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Nevada was the first state in the US to offer online sports betting inside its state lines. Station Casinos’ STN app began offering wagering options in 2010. Since then, STN has been joined by nearly a dozen competitors in the market. As a result, almost every major Nevada casino has a legal sports betting app associated with it.

Since 2018, many states have launched their own sports betting offerings. More are expected to join the party at some point. However, Nevada remains the primary source for information and expertise about sports betting in the US. Many out-of-state sportsbooks rely upon Nevada books for their lines each day, and Nevada sports betting facilities are considered the authority on the matter in most cases.

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How online sports betting works in NV

Online sports betting has been active in Nevada since 2010. As such, it is the original online sportsbook state in the US. However, there are some quirks to Nevada’s administration of online sports betting that you need to know.

First of all, it is impossible to use an online sportsbook or laptop to bet on sports in Nevada. Every online sports betting program in the state must be a mobile app and must be accessed through an appropriate mobile device. According to the FAQ at several Nevada sportsbook apps, you cannot even be connected or plugged into a laptop or computer with your device if you want to play.

While that’s annoying for those who prefer using a computer, the good news is that several sports betting apps are active in Nevada right now. Many are directly tied to one or more of the land-based casinos in the state.

These apps’ connections to land-based counterparts are essential to their success, however. You cannot get started betting in Nevada without visiting one of these retail locations first. Nevada, along with several other states, has chosen to disallow sportsbooks from operating entirely online. Instead of allowing remote sign-ups, you must travel to one of these affiliated land sites to complete the registration process.

In addition, you will have to visit a land-based casino to make deposits and withdrawals into your sportsbook accounts. Only betting itself is done without the need to travel to an in-state casino.

There’s no denying that this setup is less convenient than the alternative. If you are considering joining a particular Nevada sportsbook app, you must consider where you will be making in-person transactions. However, once you get everything set up, you can enjoy all the convenience that comes with placing sports bets online. Although many Nevadans live within spitting distance of a casino, it’s still nice to be able to wager from the couch.

Nevada sports betting apps

Unlikely online poker in NV, where there’s only one app, Nevadans have plenty of choices when it comes to sportsbooks. Nearly every major casino in the state has some type of online sportsbook offering.

How to download a sports betting app in Nevada

The notion of using a sports betting app may be daunting to those who have made all their sports bets at a live sportsbook. However, using a sportsbook app is no different than any other mobile application.

iPhone (iOS)

Apple users have it easy. For the most part, downloading a Nevada sportsbook app involves an identical process to all other apps. Here’s what to do:

  • Visit the sportsbook website of your choice.
  • Look for the Apple logo, and press the button to visit the sportsbook’s app download page.
  • Download the sportsbook to your iPhone or iPad as you would download any other app.


Android users have one extra step to complete before they can start the procedure. Otherwise, it’s fairly straightforward. If you use an Android device, you should:

  • Set your device to accept downloads from “other sources.” This toggle button can be found in the Security section of your device’s settings.
  • Use Google Chrome to visit the app page and download the .apk file.
  • Activate the file to begin the installation. You may receive a warning screen and need to confirm the action before installation can proceed.

After installation

With either type of device, you can begin the registration process after you install the app. However, be aware that you will not be able to complete the sign-up process and make a deposit until you visit the land-based partner of the app in person.

How to fund your account

Funding your account can be accomplished using a variety of methods.

Most NV sportsbook apps (and sportsbooks) can process deposits and withdrawals from debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards or electronic checks. In most cases, there will be at least one method that works best for your financial situation.

However, to be frank, funding your account in Nevada is a bigger pain than in other locations. Every financial transaction on Nevada sportsbook apps must be completed in person at the app’s casino partner. This mandate extends to both deposits and withdrawals.

So, before you choose an app, make sure to double-check how close the sportsbook’s nearest physical location is to you. If the only places to deposit are inconvenient, it may not be worth the trouble.

Pros and cons of Nevada sportsbook apps

A Nevada sports betting app is a great way to bet on sports. However, nothing in life is perfect, so here are some of the positives and negatives associated with using one of these apps.


  • Convenience: It’s impossible to deny the convenience of being able to wager on one’s mobile device. In effect, the entirety of the state of Nevada becomes a sportsbook with one of these apps.
  • Opportunity: Nevada sportsbook apps can offer a wider variety of bets and, sometimes, markets than their land-based brethren. Thanks to the advent of live betting, which is more challenging to accomplish at a retail sportsbook, apps can have more than 100 bet options available for every single game.
  • Bonuses: Nevada mobile sportsbooks are less likely to offer bonuses to patrons than sports betting apps in other states. However, compared to retail sports betting, there is a better chance to receive something for nothing with an app.


