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How To See The 4-Minute-Long Solar Eclipse 2024

For all of you celestial spectators out there, mark your calendars because, on April 8, millions across North America will experience a total eclipse.

Those lucky enough to view the 2024 eclipse, referred to as the path of totality, will witness the moon’s shadow blocking the sun entirely.

best US cities to see april 8 total solar eclipse map infographic

2024 Eclipse Path

The cities that will experience the eclipse in all of its glory are:

Dallas, TX
Little Rock, AK
Jackson, MO
Indianapolis, IN
Erie, PA
Niagara Falls, NY
Buffalo, NY
Montreal, Canada

Fortunately, people living outside of that path will still enjoy a pretty good viewing party. They will see a partial solar eclipse, where the moon’s shadow partially blocks the sun. Not to dull the light anymore on this day… Please keep in mind you should NOT look at the sun directly without proper eyewear!


Extraordinary solar events could impact power grids

While this is an extraordinary event to witness, this could impact power for states like Texas.

According to CBS News, “The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, known as ERCOT, which provides solar service to 90% of the state, says the event will affect solar production in Texas between 12:10 p.m. and 3:10 p.m. CDT while the eclipse passes over the state from the southwest to the northeast.”

The 2024 Eclipse: A time for aura renewal?

On a spiritual note, some say that aura-renewal and transformation are welcomed during a solar eclipse. When the sun is blocked, it is the time to let go of old patterns, shake off negative vibes and surrender to personal growth and evolution.

So whether you’re looking to shed old ways that no longer serve you or if you’re a NASA enthusiast, April 8th is sure to be an interesting day.

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