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How To Make Legal Online Sports Bets With FanDuel Sportsbook In Pennsylvania

Written By Joss Wood on August 30, 2019 - Last Updated on December 5, 2023
How To Make Legal Online Sports Bets With FanDuel Sportsbook In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania sports betting has ramped up quickly, especially as more and more PA online sportsbooks entered the market when SugarHouse Sportsbook went live on May 31.

FanDuel Sportsbook has taken its market-leading New Jersey software and adapted it to the Pennsylvania regulatory system. Now that it’s live, it’s looking for the same level of success it has in New Jersey but to do that it needs sports bettors signing up in large numbers.

Early market share doesn’t always translate into long term success, but it is the target of all online sportsbook operators. That means plenty of valuable promotions aimed at new sports bettors.

FanDuel is wowing customers with the offer of a risk-free bet of up to $500. We take you through everything you need to know to start sports betting at FanDuel.

Is FanDuel sports betting available for Android and iOS devices?

Pennsylvania’s new legal sports betting laws allow for mobile and online gambling. The FanDuel sports betting and FanDuel PA casino app is available for use with Android and Apple iOS devices. You can also use it directly via your laptop or desktop.

How to open an online sports betting account at FanDuel Sportsbook in PA

If you are over 21 and inside the state borders of Pennsylvania, you are eligible to open a FanDuel sports betting account.

You can open an account by going directly to the FanDuel new registration page.

As you can see the process is simple. Input your details, choose a user name and password and go on to the contact details page.

You will need to provide a current photo ID which you can scan and send.

If you already have an account with FanDuel in New Jersey, the process is even faster. All you have to do is download an update to your existing New Jersey app. The wonders of geo-location technology will identify the fact that you are in Pennsylvania.

As soon as the update is installed, you can use any funds you already have in your New Jersey account to make bets at FanDuel Pennsylvania.

How to deposit money into your FanDuel Sportsbook account

If you don’t have funds in a New Jersey FanDuel account, you will need to deposit some cash before you can start betting.

At the moment, FanDuel accepts deposits using the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard).
  • FanDuel Prepaid Card, which can be applied for on the website of parent company Betfair.
  • ACH (echeck)
  • Online bank transfer (with selected banks set up for online bill pay). FanDuel currently identifies the following banks as ones that customers can transfer funds into their FanDuel accounts from: Bank of America, BB & T, Capital One 360, Chase, PNC, Regions, SunTrust, S.Bank, Wells Fargo
  • Wire transfer
  • Check

The FanDuel website explains that some banks will decline sports betting transactions regardless of the fact that they are now legal in Pennsylvania. It lists several banks that have this policy:

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • Union Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Most pre-paid cards

If you bank with one of these financial institutions, don’t worry! It’s easy to transfer cash from your bank to your PayPal account which you can then use for deposits and withdrawals.

If you do win some cash, the withdrawal options are:

  • PayPal
  • ACH/E-Check
  • Check
  • FanDuel Pre-Paid Card

The big advantage of placing your bets in the legal regulated sports betting operator like FanDuel is that you know you can always get your money back quickly.

How does the FanDuel $500 Free Bet work

As a new customer, you are eligible for FanDuel’s $500 Free Bet promotion. This is a pretty good example of sports betting promotions. FanDuel matches your first deposit with a free bet of the same amount up to a maximum of $500.

So if you deposit $100, you get a $100 free bet; deposit $1,000 and you get the maximum $500 free bet.

The concept is really simple. You make your free bet and if you lose, no money is deducted from your account. If you win, the winnings are credited to your account—but not the $500 value of the bet.

The promotion is only valid for your first bet, and you must wager the amount of the free bet before you can withdraw any winnings.

What sports can I bet on online at FanDuel Pennsylvania?

FanDuel offers a full range of sports on which to place bets. The site also offers explanations of its offering for:

  • American Football Market Offering (NFL)
  • Baseball Market Offerings (MLB)
  • Basketball Market Offering
  • Boxing Market Offerings
  • Golf Market Offerings
  • Hockey Market Offerings
  • MMA Market Offerings
  • Soccer Market Offerings
  • Tennis Market Offerings

And Sports Betting Guides with the following titles:

  • How to Bet, Strategy Guide, and Tips
  • Australian Rules
  • NFL Betting
  • Auto Racing Betting
  • Baseball Betting
  • Basketball Betting
  • Boxing/MMA Betting
  • Golf Betting
  • Hockey Betting
  • Soccer Betting
  • Tennis Betting

From this screenshot, you can see the available games to bet on for each sport by using the menu on the left-hand side of the page:

What online bet types are available at FanDuel Pennsylvania?