  • Setup: Getting started with a Nevada sports betting app is a pain, pure and simple. The state framework for registration and transacting through one of the apps is unnecessarily onerous. For Nevadans outside of Las Vegas or Reno, starting with online sports betting is a huge hassle.
  • Complexity: The increased number of bets available online is terrific, but it could easily be overwhelming, too. It’s quite conceivable that a novice or meat-and-potatoes sports bettor could find all the options confusing or distressing. Using a sports betting app might also be a bit confusing to those who are unaccustomed to using online applications.
  • Trust: Although Nevada sportsbooks are more closely tied to their retail counterparts, there’s always a slight concern when it comes to making financial transactions online. To put it another way, you’re never going to get your account hacked if you’re betting at a live book.

Current sportsbook apps in Nevada

The list of apps that call Nevada home includes:

  • Atlantis Sports
  • B Connected Sports
  • Caesars
  • CG Technology
  • Golden Nugget
  • MGM Resorts
  • NV Sports
  • STN Sports
  • Treasure Island
  • Westgate SuperBook
  • Wynn

Atlantis Sports

Atlantis Sportsbook is one of the few apps based on a Reno-area casino. Atlantis Casino has a long and storied history with sports betting. It built a reputation through its early release of Major League Baseball season win futures. For those in the Reno or Lake Tahoe areas, this app may be the best choice. Atlantis remains one of the few truly independent sportsbooks in the state with an app, and you won’t be able to find their lines, over/unders or any other offers elsewhere.

Partner casino: Atlantis Casino Reno

B Connected Sports

B Connected Sports is the Nevada app for Boyd Gaming. Boyd is a fairly well-heeled company with casinos across the country. In Nevada, most of its properties are mid-tier casinos that cater to locals more than tourists. The B Connected app is an appealing choice for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Boyd owns roughly a dozen properties around the Las Vegas area, so the registration and deposit scheme mandated by Nevada law is less onerous with B Connected. Secondly, B Connected offers a loyalty scheme so players can earn points each time they wager. These points are redeemable for prizes and perks.

Partner casinos: Aliante, The Orleans, Gold Coast, Suncoast, Sam’s Town, Eastside Cannery, Cannery, California, Fremont, Jokers Wild, Eldorado

Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill

The Caesars app serves customers at Caesars’ properties, obviously. Caesars is one of the largest casino operators in the world, and its 2020 merger with Eldorado Resorts made the company even larger. Caesars offers a clean and simple option for its app. Players can receive one loyalty point for every $10 they bet.

Caesars rebranded the William Hill line nationally, but still has a name affiliation in Nevada. William Hill will continue to operate some sportsbooks outside the Caesars rewards realm.

Partner casinos: Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Rio Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, The Linq Hotel, The Cromwell, Bally’s Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Harrah’s Laughlin, Harrah’s Reno, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Harveys Lake Tahoe

CG Technology

CG Technology is a gaming company that serves as a sort of third-party vendor to casinos. Rather than owning casinos itself, the company is a licensed bookmaker that various casinos contract out to run their sports betting operations.

CG Technology has distinguished itself as a daring operator, willing to accept high-limit action. The company also produces its own odds, and its futures are sometimes the first to market. Its app is serviceable and smooth. Given the company’s list of clients, you might find yourself using it before too long.

Partner casinos: Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock, M Resort, The Palazzo, Palms, Silverton, Tropicana, The Venetian

Golden Nugget

One might think that, given Golden Nugget’s spread across the US, there would be quite a bit of crossover into its Nevada app. However, Golden Nugget has a lone property in Nevada and, as such, functions more as an independent sportsbook than anything else.

Still, Golden Nugget players in Nevada can take advantage of the company’s 24K Select Club loyalty program as they play. The app itself is as clean and professional as the offerings in other states. Bear in mind, though, Golden Nugget’s only location in Nevada is in downtown Las Vegas. It will be necessary to visit the property if you want to get started.

Partner casino: Golden Nugget

MGM Resorts

Obviously, this app represents another one of the main casino companies in the world. MGM continues to expand its reach around the country but retains a firm foothold in Nevada. Players on the BetMGM app can take part in the company’s M life program. M life points and play are good for casino rewards and perks at any of its properties, such as discounts and special lines for restaurants.

