Mega Millions Winning Numbers For October 23, 2018

Written By Bart Shirley on October 23, 2018 - Last Updated on October 2, 2023
The October 23 Mega Millions winning numbers represent the largest lottery drawing in American history.

Update: The winning numbers are 28-70-5-62-65. The Megaplier is 3x and the Mega Ball is 5.

Stay tuned here for the winning Mega Millions numbers when the next drawing occurs tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. PST.

Not to sound like a broken record, but tonight’s Mega Millions drawing is the largest Mega Millions drawing in history. However, to add a bit of flavor, it is the largest lottery drawing in American history in general and comes with some insane odds.

The estimated jackpot for this monster is over $1.6 billion. That figure eclipses the previous record by at least $14 million.

Today’s events could create a brand new billionaire. In fact, the winner may be the only billionaire to amass their fortune thanks to a convenience store or online lottery purchase.

How did we get here?

Tonight’s drawing is the 25th draw for this particular jackpot. The last time the Mega Millions jackpot hit was in July 2018, when a California office pool split a $543 million prize.

One interesting thing about the progression of the estimated jackpots is their exponential rise in the last two weeks. The drawing on Oct. 12 was for $654 million. The following week’s drawing on Oct. 16 was for $667 million.

Word swiftly got out about the rising tide of money to be won. The estimated jackpot gained $333 million in just three days. It’s gained more than $600 million in the five days since. In other words, American lottery players have put an extra $1 billion into the prize pool in one week.

If it turns out no one wins tonight, it’s hard to imagine the scope of Friday’s drawing. Eventually, somebody is going to figure out the right combination. See the section below for some tips if you are, indeed, that lucky.

Tips if you win the lottery

For many people, buying a lottery ticket generates conversations about the effects of a win. Everyone seems to have an item or bucket list trip they would purchase if they won the jackpot.

Usually, these items are some sort of large-scale splurge. Many dream of buying houses, cars and other trappings of great wealth.

However, many financial experts advise similar strategies for big winners. Here are some of their suggestions:

Calm down

There’s no denying that a win of that much money is a life-changing event. It’s completely understandable that a winner would be quite excited and want to share the news.

However, it is much wiser to take a breath, calm down and keep the news to yourself. It’s unfortunate, but that level of cash brings bad guys and leeches out of the woodwork. You need to exercise caution before you decide what to do about cashing in the ticket.

Most states allow winners 90 days before they forfeit their ability to cash in a winning ticket. Take that time to get your affairs in order before you receive your check.

Establish a money management strategy

Once you take delivery on the money, you need to get it out of your hands. Even if you are a careful shopper, the sudden possession of that kind of money can lead to poor decisionmaking.

There are numerous tales of lottery winners who have gone bankrupt after their win. In some cases, the lottery win significantly shortened the lifespan of the winner, due to the increased pressures and mismanagement.

Put out some inquiries and find both a financial planner and an accountant that you can trust. Have those professionals set up your money in a way that the cash flow will never run dry.

Keep yourself useful to society

Finally, it is quite important to maintain your sense of self. The sudden influx of money did not change the person that you are or solve all the problems that you have.

Furthermore, you need to recognize that a sizable portion of your self-esteem and self-worth derives from the accomplishments that you have gained through struggle and hard work. So, quitting your job and becoming a bum is a path to disaster.

Instead, continue the things in your life that hold you accountable. Those things also help you retain your importance.

If you want to pursue a more enjoyable job, fine, but don’t quit working. Make sure that you give back to the community for your tremendous good fortune, or else the person in the mirror won’t look so good.

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