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Nevada. New Jersey. New Hampshire? Yes, New Hampshire. The Granite State is a full-service sports betting state, with both retail and online sports betting available for those inside state lines.

In fact, sports betting in New Hampshire is now a fixture in the state. Gov. Chris Sununu paved the way for sports betting to enter New Hampshire in 2019 with his signature on House Bill 480-FN. The bill empowered the New Hampshire Lottery to begin offering licenses for both retail and online sports betting in the state.

Online sports betting began at the end of 2019. Retail sports betting debuted in mid-2020 with a DraftKings location in Seabrook. A second retail venue launched in Manchester shortly afterward, and more retail locations are guaranteed to debut soon. So, it is a great time to be a sports bettor in New Hampshire. Read on for all the latest news and information about sports betting in the Granite State.

Is sports betting legal in New Hampshire?

Yes. Sports betting has been legal in New Hampshire since 2019. Gov. Chris Sununu signed the bill to legalize in July 2019 and placed the first bet five months later online. There are now retail and online options available in the Granite State.

The New Hampshire Lottery oversees sports betting in the state. The only company approved to operate is DraftKings, but top competitors like BetMGM and William Hill are likely to follow soon.

How will online sports betting work in New Hampshire?

The most important thing to know is that bettors can register for an account with their smartphones. Thankfully, the law in New Hampshire provides for the ability to sign up through one’s mobile device. Fanduel iphone / Android app

Optimized betting apps for each device

Sports betting sites come with multiple versions. Almost all of them have fully functioning browser versions as their base program.

These versions will work no matter the device you use to access them. They are optimized and programmed to detect whether the point of access is a computer, an iPhone / iPad or an Android phone.

New Hampshire sportsbooks sign-up process

To proceed on an NH online sportsbook, you must register for an account. The registration process is available through a link entitled “Sign Up,” “Join Now” or the like.

A press of this button leads to the informational form. You must provide several pieces of identifying information to the site to proceed. So, before starting the registration process, make sure that you’re ready to input the following:

  • Name: Your legal name may be required.
  • Email address
  • Telephone number: Cellphone or home
  • Address
  • Social Security number: Likely only the last four digits.

In addition, the site may ask you for a personal identification number, or PIN, for an added layer of protection. The site may also ask you to verify or confirm a few statements through the use of radio buttons.

Make sure to check PlayUSA before you sign up. Sportsbooks often have welcome bonuses and promotions available for new players. However, some of these require an exclusive promo code to activate it. We will always keep you informed on the best offers available in the NH gambling market.

How to deposit to an online sportsbook in New Hampshire

After registering, the second step for most sportsbook players is depositing money for betting purposes. Obviously, you have to fund your sports betting account in order to wager. Most online sportsbooks make it easy to see where to click to deposit. In fact, you may find yourself automatically transported to the cashier as soon as you register.

Online sportsbooks offer a variety of methods for depositing money, from major credit cards to e-wallets (PayPal) to online bank transfers. Make sure to check the fee structure associated with any prospective methods. Some sites charge a nominal fee for each type of transaction. That extra lost cash can be an unwelcome surprise.

Some deposit methods on NH sportsbooks require you to enter banking or credit card numbers. Rest assured that at any licensed sports betting site, these betting transactions are safe and your account is secure. If you have any concerns, check with the lottery in New Hampshire, which oversees the sportsbooks in the state.

Here are some possible deposit options that New Hampshire sportsbooks may offer:

  • Debit or credit cards
  • Electronic checks (ACH)
  • Electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, etc.)
  • Bank or wire transfers
  • Prepaid cards
  • Cash (PayNearMe, retail locations)

Once again, make sure to check for any bonus codes or promotions before you submit a deposit request. There could be hundreds of free extra dollars available that could go into your pocket.

Types of sports betting bonuses available

There are many types of bonuses that online sportsbooks may offer. As bettors in New Hampshire get acquainted with their preferred books, they must keep an eye out for these types of offers should they pop up.

No-deposit bonus

As the name implies, a no deposit bonus doesn’t require any investment on the part of the player. Usually, the bonus only requires activating it by entering a promo code into a specified box. These bonuses are standard for new players. It is fairly unusual to receive a no-deposit bonus offer after playing for a while.

Needless to say, there isn’t any reason ever to ignore this type of bonus. Even if the bonus comes with a wagering requirement before a withdrawal is possible, it is still free money for betting.

Deposit or match bonus

A deposit or match bonus requires a deposit to become active. With this type of bonus, the sportsbook pledges to contribute a certain percentage of your deposit to your account. However, this percentage can vary greatly. Some of these matches, particularly for first deposits, can promise to contribute 100% of the deposit amount.