Note that MGM’s properties are all on the Strip, however. Whether that makes a difference in terms of convenience will depend on each player’s situation.

Partner casinos: Aria, Bellagio, Circus Circus, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, The Mirage, New York-New York, Park MGM

NV Sports

NV Sports is the sports wagering app for the South Point Casino. South Point is one of the most important independent sportsbooks in Nevada.

The sportsbook’s prominence is due to the presence of its two top handlers. Sports bettors Chris Andrews and Jimmy Vaccaro have held the attention of handicappers across the country for decades. The app also serves clients at Rampart Casino. Given both South Point and Rampart’s distances from the main tourist areas, NV Sports is an excellent app for serious bettors who want to deal with consummate bettors at their sportsbook.

Partner casinos: Rampart Casino, South Point

STN Sports

STN Sports is the sports betting app for the Station brand of casinos. These casinos are midtier properties that tend to serve locals away from the Strip or downtown.

Because Station properties are a popular choice for locals, the app is also one of the top choices for those who are based in the Las Vegas area. Strange as it might seem, it’s not uncommon to find players at a Station property who are betting on the app while sitting in the physical sportsbook.

Players do this because Station casinos are rarely as crowded as their Strip counterparts, especially during March Madness or other high-traffic times. At the same time, the STN app offers a wide selection of live betting that bettors cannot find on the land-based sportsbook board.

Partner casinos: Boulder Station, Fiestas, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Red Rock, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station

Treasure Island

The Treasure Island sportsbook app is representative of a rare situation in Nevada sports betting. Namely, it is the online arm of one of the only independent sportsbooks in the main section of the Las Vegas Strip. Though Treasure Island used to be an MGM property, it has existed in its own space since Phil Ruffin bought the location in 2008. So, if you’re looking for a sportsbook with lines that are under the radar a bit, Treasure Island might be the way to go.

Partner casino: Treasure Island

Westgate SuperBook

The Westgate SuperBook app is going to draw the attention of sports bettors simply due to its pedigree. The SuperBook itself is the most important sportsbook in the world, and its lines serve to guide sportsbooks and action around the globe. The app itself gives customers some taste of the real deal, to be sure. Make no mistake, though; you have to visit the SuperBook in person if you want to bet larger wagers.

Partner casino: Westgate SuperBook


Despite its high-profile name and founder, the Wynn Sportsbook app represents one of the only independent sportsbooks on the Strip. You cannot find the lines on this app anywhere else. However, this app is more of a convenience for visitors to the land-based site than anything else. So, if you want to be a serious sports bettor, you might have better luck with another app.

Partner casinos: Encore, Wynn

How Vegas odds are made

Las Vegas has been the center of the sports betting universe for many years.

Because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the city in the desert had a virtual monopoly over sports betting in the US, and that influence permeated out to the world. So, Vegas has long been the source of the lines and odds that their sportsbooks use. Other sportsbooks have, in turn, copied what the oddsmakers in Nevada were doing for their offerings.

At a basic level, the goal of an oddsmaker is to set the line such that the action on both sides of the bet balances out. In other words, he or she wants the amount that the book will have to pay winning bets to match (as closely as possible) the total amount of betting that has occurred. The only wrinkle is that he or she must also bake the sportsbook’s cut, or “vig,” into the calculation. Ideally, a sportsbook would payout 100% of the bets on a particular wager, less the percentage of vig that it’s keeping for itself.

Thankfully, modern oddsmakers have computers that they can use to assist them. Each sportsbook will typically have an algorithm that it uses to determine the appropriate spreads, moneylines, over/unders and the like.

Despite the spread of sports betting across the US, it’s unlikely that Vegas will relinquish its role as the oddsmaker anytime soon. After all, the deepest amount of experience remains in Nevada, and as a result, you’re unlikely to find better-made odds anywhere else.

Nevada Sports Betting History

Although Nevada’s history with legal gambling itself stretches back to 1869, sports betting as a legal concept did not exist in the Silver State until 1931. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even specifically mentioned – Nevada’s 1931 law was so broad that almost any form of gambling was likely to be authorized for licensed providers. Nevertheless, Nevada has a longer track record with sports betting than any other location in the US. Here are some of the key dates and events:


AB 98 passes into law after it receives Gov. Fred Balzar’s signature. The bill broadly authorizes legal gambling in the state of Nevada and appoints each county’s sheriff as the issuer of licenses to that effect. The bill is so broad that sports betting could reasonably have been covered under the statute. However, because betting on sports was not explicitly mentioned, wagering largely remains the province of back-room bookies and organized crime interests.