Modern online sports betting enables a wide variety of betting options that add more entertainment and engagement with the sports you love.

The basic bet types are all available at FanDuel Pennsylvania, including:

  • Spreads
  • Moneyline/Run lines
  • Over/under bets
  • Game and individual player props
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Round Robins

In addition, you can also place bets in-game. These are bets placed after the match has started. They can be on events such as what the score will be at the end of the quarter, or directly on players such as who will hit the next home run.

In-game betting is possible because of near real-time data feeds that allow FanDuel to set new odds second by second. Offshore betting sites don’t offer anything like the same functionality.

In-game betting currently gathers over 60 percent of New Jersey sports bets. One more reason to quit using illegal offshore sites and switch to the legal Pennsylvania sites.

What is the Odds Boost promotion?

The Odds Boost button on the left-hand side of the screen takes you to a page with a select list of events. FanDuel enhances the odds for these events giving bettors a better pay off if they win.

The Odds Boost selections change daily and vary in the range of sports and bet types. There is a maximum bet size for taking advantage of these promotional bets. You can see it listed in the title of each bet.

Note that you can’t use Odds Boost bets as part of another promotion. That means you can’t use them for making your first $500 Free Bet.

How do I place my sports bet on FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

The available bets are listed under tabs on the FanDuel home screen. Live and Popular tabs are always displayed. The third tab offers either upcoming events or bets on a specific competition.

The entry for each game displays the odds for the spread, the moneyline and the total bet types. There is a “more wagers” arrow which takes you to a selection of other bet types.

The other wagers available include a range of possible prop bets:

Notice in the graphic that these bets are available while the game is live.

To place your bet click on the tab next to the side of the bet you want to take. This brings up a virtual betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen.

Enter the amount you want to wager and the potential winnings from your bet are automatically displayed in the “to win” box.

The betting slip offers three variations on the basic bet type, Standard, Teaser and Round Robin.

Your betting slip lists all the bets you have which are current and it remains visible on the home page.

When a game is live, FanDuel offers a “watch live” option. This works for almost all live games allowing you to watch the game and see how your bet unfolds.

Does FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania offer a VIP scheme for online sports betting?

As soon as you start betting on FanDuel you start accumulating FanDuel Points (FDP). All active players are members of the FanDuel Players Club which offers benefits that you should not ignore.

Every $1 bet earns 5 FDPs. Some promotions offer extra FDPs and these are well worth checking.

Some of the best club offers are “bonus wagers.” These work the same way as the initial $500 Free Bet. You exchange FDPs for a bonus wager; if you win you keep the winnings less the dollar value of the wager itself.

FDPs expire if you go for a year without placing a bet. Each time you do place a bet, you re-start the clock on the year.

Does FanDuel online connect to my Valley Forge VIP scheme?

Valley Forge is the partner casino to the FanDuel online sports betting business.

The Valley Forge VIP scheme is called the Valley Club, and it works similarly to the FanDuel Players Club.

At present the two VIP schemes are not directly linked, but this is definitely a prospect for the future. One benefit of legal online sports betting is that the online sportsbook can offer benefits at its partner casino.

Casinos in NJ, for instance, have found that the markets for live and online sports betting attract different demographics. The Pennsylvania casinos will certainly be using their online relationships to attract new customers, so linked promotions are inevitable.

Why should I cancel my sports betting account with an offshore operator?

One of the best reasons for states to legalize sports betting is to protect their citizens. Offshore sportsbooks can exploit bettors who have no legal recourse in case things go wrong.

In Pennsylvania’s new legal sports betting, customers have the protection of a strict regulator.

Your money is safe, you can withdraw it quickly and legally. The law protects you if there is a problem.

But there are positive reasons to switch to a legal sportsbook like FanDuel.

  • The sports betting experience is qualitatively better than that offered by offshore books
  • In-game betting, which black market operators can barely offer, is rich and rewarding at legal sportsbooks
  • Sports betting revenues got to local casinos, supporting local employment
  • Sports betting taxes go to the state, not to some offshore tax haven

There really is no good reason not to switch.

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