This is arguably the most in-depth part of BetQL. It’s broken down into multiple sections. They include sportsbooks, lines, BetQL analysis, team betting analysis, spread betting analysis and totals betting analysis.

The sportsbooks section allows you to select what sportsbooks odds you want to look at. There are a number of options available, but you can also choose consensus.

The lines section allows you to analyze a number of betting trends. You can select the rotation number, opening or current spread, moneyline or total, or the line movement on each of those three categories.

BetQL analysis focuses on the public’s money or tickets. This is where you select the best bet rating, but the majority of these options include the ticket percentage and money from the public. It also offers the total number of public tickets on the spread, moneyline or total.

The team, spread and totals betting analyses are all similar. They focus on how often they win or cover in certain situations. Overall, the statistical part of the dashboard is a great feature that can help any bettor, regardless of experience level.

Below that is a number of betting options. You can select if you want your dashboard to show the moneyline, total, spread, first-half moneyline, first-half spread, second-half moneyline or second-half spread.

The games for your dashboard are located below based on how you customized the dashboard. The below photo shows the opening and current moneyline odds with BetQL’s best bet rating and public ticket percentage for a Bundesliga soccer game.

BetQL Bet Analysis

If you click “See Bet Analysis,” a small box will pop up with BetQL’s best bet analysis for the game. In this box, you’ll be able to click a link to find the full analysis or how the best bets were created.

All sports have the equivalent of a first-half bet. For example, the NHL will have a first-period bet and MLB has a first five innings bet.

College basketball, or NCAAB, offers March Madness team rankings. These help you find upsets or pick tournament winners. The rankings update every round during the tournament, as well.

BetQL makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for on your dashboard. There are three blocks on the homepage that allow you to click to get odds, get public or get sharp. This quickly takes you to your dashboard with either moneyline odds, public bets or sharp bets selected.

How to navigate the BetQL site

The BetQL site isn’t the most appealing, but it’s extremely easy to navigate. It has a “log in/sign up” button in the top right corner of the screen. To the right of that is where you can see the subscription options.

Once you log in, those buttons go away, and BetQL’s logo replaces them. You can select to view your account or the subscription options by clicking “account” or “pricing” in the drop-down tab from that logo.

Directly below your account is a help tab. This will direct you to BetQL’s support page. Here you can search any questions you might have. There are a number of blocks that you can select depending on what you need help with. Any of these blocks will direct you to a new page with extra information on that specific topic. There is also a help bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can click this and start a live one-on-one chat with customer support.

BetQL has all of its sports listed in a header. If you hover over any sport, you’ll find a drop-down menu with three columns of options to choose from.


The left column will take you to multiple pages depending on which you click. If you select home, it directs you to a page with articles, upcoming games, offers and polls. As the title suggests, the betting guide directs you to BetQL’s betting guide for each individual sport. These can be useful for betting beginners who are trying to learn how to bet on an entirely new sport. The best bets link directs you to the frequently asked question page on best bets. It gives a more in-depth look at how they are created and when you should use them.

The two columns on the right side of the drop-down menu all direct you to the same place. Clicking any of these takes you to the customizable dashboard. The dashboard will be set up with whichever of those links you select. For example, if you select the best bets link, it will automatically show the best bets. If you select public betting, it will show the ticket percentages of the public.

Below the top header is a scrolling bar. This shows the results to games that have been finished, or it shows the start time for games that are about to start.

The next section of the website is broken down into two blocks.

BetQL latest articles

The larger block on the left is another way to get to the customizable dashboard. By clicking “Get started for free,” it takes you directly to the dashboard page. If you select the “learn more” link, it directs you to the “how it works” page. From here, you can go directly to the dashboard once you’ve finished reading and learning about the pages.

The other block shows BetQL’s latest articles. This block has the featured image, title, what sport is tagged and how long ago it was published. This is a quick way to find new articles on the site.

Under those blocks is a set of three blocks: odds, public and pro bettor report.

BetQL settings

These three blocks all take you to the customizable dashboard. Depending on which you click, the settings of the dashboard are changed. The odds show the best bets, the public shows the public bets, and the sharp shows the sharp picks.