In an effort to bring sports betting into the light, the legislature uses SB 146 to amend the 1931 bill’s list of approved activities with the following language: “to operate, carry on, conduct or maintain any racehorse book or sports pool.” Thus, the era of legal sports betting in Nevada begins in earnest, and many in-state casinos begin to install sportsbooks onsite.


The US Congress passes HR 4473, which is also known as the Revenue Act of 1951. Among its many new levies, the law calls for a 10% tax on all legal sports bets. Since Nevada is the only state with legal sports betting, the excise tax hit legal sportsbooks extremely hard. Because there was an extra 10% surcharge on each wager, many patrons return to the backrooms and organized crime figures to place their wagers. Operating a legal sportsbook is financially untenable, for the most part.


The Wire Act of 1961 becomes law and renders placing sports bets through wires (meaning telephone, telegraph, or any other type of electronic device) across state lines illegal. The main purpose of the Act is to provide then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy another hammer with which to beat organized crime syndicates in the nation. However, the law, which remains in effect to this day, severely limits the opportunity for Nevada sportsbooks to expand their profit centers beyond the Silver State.


The federal government finally listens to reason and reduces its onerous 10% tax on Nevada sports betting down to 2%. The extra 10% had been a terrible albatross around the necks of legal oddsmakers, who simply could not compete with illegal operations that had a profound price advantage from the start. Although the presence of the tax remains annoying, there is some opportunity to appeal to sports bettors who wish to stop visiting the illegal venues.


The US government further reduces the tax rate to 0.5%. As a result, sportsbook locations begin to pop up all over Nevada and drown out the backroom bookies and other illicit operators. The presence of sportsbooks in most major casinos becomes the rule, rather than the exception, throughout the Silver State.


The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, becomes law. The law bans all governmental entities in the US from hosting or conducting sports betting of any kind. However, the law grandfathers any jurisdictions that had those activities present before August 1990. For the most part, the exemption covers Nevada’s sports betting only. So, Nevada effectively becomes the only place in the US with sports betting.


Station Casinos becomes the first casino chain to offer a sports betting app, STN, in Nevada. Nevada state law requires players to register and conduct financial transactions in person, but Station’s numerous physical locations makes playing on the app feasible for many locals in the Las Vegas area. Despite the limitations of the law, other sportsbook apps soon join STN in the market. There are now few sportsbooks in Nevada that do not have an online presence.


Nevada’s stranglehold on sports betting in the US comes to an end when the Supreme Court rules that PASPA is unconstitutional. Other states begin legalizing and offering both retail and online sports betting. However, Nevada’s experience edge means that it is still the guiding star for many sportsbooks elsewhere. Despite the newfound competition, Nevada remains one of the top states for sports betting, with bettors placing more than $12 billion in wagers since the fall of PASPA.

Nevada sports betting FAQ

As is the case with live sportsbooks, players must be 21 or older to play.

Yes, there are multiple sportsbook apps available for players across Nevada. Most major casinos in the state are affiliated with an app.

Yes, as long as they are 21 years or older and inside state lines, they are permitted to bet on sporting events.

No, both state and federal law prohibits betting on Nevada sportsbooks, online or retail, from across state lines.

Sportsbook apps use geolocation verification software to confirm the location of each player using their apps. At any given moment, the operator can pinpoint where you are.

The software that sportsbook apps use relies on the inboard GPS installed on most mobile devices. Players are not able to access sports betting from their computers, and geolocation is likely a big reason why.

In fact, Nevada sportsbook apps won’t even work if players are connected to a laptop when they try to access them. You must be able to prove that you’re inside the state lines to place a bet.

Any online sportsbook that pops up and says that you can remotely register in Nevada is an offshore sportsbook. These are sites with operations based outside of the US.

There are two major dangers associated with using one of these sites.

The first is simply one of legality — whether or not offshore sites are permitted is a murky legal question under the best of circumstances. Depending on which law enforcement body you ask, it could be outright illegal.

Secondly, because these sites are not American companies, they are not subject to either Nevada’s or the US federal legal system and jurisdiction. If anything were to go wrong or become a dispute, you could find yourself without the legal recourse that we have in the US.

With so many legal sportsbook apps available in Nevada, there’s no reason to bother with an offshore app. Even though it may be a pain to travel there and register, it’s still better than taking any sort of undue risk of ruin.

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