FanDuel DFS App Promo Code & Review 2022

FanDuel was one of the first companies to capture and thrive on the potential of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry in the US. It’s still co-leading the charge as the DFS industry continues to grow and expand. And new players who register with FanDuel DFS right now will receive one free NBA contest entry on signup. Then, simply make a deposit of $10 or more and you’ll get two more free contest entries. A FanDuel promo code is not needed to be eligible for this FanDuel sign-up bonus.

While DFS has been around for more than a decade, the appeal of FanDuel over its DFS competitors remains strong. It offers an extensive range of contests and a great user experience.

FanDuel is now part of the Flutter Entertainment family, which is one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world.

Its games and product continue to resonate with users who love making real money by following their favorite sports and athletes.

Why play on FanDuel over its competitors? Is the platform all it’s cracked up to be? Can you win money playing fantasy sports? We’ve got the information you need right here.

Reasons to Choose Fanduel DFS
  • Chance to play DFS contests all year long
  • Exclusive: Claim three free contest entries with $10 deposit
  • Simple to use interface & mobile app
  • VISA, Mastercard & PayPal accepted
Fanduel DFS Rating
  • Support:
  • Payouts:
  • Bonus:
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FanDuel DFS welcome bonus

If you sign up with FanDuel DFS today you’ll automatically get a free NBA contest entry. That’s not all though, just make a $10 deposit and two more free entries will be yours. One of those entries will be for another NBA contest, the other will be determined based on what is available when you join.

No FanDuel DFS promo code is required.

FanDuel DFS promo code 2022

DFS SiteFanDuel DFS
FanDuel Promo CodeClick to claim promo
Welcome BonusOne free NBA contest entry (no deposit required)
Deposit BonusTwo free contest entries with $10 deposit
Last UpdatedMay 2022

FanDuel DFS updates — May 2022

There is a $300K XFL Saturday Special being offered at FanDuel DFs. The entry fee is only $9 and there will be $300,000 in prizes. Bet on this new fan-centric football league, which kicks off on Saturday, February 8th.

For those of you who are new to the XFL—I mean, who isn’t—there is a Training Guide available to registered players. It can be found here. It will teach you the basics, how to build a team and choose a winning lineup.

NBA Single Entry is back on the site now, sponsored in conjunction with RotoGrinders. You’ll have 6 weeks of contests to take advantage of. The current one is a $35K Friday NBA Block, which has a $3 entry fee and $35,000 in prizes.

Do I need a FanDuel promo or bonus code to get the bonus?

No. As mentioned, FanDuel offers new players from PlayUSA three free contest entries as long as they make an opening deposit of $10 or more. No FanDuel code is required to get it.

Once you go to the FanDuel homepage, you’ll be redirected to a new page. You can click on the “Join Now” button to begin the sign-up process. All you’ll need to do is add a few basic pieces of info, including a screen name and password.

Once you have completed all of the registration steps, you can start navigating around. Up in the right-hand corner, you’ll see a green button labeled “Deposit.” Click on this to add funds to your account.

As a fully legalized online business, depositing and cashing out is smooth and secure. You’ll find plenty of funding options available including major credit cards, bank transfers and more.

After you create your account you’ll get one NBA contest entry. Then after you make your deposit of $10 or great FanDuel DFS will credit you with two more free entries.

FanDuel free contest entries

The sports that the free entries will be available for will be based on the time of year you sign up with FanDuel DFS. For example, during the winter months, they could be for the NFL , NBA and NHL, while during the summer you might get two MLB entries.

FanDuel beginner contests

One other note for new users on FanDuel: As you browse the lobby, look for contests labeled “Beginner.” For example, FanDuel offers “Beginner Double Ups” for NFL games at various price points.

In these contests, the object is to post a score that’s better than the majority of the field. If you make that happen, you’ll double your money.

For instance, one current $10 double up features a field of 34 players. The Top 15 finishers will walk away with $20.

These contests are a great way to get acclimated to DFS and build up your bankroll before jumping into any more extensive game offerings.

How do I earn FanDuel points?

FanDuel offers a loyalty program that is straightforward and easy to understand. For every $1 played in real-money contests, you earn five points. As the points accumulate, you can redeem them for entry into contests.