There are a couple of common catches to these bonuses, however. For one thing, many deposit matches come with a playthrough requirement. Playthrough requirements mean that you must wager a multiple of the bonus amount before the money becomes eligible for withdrawal. This multiple can range from a single turnover to many times the amount.

The other catch is that many deposit bonuses have a time limit to redeem. The site will drip the bonus amount in regular disbursements to you, but any portion remaining after the given limit will revert to the sportsbook. These two catches often work together, as it can be quite challenging to complete the wagering requirements in the allotted time frame. Make sure to assess the likelihood of redeeming a bonus amount before opting into it. Some of these bonuses may not be worth the effort.

Free bets

Another common type of bonus at online sportsbooks are free bets. These bonuses give you at least one chance to win big without paying another entry fee. A sportsbook may award a free bet for a variety of reasons. Free bets can be a registration bonus, a deposit bonus, or even a bonus for making a specified wager.

A free bet always comes with its value attached. So, you will be able to make wagers of a certain amount. If the bet loses, then there isn’t a charge. If the bet wins, then you will receive the winnings from that wager. Please note, however, that any winnings will not include the value of the free bet. So, a $110 wager that would typically yield $210 to winners will only pay out $100 if the initial bet was a free bonus.

Odds boosts

Odds boosts are such a standard promotion that they may have their own section on the sportsbook’s site. Several operators offer odds boosts on multiple games each day. An odds boost is a manual adjustment of the terms of a bet in the player’s favor. In other words, an odds boost results in an oversized payout if your boosted wager happens to win.

Since the underlying chance of winning the bet doesn’t change, boosted odds are a profitable opportunity for most players. Make sure to check for odds boosts related to your preferred sport to bet.


Nobody likes losing a sports bet, but few things are more crushing than last-second or unexpected defeats. To find oneself out of the money mere moments after a seemingly winning bet is a maddening prospect. So, online sportsbooks may offer insurance promotions to cushion the blow. If certain game conditions are met, those who opted into the bonus will receive some type of refund for the trouble.

Of course, this refund doesn’t recoup the lost winnings. However, it can go a long way toward erasing the sting of a last-second loss.

VIP or rewards programs

Finally, some online sportsbooks will offer their players membership into a VIP or loyalty program. The program will rewards players for their volume and level of play. Rewards in these programs usually take the shape of cash, site credits and other perks. Loyalty programs are generally tier-based, so members receive varying levels of service.

Obviously, the bigger spenders get nicer rewards. However, since membership is usually free, there isn’t any reason for bettors to turn down an opportunity to join. Even casual players can find themselves receiving a perk every so often.

Using an online sportsbook

Though they compete with each other, most online sportsbooks have layouts that are roughly the same. The battle to retain customers demands that players feel comfortable moving from site to site.

Sports, games of the day and the bet slip

So, most sites display the sports they offer on the left side of the home page. Each one of these sports is a live link that will take you to a game list specific to that sport.

In the middle, the sportsbook displays its most popular or featured games for that day. These offerings center around a particular sport or event or feature a variety of markets.

Finally, on the right, the sportsbook shows the player’s bet slip. Initially, this feature is empty.

How to bet online

Betting is typically an intuitive process. Simply click on the desired betting option, and your bet slip automatically populates.

Multiple selections creates options on the bet slip regarding parlays. Sportsbooks are more than happy to book these kinds of wagers. Additionally, there are options for teasers, a type of parlay. The bet slip also features a cash-out option at the bottom of the slip. This button illuminates if an open bet meets certain criteria.

Account details and cashier

At the top right of the display, there are various drop-down menus or options related to the player’s account. From these functions, it is easy to access your account details, preferences, the bonus page and the cashier section. Sportsbook players are probably familiar with the depositing aspect of the banking section by this point. However, this feature is also where a player can take money out of the sportsbook.


Fortunately, there are typically many ways to retrieve your cash from an online sportsbook. One of the most common ways to receive money from a site is one of the simplest. Many sportsbooks mail a check to your mailing address. This method does take some time, however. If you want a quicker transaction, you can opt for an electronic check.

Alternatively, the sportsbook may be able to process a withdrawal to one of the aforementioned e-wallets. It is a possibility to receive cash at selected retail locations, too.

There are a couple of issues to know about withdrawing funds from a sportsbook. The first is that there may be limitations on the methods you can use. Those limits can stem from how you initially deposited. So, for instance, a sportsbook may not be able to process a withdrawal to a PayPal or Skrill account unless you used that account for depositing. Even some electronic checking procedures can carry this restriction from time to time.

The second issue is similar to one with deposits. Namely, there may be fees associated with various methods of withdrawals. So, be sure to do the homework before choosing a method for withdrawal. Honestly, it is wise to be sure that a sportsbook’s methods for depositing and withdrawing are acceptable before you even sign up.

