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Pennsylvania Online Casinos Close Out Record Fiscal Year In June

Written By Derek Helling on July 19, 2023 - Last Updated on August 3, 2023
house number seven represents the streak of months with at least $160 million in revenue for pennsylvania online casinos

If you were to set a soundtrack of the past fiscal year for Pennsylvania online casinos, you might start with Tina Turner’s 1991 release, “Simply the Best.” Not only did Pennsylvania lead all states with legal real-money online casinos in revenue from July 2022 through June of this year, but that period set a new record as well.

Pennsylvania’s online casino apps won more money from players in FY22-23 than in any previous fiscal year. While brick-and-mortar casinos in the state didn’t post such strong growth, they’re still better than all the rest.

Pennsylvania online casinos post strong June numbers

Pennsylvania’s online casinos finished the past fiscal year with some flair in June. They posted their seventh consecutive month with at least $160 million in gross revenue, totaling $164.3 million in win. That represents an impressive 23.1% improvement from June 2022’s revenue total even though it’s down from May Pennsylvania online casino revenue.

Nationally, Pennsylvania might lead the way again in terms of online casino win in June. New Jersey’s licensees compiled $149.3 million in June. While the Michigan Gaming Control Board has yet to report its revenue for June, a total larger than $164.3 million would almost break a record there.

Online casino apps weren’t alone in posting a strong June, though. Physical casinos also kept pace with their same-month 2022 figures. Gross revenue from in-person poker games, slot play, sports wagering, and table games at Pennsylvania casinos came to over $330.2 million for the month, up just slightly from June 2022.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the state’s licensed sportsbooks as a whole won over $33.8 million from bettors during June 2023. Therefore, their gross revenue grew by 32.5% year-over-year. Win from online wagers accounted for essentially all of that increase, rising by 33.8% itself compared to June 2022.

The year-over-year comparisons wane for land-based casinos when taking FY22-23 as a whole. For online casino play and sports betting, though, the comparison is quite favorable. Fortunately for the state’s treasury, it doesn’t have to tear the various gaming segments apart.

2022-23 fiscal year breaks record in Pennsylvania

graphic showing revenue numbers from pennsylvania gambling for the 2022-23 fiscal yearAs previously mentioned, online casinos topped their previous strongest performance from FY21-22. They did so by a significant margin as well. Their win during the 12-month term was 22.2% better than FY21-22’s $1.4 billion to be specific.

Sportsbooks also grew over the past fiscal year in terms of the amount of money they won from bettors in Pennsylvania. With both in-person and online bets combined, win was up 23.4% compared to FY21-22’s $509.9 million.

True to expectations, the $631.9 million in online revenue was responsible for most of that boost. It was 27% better than FY21-22’s 461.4 million. Physical sportsbooks’ win flowered during the year, too, though, growing 5.8% from FY21-22’s $48.4 million.

For the casinos that house those sportsbooks that win was a welcome addition. It helped them keep pace with their FY21-22 gross revenue total which was also $4 billion. While slot revenue stood pat at $3 billion in each term, table game win was marginally better in FY21-22.

Among states with regulated online casinos, Pennsylvania is better than anyone. For those licensees, FY22-23 is now the best year they’ve ever met.

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