If You’re Making Online Sports Bets You Can Still Earn Casino Player Loyalty Rewards

Written By Marc Meltzer on September 7, 2021 - Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Three online sportsbooks available around the country are now rewarding bets with credits that can be used at some of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas and around the country. Use the promo code: LEGALRF at Caesars Sportsbook

It was only a matter of time before Caesars, MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts would decide to connect their national sports betting apps to the loyalty programs for their brick and mortar casinos.

Rewarding sports bets of any kind is still relatively new for all casino loyalty programs. Sports betting inside of casino sportsbooks in Nevada have always had a small profit margin.

There was a time when offering rewards for such a low-margin business didn’t financially make sense for casino companies. Believe it or not, Nevada casinos have only been rewarding sports bets with loyalty club points for less than a decade. But sports betting is booming in Nevada and around the country and it’s time to reward players inside and outside of casinos.

Understanding the world of casino loyalty rewards is confusing enough without including sports bets. Earning rewards from slot machines and video poker is fairly straightforward. Table games are slightly more complex since casinos use different algorithms that account for the average bet, time at the table and type of game played.

Rewarding sports bets is somewhere in the middle of machines and table games. Some loyalty programs offer simple points for dollars spent. Meanwhile, other sportsbooks use interesting equations. US online sportsbook operators are a whole other complicated monster.

It should be pointed out that nobody should gamble for loyalty points. However, it’s not the worst idea to wager where loyalty is rewarded if the odds or point spreads are the same at different sportsbooks that may not offer loyalty points, credits or bonuses.

Being able to use online bets on casino rewards in Las Vegas could be a game-changer for some sports bettors looking for an excuse to get away, or simply bet online from home and rack up rewards for the future.

Caesars Sportsbook loyalty player rewards

Caesars Sportsbook is linked with the similarly named Caesars Rewards loyalty program. This is the largest rewards program with approximately 55 million members. Caesars Rewards works in 52 casinos in 16 states. Nine of those casinos are in Las Vegas:

  • Bally’s
  • Caesars Palace
  • The Cromwell
  • Flamingo
  • Harrah’s
  • The Linq
  • Paris
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Rio

Earning Caesars Rewards

Caesars offers rewards from online gambling a little differently than some might expect and it’s a bit complicated, so be patient. Caesars Rewards offers one (1) Tier Credit and one (1) Online Reward Credit for every $5 a player will profit on sports bets.

For example: If a player bets $10 to win $30 there’s potential for a $20 profit. In this case, the player will earn four (4) Caesars Rewards Tier Credits and 4 Online Reward Credits.

There is an earning cap on rewards for Caesars Sportsbook bets online of 10x (ten times) the wager amount. For example: If a player makes a $10 sports bet, the most they can earn is a total of 100 Tier Credits and 100 Online Reward Credits for that wager.

Lastly, Tier credits will help a player reach different benefits from Caesars Rewards based on their tier level:

  • Gold: Everyone
  • Platinum: 5,000
  • Diamond: 15,000
  • Diamond plus: 25,000
  • and…Diamond elite: 75,000
  • Seven Stars: 150,000

The platinum tier and above a monthly Free Bet ($10-$150 depending on tier) through Caesars Sportsbook/Online Casino. All players receive an extra Free Bet ($5-$150 depending on tier) during their birthday month.

The most popular Caesars Rewards tier benefit is complimentary resort fees for Diamond and Seven Stars members. This can be a savings of as much as $45 per night at Caesars Palace. Most Las Vegas casinos charge resort fees even for complimentary rooms.

Online Reward Credits are different. These points can be transferred to a player’s main Caesars Reward Credit balance. These points can be redeemed anywhere Caesars Reward Credits are accepted (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.)

This is slightly different from how rewards are usually doled out. There are two main differences:

  1. Caesars Online Rewards Credits must be transferred before using them at a casino.
  2. Points are generated by profits, not the amount of money wagered.

Sports bets placed in person inside a Caesars casino earn one (1) Reward Credit for every $10 wager on sports bets. More information about retail casino comps can be found here.

BetMGM Sportsbook and M Life Rewards at MGM Resorts

Connecting the player rewards from BetMGM to M Life Rewards is also slightly complicated.