As you gain more points, you will rise in tier status as well. The various levels will reward you with additional benefits, such as freeroll contests or other rewards credits.

Quite simply, the more you play, the more you earn. FanDuel aims to keep its users in the fold, and the company rewards them for their loyalty as a result.

Download the FanDuel DFS app

FanDuel has an app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Please note that the company is also in the sportsbook business and has apps for that as well.

If you’re looking for FanDuel DFS specifically, make sure it’s the DFS app that you download. You can find links to the apps at the bottom of FanDuel’s website, and find the iOS version (iPhone/iPad) in the Apple App Store.

You can play FanDuel DFS on your phone or tablet with the standard web version, too; however, the app is optimized for mobile use.

Downloading the FanDuel DFS app is quick and easy, and you can log in using the same details from the account you created online.

Optimized DFS apps for iPhone and Android

While many DFS operators have come and gone over the years, FanDuel has stayed the course. A big reason for that is its user-friendly platform.

There have been some hiccups over the past decade, but the company has continually updated its technological capabilities. The result is a platform that is smooth, functional and easy for the user to explore and create teams.

That sentiment applies to both the app and online versions. On the app side, you’ll find that you can do all of the same things you can do on the website. You can browse around for contests, enter and change lineups, and add and withdraw funds.

The FanDuel app experience has been optimized on your iPhone and Android devices. While the layout is naturally condensed in comparison to the full website, you won’t need to hunt around to find what you’re seeking.

One of the best features of the FanDuel app is the ability to edit lineups after you’ve already entered contests. You can do this online as well, but FanDuel has made it particularly smooth for mobile devices.

You can add and subtract players, find more stats and save or cancel your changes, all without worrying about your lineup magically disappearing somewhere on the platform.

That’s not an easy thing to pull off, but FanDuel nails it.

FanDuel DFS Screenshots

FanDuel DFS

How do I sign up at FanDuel DFS?

There are a few simple steps to follow before you have your FanDuel DFS account up and running. Let’s walk through the steps for signing up on mobile as an example.

The initial steps are:

  • Visit Fanduel DFS site
  • Download and open the app specific to your device.
  • Choose an option to sign up either via Facebook or with your email account.
  • If you choose the latter, you’ll be prompted to enter your information, including your address, a screen name of choice and a password.

Click “Play Now,” and you’ll be asked to enter your details. FanDuel is a secure site that doesn’t ask for anything out of the ordinary.

After completing this step, you can click through and your account will be created for you. The process is smooth and seamless; your account will be up and running in minutes.

Where is FanDuel DFS legal?

Daily fantasy sports is legal to play in over 40 states in the US, but there are a few exceptions. Here are the states where you currently can’t play FanDuel for real cash:

  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Washington state

All of the other states are fair game. If you reside in a state other than those listed up above, you will not have any trouble creating an account and playing for cash on FanDuel.

What DFS sports can I play at FanDuel?

FanDuel has all of the bases covered when it comes to DFS. Here’s a list of the sports you can currently play on the online or app version:

In the early days of DFS, the major team sports ruled the landscape. NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL became extremely popular with DFS players, in that order.

As time moved along, additional sports climbed aboard, including major college team sports and soccer. Before too long, DFS introduced individual sports, such as golf and tennis.

FanDuel and DFS, in general, operated on the outer fringes of the sports world for a few years, but the industry eventually exploded in popularity. As that happened, various professional leagues and teams were more than happy to partner with FanDuel.

Today, FanDuel has official partnership deals in place with the NBA, MLB, NHL and various teams in all of the major leagues. DFS and FanDuel have come a long way.

FanDuel free contests

Throughout the year, FanDuel offers several free-to-play games that are tied to the most significant events on the sports calendar. Two of the biggest are:

Big Game Bingo is a play on the traditional Super Bowl “pick a square” pool games, which are popular for Super Bowl parties.

When March Madness rolls around, there’s a Bracket Pick’em contest, which offers the chance to win real-money prizes for free.

For the NCAA basketball tournament, pools in which players fill out their brackets for the entire tournament are tremendously popular. This is an excellent way for new users to get involved and have some fun with a chance to win real prizes.

FanDuel also offers a regular assortment of free-to-play contests in all of the major sports. You won’t find them all the time, but these are an excellent way to get a feel for the site without risking any money.

