New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle And Revenue Dips In July

Written By J.R. Duren on August 21, 2023
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New Hampshire sports betting handle and revenue dropped month-on-month in July, following the previous year’s trend for the same time frame, according to data from the New Hampshire Lottery.

The decline comes after what began as a solid calendar year, with New Hampshire sports betting doubling revenue month-on-month in April and raising its fiscal-year revenue by 36% in FY 2023.

New Hampshire sports bettors gambled around $2.4 million less in July

From June to July, New Hampshire sports betting handle (total amount bet) dropped from $39.3 million to $36.9 million. Online sports betting made up around $1.3 million of that decline.

The drop in handle tracks with the decline in handle the state saw from June 2022 to July 2022.

MonthMobile Sports Betting HandleRetail Sports Betting HandleCombined Handle
August 2022$32,872,783$10,499,224$43,372,007
September 2022$58,471,931$19,765,820$78,237,751
October 2022$68,245,641$23,099,377$91,345,018
November 2022$69,074,740$24,015,790$93,090,530
December 2022$65,888,549$25,006,032$90,894,582
January 2023$75,249,874$21,913,308$97,163,182
February 2023$75,498,683$11,500,777$86,999,460
March 2023$93,413,387$9,977,360$103,390,747
April 2023$ 56,831,246$8,252,637$65,083,883
May 2023$46,417,776$5,719,838$52,137,614
June 2023$34,768,185$4,539,554$39,307,739
July 2023$33,426,390$3,502,952$36,929,342

Sports betting revenue stumbles month-on-month

According to the NH Lottery’s July revenue report, total revenue from online and retail sports betting dropped by roughly $800,000 from June to July. That marked a decline that was more than double the drop-off during the same stretch in 2022.

MonthMobile Sports Betting RevenueRetail Sports Betting RevenueCombined Revenue
August 2022$3,813,128$386,112$4,199,240
September 2022$7,732,294-$374,088$7,358,206
October 2022$6,619,799$2,458,885$9,078,684
November 2022$5,385,720-$422,119$4,963,600
December 2022$7,940,526$389,635$8,330,161
January 2023$8,010,858$4,553,590$12,564,448
February 2023$7,144,854$31,936$7,112,917
March 2023$2,769,152$2,058,879$4,828,031
April 2023$6,083,726$586,755$6,670,482
May 2023$6,128,045$914,424$7,042,470
June 2023$3,733,024$639,405$4,372,429
July 2023$3,112,222$399,644$3,511,867

What’s ahead for New Hampshire sports betting?

If 2022’s numbers are any indication of where New Hampshire sports wagering handle and revenue are headed, we should see the handle start to creep up.

Typically, sports betting handle starts to accelerate at the end of the summer as the NFL season starts.

As for revenue, we could see a slight decrease or increase of roughly $300,000 to $400,000.

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