Fontainebleau Grand Opening Brings Glamour Back To Las Vegas

Written By Marc Meltzer on December 15, 2023
Fontainebleau Las Vegas Lighted Entrance taken at grand opening clebration

Fontainebleau Las Vegas finally opened its doors to the public more than a decade after construction started on the 67-story luxury resort and casino on the north end of the Vegas Strip. The opening was a return to star-studded glamorous casino openings of yesteryear.

Justin Timberlake and Paul Anka were front and center at the craps table for the ceremonial first roll of dice on opening night. Tom Brady, Cher, Kim Kardashian, Lenny Kravitz, Axel Rose, Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis, Las Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley and more were on hand for opening night festivities.

Fontainebleau Development Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Soffer summed up the night by simply saying “The Fontainebleau era in Las Vegas begins now.”

What to expect at Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Fontainebleau is a true luxury resort and casino. It’s a huge and beautiful property that will take some time to get used to. Its grandeur is visible throughout.

The building is made up of curvilinear shapes. Fontainebleau is not a traditional boxy casino with right angles.

There are numerous round sections and it’s easy to get lost navigating the casino floor for the first visit or two. While frustrating, there’s a lot to see at Fontainebleau. There are worse places to get lost in Las Vegas.

The plans for Fontainebleau haven’t changed much since the original model was released almost 15 years ago. I took some time to explore the grounds on opening day.

Here are some things that stand out at Fontainebleau.

Las Vegas casino immerses you in luxury design and art

Fontainebleau and its partners went all out to create a beautiful Las Vegas casino. Bleau Bar is one of the prettiest casino floor bars in Las Vegas.

Just about every restaurant and bar is easy on the eyes. While the designs are beautiful, it will cost a pretty penny to eat and drink at many venues outside of The Promenade.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s a reality that visitors should prepare for.

The design of the public spaces at Fontainebleau is beautiful. Additionally, there are art pieces and interesting visuals throughout the property.

Fontainebleau is a beautiful property and taking a few laps to enjoy everything is a good way to get those steps in for the day.

The Tavern sportsbook

The Tavern is the bar and restaurant that leads into the Fontainebleau sportsbook. The concept is similar but different than at the Durango Resort, which opened a week ago.

Unlike the Durango sportsbook, the Fontainebleau sportsbook isn’t easily visible while walking through the casino. Visitors should keep an eye on the signage throughout the property.

Fontainebleau is operating the sportsbook which has some traditional seats closer to the betting window and video wall. The Tavern has a few kiosks for those who don’t want to place wagers at the betting window.

While the gaming floor is large, there are no bartop machines outside of The Tavern. The video poker paytables are similar to most on the Vegas Strip. Complimentary drinks are offered for players who start with $50 and wager max bet while playing video poker.

The casino layout is choppy

Again, Fontainebleau isn’t a casino laid out in squared-off sections. The 150,000 square feet of gaming space has multiple rounded sections.

There are more than 125 table games and 1,300 slot machines spaced out in numerous sections of the casino floor. Players should note their surroundings when finding the table game or slot machine they enjoy so they can find it again. Seriously.

It’s easy to go in circles for those not paying close attention. I looped the same table games area looking for the Pai Gow Poker games. That’s an issue for those who live life staring at their phone while trying to navigate a new space.

Once a visitor gets a lay of the land, it’s fairly easy to find what they’re looking for. The signage above the casino floor is very helpful for the first visit.

Brush up on Fontainebleau Rewards before hitting the casino. The gaming rewards aren’t as straightforward as they appear since points and credits are based on theoretical spending instead of “coin in” like older casino rewards programs.

More to come for Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau is ready for prime time and there’s more to come. The Oasis Pool Deck doesn’t open until next year.

The rooftop pool complex will have a day club, gaming area, restaurants, bars, and numerous pools when it opens in the spring of 2024.

I look forward to checking out Fontainebleau again sooner than later.

Photo by Getty Images for Fontainebleau Las Vegas
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