In addition, FanDuel invites you to monthly “freerolls,” which are based on how much you play in the previous month. These tournaments offer cash prizes that are there for the taking as a “thank you” for your loyalty and play.

What DFS games can I play at FanDuel?

One of the best things to stem from the growth of the DFS industry is the variety of contests.

Back in the day, the games were the same. Users would pick the contest of their choosing and enter a lineup while staying under the salary cap.

From those roots, DFS has evolved into several ways to play, including single-game showdowns and pick’em style games. The same applies to the types of contests as they have grown to include innovative offerings such as “beat the score.”

Let’s take a look at the major contest types and various ways to play:

  • Full Roster: This is the classic version of DFS with a standard nine-player roster to be picked from games on the schedule.
  • Single Game: These are DFS games that revolve around players from a single game on the docket.
  • Tournaments: Also known as guaranteed prize pools, these are DFS games at numerous price points, which allow users to win big prizes.
  • Beat the Score: As the name implies, the object of the game is to beat a predefined score with your carefully selected roster.
  • Multipliers and 50/50s: Similar to tournament style games, but users only need to finish in the top half or better to cash.
  • Head to Heads: Similar to standard fantasy games played with friends, these are contests between one user and another with the winner taking all the marbles.

The types of contests are similar for all of the sports, but there are differences in the roster requirements.

Under the “How it Works” and “Rules and Scoring” links at the bottom of the website is where FanDuel lists out all of the various nuances.

Also, merely clicking and entering the contest will bring you the lineup entry page.

Here, you’ll find all of the information you need, including prize pool, roster requirements and a clickable link for rules and scoring.

What are the best DFS games for beginners?

No matter how familiar you are with daily fantasy sports, playing on FanDuel can take a little adjustment.

The salary cap aspect puts a new wrinkle into the equation, so it can take some time before you consistently build winning lineups.

Understanding that there’s a learning curve going on is a good thing, as this prevents new users from getting overly frustrated. Also, there are several ways for new players to get in on the action without risking a lot.

As you search through the lobby, be on the lookout for games that are free or labeled as beginner contests. Beginner games can also be labeled EPE, which stands for Experienced Players Excluded. More on this in the FAQ section below.

There’s no need to start risking lots of money right away while you get a feel for the site. DFS isn’t going anywhere, so you’ll have plenty of time to increase your level of play.

Beyond the beginner and free contests, check out the single-game contests that are available for all of the major sports. These will allow you to get the hang of DFS while focusing on one game at a time.

Sifting through 10 or more games at a time to find the right combination of players can be challenging, but this helps cut the learning curve down a little.

Also, keep an eye out for special promotions and pick’em style contests, which focuses on new and casual users. Beyond giving you a chance to win real-money prizes, these games are lots of fun and help you get a further feel of how things work on FanDuel.

Can I play against my friends on FanDuel?

FanDuel offers a “friends” mode, which allows you to set up a league to compete with friends, family or whomever else you choose to invite.

At the top of the main page is a clickable link, which is labeled “Friends.”

After clicking on that, FanDuel walks you through how to get started. In a nutshell, it’s just like playing in a season-long league.

Friends leagues can be set up as free-to-play or with real-money prizes. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to add a new variable to an existing fantasy league you’re involved with or to get one going from scratch.

Additionally, you can also create a head-to-head match and invite your friends to play against them. From the main lobby, find the sport of your choosing and look for the head-to-head tab. Click on “Create Contest,” and FanDuel will lay out the instructions for you.

This is another excellent way to enhance the DFS experience.

FanDuel Championships

One of the exciting things about playing on FanDuel is the chance to qualify for tournaments with massive prize pools. Sometimes, these are just online tournaments. However, FanDuel will also hold what is known as “live finals” for the biggest sports.

Using the NFL as an example, there are both. There’s a World Fantasy Football Championship that features a live final, as well as a Fan Championship, which is online. In both cases, there are qualifier tournaments in the lobby at various price points.

The live final has 80 spots to fill. Users who qualify will compete for a grand prize of $500,000 with each place cashing. All told, there’s a whopping $2.5 million up for grabs.

The final event is quite a prize. The 2019 edition will be held in Puerto Rico and features several special guests.

