Study Says Pennsylvania Casinos Need To Improve Gender Diversity

Written By Derek Helling on October 3, 2022
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Each year, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PCGB) assesses the workforce at the state’s brick-and-mortar casinos for diversity. The 2022 report shows that while Pennsylvania casinos are on par with the state’s population in terms of ethnic diversity, they have work to do to be on the same level when it comes to gender equality.

Specifically, the study shows that the workforce at the state’s casinos is proportionately more male than the state’s overall population. Those casinos simply hiring more women might not solve the issue, however.

Pennsylvania casinos get diverse scores on diversity

The PCGB’s 2022 Diversity Report contains a lot of information, much of which reflects positively on the industry in the state. Among the over 14,000 people Pennsylvania casinos employed as of June 2022:

  • 89% of them lived in Pennsylvania
  • 40% represented ethnic/racial minorities

In executive or management roles, which accounted for nearly 2,400 people, 26% of those employees identified as members of ethnic or racial minorities. Leading the way on ethnic diversity in the state in terms of the overall workforce is Live! Casino Philadelphia, where workers representing racial minorities represented 62% of the whole.

At the same time, the study shows results that are not as encouraging. Only 43% of all employees and 36% of executive/management staff are female. That falls short of being representative of the state’s overall population.

How do casino workforces compare to Pennsylvania as a whole?

According to the latest U.S. Census data, Caucasians account for just under 62% of Pennsylvania’s general population. Thus, the state’s casinos posting an ethnic diversity rate of 40% is right on the level where it should be for the workforce to be representative of the state as a whole.

Representation of just 26% in executive or management roles could use some improvement and so could the casinos’ diversity when it comes to gender. World Population Review estimates that nearly 49% of Pennsylvania’s general population is female.

Thus, the representation of women in executive/management roles is especially lagging behind. That isn’t universally the case when looking at individual casinos in Pennsylvania, though. At Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin, 49% of the staff in executive or management roles are female and in the casino’s overall workforce, females represent about 50.6% of the whole.

The study mentions Pennsylvania casinos’ support of “organizations that promote supplier diversity and economic empowerment” and “remain committed to prioritizing the professional development of workers.” These results show a need to increasingly prioritize the inclusion of ethnic minorities and women in those programs. Hopefully, the 2023 report will show a better representation of women in this workforce.

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