BetQL features a number of polls below that trio of blocks. These polls could ask anything, but often they aim to show how bettors are looking at specific games. For example, a poll will ask a specific question with the answers featuring the available betting odds. You’ll be able to see how other bettors are approaching those games or situations.

The final section has blocks of upcoming games. These blocks show the best bet, start time, team records and odds. You can click “see full analysis” to be taken to a page that outlines the best bets, and allows you to compare lines and find trends. You can also click “all games” on the home screen and see all of the available games in the dashboard.

BetQL upcoming games

Available sports betting options at BetQL

BetQL has a number of sports betting options available. It offers collegiate and professional games. It could be working on adding more sports in the future, but here is a list of all the available sports betting options currently on BetQL:

  • Basketball (NBA and NCAAB)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Football (NFL and NCAAF)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Soccer (Bundesliga)

BetQL comparison to similar tools

There are a number of helpful betting sites on the market, depending on what price point and features you’re looking for. Here is a comparison of BetQL to Swish Analytics, Action Network and Sports Insights.


These four companies vary quite a bit in terms of price. BetQL is the cheapest of the four on a per-month basis. You can get its most expensive subscription for roughly $28 per month. The only caveat is that it’s a yearlong subscription.

Action Network’s Pro subscription is the next cheapest at $29.99 per month. Once again, you must purchase this on an annual basis.

Swish Analytics handles its subscriptions a bit differently. It offers a subscription for $99 per month, but this is also per sport. You can opt out after 30 days, though. It also offers a $300-per-season option per sport.

Sports Insights uses special offers to drop its price tag. Using the special offer, its package costs $149 per month but is billed annually. Sports Insights’ normal price is $249 per month. This subscription is paid monthly, though, and you can cancel it as such.


Action Network and BetQL offer very similar features for their products. Both sites offer picks and betting analysis and allow you to easily follow where and by whom money is being bet. BetQL offers a unique dashboard to easily allow you to find specific bets that you’re looking to place. Action Network, on the other hand, offers systems bets. Essentially, these two products are similar with a few differences.

Swish Analytics offers predictions on the spread, moneyline and totals of games with a suggested bet amount on each one. It tracks line movement while offering a parlay betting optimizer. This site is, obviously, based on analytics, offering win probabilities, final score projections, ROI projections and historical matchup comparisons. Swish Analytics offers injury tracking, as well.

Sports Insights is the most expensive and most in-depth of the four. It offers a number of sports with weather and injury updates. It offers public and sharp money to go along with a line movement prediction tool. It gives access to pro systems and best bets. Sports Insights also features bet signals, such as steam move plays, sharp money plays, contrarian plays, and a value meter.

Overall, selecting one of these betting tools depends on the type of bettor you are. BetQL doesn’t have as many features as Swish Analytics or Sports Insights but might be the best bang for your buck in terms of what you get compared to what you pay for. There is no right or wrong answer when selecting the type of betting site that’s right for you, and it fully depends on what you feel you need to make the most money with your bets.

Payment methods accepted by BetQL

BetQL accepts all major credit cards.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, as there is no long-term commitment. You must cancel your membership prior to the next renewal date to avoid future charges.

You can request a refund. BetQL honors refund requests when they are sent within 72 hours of your first payment.

Customer support offered by BetQL

There is a “Help” button in the top right corner of the BetQL website. This will take you to a page that offers a number of ways to find help. Among these is a search bar for you to type in your specific question.

Below the search bar is a variety of tabs depending on what you’re looking for. They include About BetQL, Product & Features, Billing, Sport-Specific Tutorials, Betting 101, Sportsbook Offers, FAQs, Contact Us and Join Our Team.

Clicking on any of these tabs will direct you to a page that provides more information on the specific tab you selected.

There is a help bubble in the bottom left corner of this page. This takes you to a live chat, allowing you to get help from someone if you cannot find what you’re looking for.

You can also click “Submit a request” in the top right corner of the screen. This allows you to send an email to BetQL. Insert your email address, subject, description and platform before submitting it. You can also email directly at [email protected]

BetQL company background

Owned and backed by parent company QL Gaming Group, BetQL helps simplify the sports betting research process. BetQL offers its users difficult-to-find information, including line movement, trends, public and sharp data, and specific bets, to help them find sports betting success.

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