The Fan Championship has more than 15,000 spots. Qualifiers can play from the comfort of their home or wherever they’d like on the mobile app. The total prize pool for this one is $3.5 million, with first-place taking home $1 million.

The qualifiers are tournaments with the top spot or spots earning entry into the final event. These are tough to win, but that’s also part of the fun and excitement. Some users place multiple lineups in an attempt to cover as many bases as possible.

Others will use a single, carefully researched lineup and hope for the best. One strategy that can prove to be useful is the contrarian approach. In this case, you’re looking for off-the-radar players who have a chance to put up some ridiculous numbers.

Once again, it’s not easy to pull off a contrarian lineup. Nevertheless, it can be quite rewarding when the low-owned player you select goes out and has the game of his life.

FanDuel rules and scoring

If you’re familiar with fantasy sports, in general, getting a handle on the rules and scoring at FanDuel is pretty straightforward.

Players are awarded points based on how they perform in real-time. FanDuel users who have selected these players in their lineups will benefit accordingly.

If you aren’t familiar with fantasy sports and scoring, it can take a little adjusting. In both cases, FanDuel has a dedicated rules and scoring section that lays it all out. Even the most seasoned DFS players will consult it as needed when they’re trying to tackle a new sport or trying to devise a new strategy.

Each sport is unique in terms of how the games are played, and the same applies to the fantasy aspect.

For example, NBA contests will award players on events such as scoring or rebounding. In the NFL, yards gained and touchdowns scored are among the ways to score points.

Roster requirements will also vary based on the sport. Using the standard nine-player format as a guide, each of the sports has different positions at play. The same applies to how it corresponds to DFS.

For example, here are the roster requirements for two of the biggest sports on FanDuel:

  • NFL: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, DEF
  • NBA: PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C

As with all new endeavors, a little practice, patience and research will go a long way. Before too long, building out lineups will become second nature.

What’s new at FanDuel DFS?

FanDuel daily fantasy sports is offering a Gridiron Pick’Em where players can win their share of $10,000. You’ll need to pick the winners of all of Sunday’ NFL matchups correctly to take home a portion of that $10K. And, if no one wins, the money goes into the next week’s pot, making it $20K.

How do FanDuel payouts work?

The cashier function on FanDuel is smooth, intuitive and easy to use. You have several convenient options for adding or withdrawing funds.

On the deposit side, you can use the online banking feature, a credit card or PayPal. FanDuel is a secure site that processes transactions quickly. The offering of PayPal is a nice touch, as it’s one of the most popular and universal payment methods online. PayPal makes for a convenient way to transfer money without any of those hassles.

On the cash out side, you can choose from online banking, PayPal or check. The first two are processed quickly, while checks can take seven to 10 business days to process.

FanDuel Sportsbook and Racebook

As sports betting becomes legal in more and more states, FanDuel has been waiting on the sidelines in anticipation of the landscape changing. As a result, it has been quick to act as individual states give the green light to sports betting.

The company’s entry has been quite impressive. In fact, FanDuel is quickly becoming a market leader in a whole new industry. It’s part of Flutter Entertainment, which was previously known as Paddy Power Betfair.

The old name is instantly recognizable to those familiar with the sports betting industry. FanDuel and company have quite the infrastructure behind the scenes. This helps to explain the company’s ability to enter the market quickly and make a big splash while doing so.

DFS players and sports bettors are a similar target audience, and there are similarities between the two that new users can use to get further acclimated. From DFS to sports betting, new bettors will find things such as prop bets, many of which are tied to individual player performance.

If you’re a DFS player, many of the same skills translate to sports betting. Bettors try to project events in the future on a team-wide basis, while DFS players are tuned into individual player performance as well. Research for both facets requires a similar skillset so that the transition can be a smooth one.

You can see our full guides to betting on particular sports here for more:

  1. How to Bet on the NFL
  2. How to Bet on the NBA
  3. How to Bet on the NHL
  4. How to Bet on MLB

If DFS and sports betting aren’t enough, there’s also a racebook in the Flutter Entertainment family, which you can access directly from the FanDuel website.

Users who click on the “Racebook” link at the top of the page will visit TVG, an industry leader in horse race betting. It is a popular TV network and website to place wagers.

