A new prop site called Monkey Knife Fight is causing a stir on the internet. MKF is not your average daily fantasy sports site because it solely focuses on making DFS easier.

First things first, what kind of offers will entice you to join Monkey Knife Fight?

Play Prop Games & Win Money - US Players Accepted

Monkey Knife Fight sign-up offer 2019

MKF’s tagline makes it as simple as can be: “Play prop games. Win money. Online sports gaming is here, and it’s ridiculously easy to play. Just click the button below and follow a few simple steps that even a drunk monkey could complete.”

The emphasis on mostly smaller monetary amounts is not what one would see on the bigger betting and daily fantasy sports sites out there.

Monkey Knife Fight promo code

Monkey Knife Fight offers a 100 percent match on your first deposit (up to $50). Use promo code FREE50 to receive a 100% deposit match up to $50 on your first deposit!

Online DFS SiteMonkey Knife Fight
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Last verifiedApril 1, 2019

How Does MKF work?

Simply, Monkey Knife Fight works on the premise that prop games are fun.

There is a main difference between MKF and say, DraftKings or FanDuel. Daily fantasy focuses on picking players to achieve specific results (goals, assists, points, etc.) The more the selected athletes perform, the more a score goes up. That increases your chances of winning in combination with other players.

With its contests, on the other hand, Monkey Knife Fight focuses on a set amount.

One guesses the over/under on a player, e.g., will Eli Manning throw for 289.5 yards against the Cowboys? The idea is choosing the over or the under. It is that easy.

Monkey Knife Fight’s focus is on picking players based on projections. Sports betting has some considerable similarities based on prop structure, but the differences lie in the presentation and the fact that MKF operates a fantasy sports game of skill.

How to play Monkey Knife Fight

The mechanics of playing with Monkey Knife Fight are also user-friendly.

First, select the players based on the choices given for that prop.

Second, choose the amount you want to have at risk (typically between $2-$500).

Lastly, how much you win depends on the odds. With props on Monkey Knife Fight, there is a specific multiplier that is prominently displayed.

MKF does use a decimal format, which may require an adjustment period. So, if you put $50 on a prop, and it paid out 2.28 times, that would constitute a payout of $114. That is a $64 profit.

The allure of this kind of prop is all player focused.

Ease of use, visual features with Monkey Knife Fight

With Monkey Knife Fight, everything is geared to make the experience fast and user-friendly.

Picks can be made quickly with easy-on-the-eyes visuals. The website is easy to navigate, which helps users immensely, although there is an app in development.

Features include ways to deposit money by credit and debit card. You can make withdrawals from where the deposit originated or via PayPal. The banking works much in the same way as DraftKings or FanDuel.

Software, as far as the platform, is simple enough.

Everything is about keeping the user experience quick, fast and fun.

There are live chat options via social media as well for frequently asked questions. Responses to questions come in a rather prompt manner, a pleasant surprise compared to some of the more prominent DFS sites.

It’s as easy as choosing a game and picking between choices. With so many visual aids, using the Monkey Knife Fight site is truly a pleasant experience.

The highly interactive nature is a user’s dream. There are no complications or inhibitions. Just play away, watch the game and hopefully let the cash flow.

There is one additional feature that separates Monkey Knife Fight from most sites.

It offers “experts” who are incredibly knowledgeable in the field. Scott Cullen (formerly of TSN.ca) is one of the best and brightest in baseball, basketball and especially hockey. This adds a nice touch on the site to see prop picks that are fully explained by these experts. It makes for a useful learning tool as well.

Sports you can play at Monkey Knife Fight

Currently, you can make props on golfbaseball, hockey and basketball.

Football will be available again in the fall. With the multitude of sports available, there is no downtime on Monkey Knife Fight.

Types of games on Monkey Knife Fight


Simply select a game and go. Choose if each player will either go over or under his projected amounts, and that is it.

In this example, you can win 2.1 times what they put down on an entry. For those who do not like exact certainties in life, there is even a 2 out of 3 option on the site. That is correct. You can pick among three over/under scenarios and if two convert — then they win. Yes, the multiplier is less, but it is an option that is unique in the industry.

Rapid Fire

This game asks for players to pick players based on a series of head-to-head player matchups. If you win, you take home two times your stake. However, you must get all the predictions correct. There is no 2/3 option here.

Stat Shootout

Here is one that has become quite the favorite. It has multiple applications in other sports. This is called “Putting Up Points” in hockey but has the same, basic premise. It is all about accumulation points based on a variety of stat types.

For example, pick three hockey players and you can win anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times a stake depending on how high you want to go (3.5-5.5 points). Other props can be in a 2 to 5 times range as well. It is as easy as just picking and placing a wager.

Again, wagers can be from $2 up to $500. Some props are a little less, so keep that in mind. The one listed above is up to $250 only.

So, where can you play MKF?

To be eligible for a Monkey Knife Fight, you must be 18+ years of age and a resident of one of the following states:

A few final words on Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the most user-friendly sites out there, period.

It’s fun, fast and you can make a few dollars while doing it. The ease of use makes it a winner in the DFS industry and has given Monkey Knife Fight a leg up with players.