Betting options in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s proximity to neighboring Massachusetts provides the majority of its residents’ pro sports allegiances. As a result, the overwhelming favorite teams for residents of the Granite State are franchises centered in Boston.

Even Gov. Sununu cited a desire to wager on New England Patriots games as a primary motivating factor to move sports betting to launch as soon as possible. A comparison on Google Trends reveals that the Boston Red Sox holds a commanding position for New Hampshire residents’ attention over other nearby MLB teams.

So, NH sports bettors are making the following teams a point of focus in their wagering:

  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Boston Celtics
  • Boston Bruins

In addition, New Hampshire is home to a few minor league professional sports teams that may draw some attention from Granite State bettors. Notably, the Double-A affiliate of the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, calls Manchester home.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire residents are going to find themselves limited on betting many more hometown favorites. New Hampshire’s sports betting law prohibits wagering on in-state collegiate teams and events. So, wagering on Dartmouth College or the University of New Hampshire isn’t allowed, regardless of the venue. In the event of a New Hampshire site hosting a collegiate tournament, wagering on those games will also be disallowed, regardless of the teams involved.

However, there aren’t any shortage of opportunities for online sports betting in NH. Look for markets to open for most sports, including:

The New Hampshire law doesn’t make any provisions for or against wagering on eSports or other non-sports events. So, there may be options for wagering on political races and other contests.

Types of bets

In addition to the numerous sports options, New Hampshire residents have a wide variety of betting types at their disposal. The modern sportsbook offers incredible flexibility for betting, so Granite State inhabitants are able to employ the following types of bets.

Betting the spread

Point spreads are one of the most common types of wager. In a spread bet, the sportsbook establishes what it believes will be the margin of victory in a particular contest. Then you place your money on whether you believe the favored team will exceed this margin, or the expected loser will not lose by as many points.

The favorite is aiming to “beat the spread,” while the underdog seeks to “cover the spread.” An underdog also covers if it happens to win the game outright.

The Moneyline bet

Moneylines are another common type of wager that is ubiquitous to both retail and online sportsbooks. At their core, they are a more straightforward bet than point spreads. Though denoted by an intimidating three-digit number, moneylines are nothing more than bets on which team will win.

The margin of victory and game length are utterly irrelevant to the decision of the wager. The three-digit numbers are essential, however, because they give the payout ratio associated with a wager on the team. The first thing to note about these numbers is their sign.

A plus sign (+) next to a team’s name indicates that the team is the underdog. Thus, the given number is the payout associated with a winning $100 bet on that team. Conversely, a minus sign (-) marks the favorite in the contest. The number is the amount that a player must bet to win $100.

It is also possible to use the moneyline numbers to derive straight odds associated with each choice. Dividing the underdog payout by 100 will reveal the odds against a win while dividing 100 by the favorite’s payout will yield the odds for a victory.

How to bet totals

Point spreads, moneylines and a third bet type, totals, comprise the three most common types of wagers found at sportsbooks. It is unlikely that any professional and legal US sportsbook would ever fail to offer these three options to bettors, irrespective of any other type.

The totals bet is better known by the measure a sportsbook uses to generate the bet. The over/under serves as lingo to describe the combined output of both teams in a given contest. The term “over/under” reveals the exact bet that players are making with this type of wager. The sportsbook estimates how many points two teams will combine to score, and bettors put money on whether they believe the actual total will be over or under that mark. While NFL over/unders are the most popular, you can find these bets on a variety of sports.

Totals bets are one of several types of bets unconcerned with the actual outcome of a game. Considerations about favorites and underdogs are irrelevant to the totals bettor.

How to bet futures

While all bets are on events that have not yet occurred, futures bets are for events well beyond that. A futures wager would be on the likelihood of an event occurring at the end of a season, etc. So, a wager on a team to be the eventual champion would be a futures bet. A futures bettor might also bet on which player will win a particular award, such as the most valuable player.

Proposition betting

In terms of sheer volume, proposition betting is likely the most popular type of sports bet in the US. However, that statement is a bit misleading, because the most popular wager is merely a type of proposition, rather than the entire category.

A prop bet is a wager on smaller events throughout a contest. The term serves as a sort of catch-all for wagers on events ancillary to the outcome of a game. So, bets about the pregame coin-toss, the winner of a jump ball or whether Lionel Messi will score a goal are all considered prop bets. Though related to the game at hand, a prop bet is a poor determinant of a game’s outcome.

Bet while the game is in-play

Live betting is a type of proposition bet that, in some cases, represents the majority of wagers that sportsbooks are taking on various sporting events. Also called in-game or in-play wagering, it involves betting options that are only available while a game is in progress.