FanDuel’s The Duel

DFS has grown tremendously from what was once a niche offering.

As the industry has grown, so too have the number of places for research and advice. FanDuel hasn’t fallen behind on that front.

Enter The Duel, which is essentially FanDuel’s blog on all things sports from a DFS and betting perspective. The Duel features what it refers to as “quick hit” pieces that can be digested in an instant while still informing users.

There’s plenty of news you can use to be found at The Duel, not to mention tips and advice.

More of a visual learner? The Duel has a dedicated section for videos, many of which follow the same quick-hit theme.

FanDuel’s responsible gaming and account security

You can tell a lot about a gaming company by examining its dedication to customer support, account security and responsible gaming. FanDuel does an excellent job on all of them.

Dedicated links are available online and mobile for help and support. There’s also a research section and plenty of informative links for new users to learn how to play and understand the lay of the land.

On the security side, FanDuel knows that the trust and safety of users are tantamount to long-term success. There’s a clickable link at the top of the main screen labeled “RP,” or responsible play.

Clicking on that will open up new links that showcase FanDuel’s policies and feelings on trust and safety, as well as responsible play. There’s even a link for users to set limits on things such as deposit amounts and how much they can play.

FanDuel takes each of these facets of its business seriously, and it shows throughout its online and mobile offerings.

FanDuel FAQ

FanDuel was initially a standalone company; then, Paddy Power Betfair acquired it in 2018. The FanDuel name and brand remain intact, but the entire company falls under the umbrella of Flutter Entertainment, which was created by the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair.

No, but there are several similarities. DraftKings entered the DFS marketplace after FanDuel and quickly became a market leader.

There are common threads between the two platforms, but also several stark differences on things such as scoring. Just like FanDuel, DraftKings has also spread its wings into the world of sports betting.

There’s no set answer on how to win on FanDuel. It takes a combination of a sound strategy, solid research and a little bit of luck.

Large tournaments are difficult to win outright, but users with sound strategy and research skills can cash out regularly. The same applies to other contests such as 50/50s and double-ups. Stronger players can develop their skills and cash often, but they will have off-days. Some luck helps, as everything needs to break right for your lineups.

Yes, FanDuel is entirely legal and safe to play in approved states.

There are states in which playing on FanDuel is not permitted. Those are: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington state.

FanDuel makes its money by what’s known as rake, which is essentially the fee for running contests.

A portion of the entry fees is set aside for the company, while the remaining funds are placed into the prize pool.

It’s pretty easy to figure out the rake per contest: Entry times entrants minus total prize pool. Then, divide that number by total dollars collected for the contest.

However, this is an area in which FanDuel, and the DFS industry as a whole, could use some more transparency.

FanDuel takes traditional fantasy sports and condenses it into a one-day event, usually.

Some tournaments can span several days. Users select their lineups based on the position requirements, all while remaining under the defined salary cap. The chosen players are awarded points based on their real-life performance in the game or event. Scores are tallied up all along the way, and users can track their progress on the leaderboard. FanDuel offers scores of contests at various price points with prize pools ranging from small to absolutely massive.

To play on FanDuel, you must be 18 years or older in most cases. In Massachusetts, the legal age is 21, while it’s 19 in Alabama.

In all cases, players must be residents of a state in which FanDuel is legal. They must be physically located in the state while entering contests.

EPE stands for Experienced Players Excluded.

FanDuel wants new users to have an enjoyable experience in which they can compete with similarly skilled players. The more users play on FanDuel, the more their experience level rises. As players rise the ranks, they can’t enter the beginner- and EPE-designated contests.

For advanced players, FanDuel offers a CSV edit function, which is on the upcoming tab. Users can click that button and follow the simple instructions to upload files.

To import lineups into individual entries, you can click on the button to edit the entry and import another lineup you have set for a contest, which includes the same slate of games.

FanDuel’s Survivor contest is FanDuel’s take on the traditional survivor contests, which are incredibly popular during the NFL season.

Beginning in Week 1, users select the winner of a game of their choice. If they are correct, they advance. If the team loses, they’re out.

An additional factor is that teams can only be selected once. That means the team you selected in Week 1 can’t be used by you again, and so on.

FanDuel’s Survivor offers a $100,000 top prize, which will be split if multiple players win the overall contest.

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