LiveSpins Preparing To Introduce Its Streamer-Based Online Casino To NJ Players

Written By Derek Helling on July 8, 2022 - Last Updated on October 11, 2022
LiveSpins online casino games streaming is coming to New Jersey.

The variety of live content available for consumption on the Internet in 2022 is mind-boggling. While a lot of the most lucrative content focuses on watching other people play video games, online casino games are also carving out their place in the landscape. LiveSpins online casino game presentations are a spin on that.

Pending regulatory approval, LiveSpins wants people in New Jersey on WynnBet Casino to soon start grabbing their snacks and settle in to watch a stream. WynnBet and New Jersey might not be the only places in the US where that’s an option for long, either.

What is LiveSpins online casino content?

The meat of the product is right in the name. Viewers can watch other people take their spins at online slots and table games live from within their favorite online casino apps and websites. Michael Pedersen, LiveSpins’ chief commercial officer, describes it as part of a growing entertainment segment.

Online slots have recently become a top-10 category on Twitch. In May 2022 alone, online slots accounted for 39 million hours of streaming on the Amazon-owned video sharing platform. Pedersen’s sentiment is that live online slots have found their moment.

“It’s a global phenomenon,” Pedersen stated. “We’re seeing the same in Asia and Europe. …There are sort of currents flowing through organically in consumer land and we have been fortunate to have the right timing with that current to ride the crest of that wave.”

LiveSpins announced its entry into the market last October. The company began offering its service in April of this year in Europe. Last month, it signed a deal with WynnBet to provide its products in the US for the first time. LiveSpins is currently awaiting licensure from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Pedersen said the company is in the “late stages” of discussions with other operators. He believes the kind of content that LiveSpins can deliver will give players more of what they actually want.

How does LiveSpins work for New Jersey online casino players?

Pedersen explains that for people who frequent New Jersey online casinos like WynnBet, LiveSpins provides a fresh take.

“We are also getting feedback that slots are still seen as a kind of something for an 80-year-old woman in a corner with a bucket of coins,” Pedersen commented. “Americans don’t see it as modern as audiences as Europe so operators see LiveSpins as sort of a wrapper that makes slots exciting for younger players.”

“Playing slots on your own, pressing the button by yourself, is getting kind of old and stale,” Pedersen added.

Additionally, LiveSpins adds a layer of responsible gambling protection that streams on platforms like Twitch might not offer. A possible issue with online casino streams on Twitch is that people who are under the legal gambling ages in their jurisdictions can access them.

“It’s two completely different products but naturally because our product is sitting inside the operators’ ring-fenced area you would hope the operators’ policies and procedures keep out all the people who are underage,” Pedersen elaborated.

Pedersen also feels that LiveSpins offers great value for operators like WynnBet who want to capitalize on the moment.

LiveSpins offers bespoke content, retention devices

Pedersen believes operators like WynnBet are getting more play for their pay through the partnership. He sells LiveSpins as an investment that could pay for itself to a degree.

“What we do as LiveSpins is much more of a loyalty/retention play,” Pedersen stated. “There is definitely a friction in going from being a viewer on Twitch to actually being registered on the operators’ platforms, having made a deposit, and ready to go, so they [operators] are losing a lot of players on that journey. The community of a streamer is loyal to that streamer, not the operator to a large extent. That means operators could buy hours from a streamer but next month the same streamer will be streaming for their competitors and all the customers they just signed up will be gone because they follow the streamer.”

LiveSpins offers different levels of service that operators can take part in. That ranges from a simple LiveSpins-branded stream to a completely bespoke and exclusive stream that operators can use their own brand ambassadors in.

New Jerseyans should expect to see a variety of games on LiveSpins when it launches on WynnBet Casino New Jersey. That might someday feature a chance to hit some online slots with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal.

How LiveSpins selects its games, streamers

Pedersen says LiveSpins has its own employees and partners who stream games. Additionally, LiveSpins seeks out collaborations with celebrities to offer special content to its partners. WynnBet presents some other interesting opportunities, too.

Among WynnBet’s contingent of brand ambassadors are Shaq and Ben Affleck. One of the options that operators like WynnBet have is to integrate them into a LiveSpins stream. In that category, players could “sit” at the slot or table with the celebrity and bet their plays along with them.

LiveSpins curates its games based on player appeal and what’s available in each jurisdiction. The games may or may not actually be available on a particular operator’s platform, however. If the operator would like to, it can specify specific games, though. That includes an option to make a stream exclusive to its platform as well.

Pedersen also said that while the company is focused on online casino games in New Jersey right now, online poker streams and streams in other US jurisdictions are on the radar for the future.

LiveSpins is about to diversify the kind of online casino content available in New Jersey even further. In time, streaming live online casino play might become what a new batch of octogenarians is known for.

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