Usually, live bets take one of three forms, and the first is relatively self-explanatory. The sportsbook will continue to offer point spreads, moneylines and totals, but will adjust the lines as the game proceeds. A sportsbook may also offer options on partial game results. So, you can wager on which team will “win” a particular period (quarter, half) of play. In fact, these bets can get rather granular, and extend to the outcome of single plays or points. Finally, live betting options may pop up related to individual or team milestones that could occur during gameplay. A sportsbook could offer odds that an athlete would score a certain number of points or that a team would have a certain amount of penalties, for instance.

Per law, live betting will only be permitted on online sportsbooks in New Hampshire. Since live betting is a better experience in mobile settings, there shouldn’t be too much complaining about the restriction.

Parlay betting

The last major type of sports bet is the parlay. The parlay is a combination wager in which bettors select choices for multiple events to occur. Each of these selections is known as a “leg.” The trick about parlays is that in order for your wager to pay out, you must be correct on every leg.

Though parlays have a much lower chance of success than straight sports bets, they come with larger payouts. So, they can be high-risk, high-reward endeavors for sports bettors to undertake.

A sportsbook may offer variations on parlays that adjust the odds in favor of the bettor or the sportsbook. These are known as teasers and pleasers, respectively. Sportsbooks may also have a type of parlay combination called the round robin. This type of bet is a collection of parlays loaded into a single bet of incredible size.

New Hampshire Sports Betting History

Sports betting does not have a particularly long tale in New Hampshire. The story only really begins in 2018. However, the Granite State has moved quite quickly to stake its claim as a player in the US sports betting landscape. As it happens, one event in particular could prove quite important for sports betting as a whole. So, here is a brief timeline of all the things that have happened in New Hampshire regarding sports betting:


Sports betting becomes available in any state that chooses to legalize, thanks to the US Supreme Court‘s decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA. It is not certain when serious discussions about sports betting in New Hampshire begin, but it is undeniable that the ball is rolling.


HB 480 emerges in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in January 2019. The bill’s primary sponsor is Rep. Timothy Lang, a Republican, but the bill’s sponsors include both Republicans and Democrats. The bill is amended three times but passes both chambers in June 2019. Sununu’s signature in July 2019 makes legal sports betting a pillar in the landscape of legal gambling in New Hampshire.

Online sports betting can launch as soon as it is able to do so. Retail sports betting must be affirmed by the towns in which it will take place. In November, five New Hampshire towns approve measures to allow sportsbooks. A month afterward, Sununu places the first legal sports bet in New Hampshire history through the DraftKings app.


Retail sports betting finally launches in New Hampshire. DraftKings Sportsbook at the Brook opens in Seabrook with stadium seating and cinema-style television screens so that patrons can observe their wagers and games comfortably. A second location at the Filotimo Casino in Manchester opens in September with similar amenities. Both locations feature betting kiosks, rather than live cashiers, but each has the full functionality expected at a DraftKings.


January sees New Hampshire emerge victorious from a federal court case regarding the applicability of the Wire Act. The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 makes it illegal for communications and wagers about sports contests to pass across wires – which means telephones and telegrams, specifically, but is understood to cover internet transactions, too. The plain language of the bill explicitly limits the law to sports betting, but in 2018, the federal government attempted to argue that online lotteries were also subject to the restriction. The New Hampshire Lottery and its service provider, Neopollard Interactive, sued for relief from this argument. After several court cases and nearly three years of legal battles, the US First Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of the lottery and affirmed that the law is restricted to sports betting. For other types of gambling, it is an unqualified win. For sports betting, things stay the same, but its proponents now have some clarification about how to proceed with lobbying for interstate transactions.

New Hampshire Sports Betting FAQ

Yes. By virtue of Gov. Chris Sununu’s signature on bill H 480-FN, sports betting became legal in New Hampshire in 2019.

Yes, the law mandates the creation of a Division of Sports Wagering as a part of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission. This agency oversees and regulates all sports betting in the Granite State.

The only retail options are DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook in Seabrook and DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino in Manchester.

Yes, online sports betting is permitted under the law. In fact, the law provides for remote registration, meaning that online sports bettors will not have to visit a physical location to create a new account and get started.

DraftKings Sportsbook is the only licensed online sportsbook active in New Hampshire at this time. Lottery provider Intralot also has a contract in place, but it has yet to offer a sports betting product.

Any resident or visitor to the state who is 18 years or older can wager on sports.

Not on a New Hampshire betting site. Sports betting remains an intrastate proposition across the country. The Division of Sports Wagering is certain to require all operators to verify customer locations at all times. If you are in another state where sports betting is legal, you can bet on licensed sports betting sites within that state.

Every major sport is available for wagering in New Hampshire. Even some more esoteric selections, like cricket and rugby union, are open for betting.

New Hampshire law prohibits wagering on college sports inside the state and college teams from New Hampshire. The primary targets of these restrictions are Dartmouth College, the University of New Hampshire and any collegiate tournaments located inside the state lines.

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