BetMGM sports wagers online earn iReward Points (IRPs) and Tier Credits based on the odds selection, type of bet and wager amount. IRPs can be turned into online bonuses and M Life Rewards Express Comps that can be redeemed for rooms, dining, and other amenities at any MGM property.

Climbing casino loyalty club tiers is a way to unlock a variety of benefits at 29 MGM Resorts casinos and hotels around the US. MGM Resorts operates the following Las Vegas casinos:

  • Aria (and Vdara hotel)
  • Bellagio
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay (and Delano hotel)
  • MGM Grand (and Signature hotel)
  • The Mirage
  • New York-New York
  • Park MGM (and NoMad hotel)

Earning M Life Rewards

Earning M Life Rewards Tier Credits is fairly simple using the BetMGM app. A $100 straight wager will earn a player one (1) M Life Rewards Tier Credit. Parlay & round robin bets of $50 also earn one (1) M Life Rewards Tier Credit. Players cannot earn Tier Credits for free bets or early cashouts.

M Life Rewards has five different tiers offering different benefits. Players can reach different levels by accumulating Tier Credits:

  • Sapphire: Everyone
  • Pearl: 25,000
  • Gold: 75,000
  • Platinum: 200,000
  • Noir: Invite only

Tier benefits are incremental until reaching Platinum. This is when BetMGM users can earn complimentary hotel rooms and invites to sporting events.

Higher tiers will reward BetMGM users with higher IRP earnings. For example:

  • Pearl users earn a 10% IRP bonus
  • Gold players earn a 20% IRP bonus
  • Platinum players earn a 30% IRP bonus
  • Noir players earn a 40% IRP bonus

Unfortunately, earning IRPs isn’t as straightforward as earning M Life Rewards Tier Credits. BetMGM uses an algorithm based on ​the bet type, wager amount, odds and tier status to reward IRPs.

Essentially, straight bets offer 9.5 base IRPs which is the fewest. Parlays offer 20 base IRPs. Futures bets offer the most base IRPs with 30. Players can transfer IRPs to be used at MGM Resorts brick and mortar casinos in the BetMGM loyalty store.

Get more information on M Life Rewards

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WynnBet and Wynn Rewards

Wynn/Encore Las Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor are two of the most luxurious casinos in the US. WynnBet is now linked with the Wynn Rewards casino loyalty program.

WynnBet wagers placed online anywhere in the US can now earn rewards to use at Wynn casinos in Nevada and Massachusetts. Ironically, WynnBet doesn’t operate in the two states with brick-and-mortar Wynn Resorts casinos.

Earning Wynn Rewards

All sports and online casino wagers with WynnBet will earn Tier Credits, and what Wynn calls COMPDOLLARS and FREECREDIT. Earning rewards from WynnBet wagers is less transparent than others. Strangely, that might make it easier to understand.

Tier credits are based on the total wagered amount and will vary by game type.

Use FREECREDIT inside of the Wynn casinos as free play or on the app as a Bonus. Simply go to the Rewards Store in the WynnBET app or website and select the amount of Bonus for which earned FREECREDIT will be applied.

COMPDOLLARS may be redeemed for dining, retail, and other amenities at some Wynn-owned venues listed here. Players can accumulate a certain amount of COMPDOLLARS depending on their tier status:

  • Red: $5,000
  • Platinum: $7,500
  • Black: $10,000
  • Chairman’s Club: $20,000

WynnBet players can receive instant rewards not available for casino gamblers. These are given to members at the discretion of WynnBet based on current, real-time activity.

This should be obvious, but Tier Credits can’t be earned on free bets, canceled bets, or early cash-out bets when using WynnBet.

The Wynn Rewards program is one of the newest, having debuted in Las Vegas last December. The new tier-level loyalty program offers more transparent rewards than ever for the luxury casino operator. Wynn Rewards new tier levels are:

  • Red tier = Everyone
  • Platinum tier = 7,000
  • Black tier = 70,000
  • Chairman’s Club tier = invite-only tier

The higher the tier the better the benefits. There are a few specific benefits for higher tiers that stand out.

The Platinum level of Wynn Rewards gets a $150 dinner credit and two Master Classes valued at no less than $150. Black tier benefits include the Platinum rewards as well as complimentary hotel rooms in Las Vegas and Boston. Additionally, golfers will save $1,000 on complimentary green fees in Las Vegas.

More information on Wynn Rewards can be found here.

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