Unibet is one of the top 10 worldwide leaders in legal online sports betting. With current concentrations in Europe and Scandinavia, it is in the process of shifting resources and finding a place in the fast-growing and highly lucrative US market.

That will begin with the opening of an online sportsbook offering online sports betting in New Jersey, with plans to open a complimentary Unibet casino and poker room after establishing the sportsbook.

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Unibet Sportsbook bonus offers for new registrations

Unibet will bring plenty of experience with it when it comes to New Jersey. Experienced sportsbooks understand the need to attract new customers with bonuses and promo incentives.

What exactly Unibet will offer new registrants remains to be seen. It’s currently offering its European customers a choice between two bonuses: Bet and Get, and 50 Euro Sports. The 50 Euro Sports bonus works like many of the new registration bonuses out there. If you deposit 50 euros, the book will give you a total of 100 euros to wager. The one caveat is that you will need to bet that 50 euro bonus the equivalent of six total times, or 300 euros worth before you can withdraw it.

If you place a 20 euro bet with the Bet and Get bonus, you will then be gifted two additional 20 euro bets. You must use the bets within seven days of issue.

Unibet NJ Online Sportsbook bonus code 2019

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These bonuses are light in comparison to the rest of the New Jersey market, where bonus money can reach as high as $500. Before Unibet comes stateside, it will no doubt have to up its bonus offers.

Of course, forecasting Unibet’s actions is exactly that: a forecast. It has yet to make any specific announcements about the kinds of bonuses it may offer in New Jersey.

New registration eligibility on Unibet Sportsbook

New Jersey state law makes eligibility for a new Unibet account less than straightforward.

If you are an athlete, coach, referee, trainer or other sports official who could directly affect the outcomes of sporting events, you are ineligible to hold a New Jersey sportsbook account, and it is illegal for you to place wagers. You can open a Unibet account if that doesn’t pertain to you, and you are at least 21 years old.

You must be inside the borders of New Jersey to place a bet.

How to register for a new Unibet Sportsbook account

Now that you’ve determined you are eligible, registering for your new account should take less than five minutes.

European customers of Unibet only have to give their name, email address, physical address, date of birth and phone number to register for an account. It’s unclear if you will have to give more information for an NJ registration, but if so, that would only include your Social Security number.

Then you will choose a password, confirm your choice of new registration bonuses, and then you are ready to start making deposits and placing bets.

Other Unibet player incentives

Unibet will keep other bonus offers and incentives coming to ensure you remain happy with its product once you are in the proverbial door. In that area, Unibet offers its European customers quite a valuable haul.

Unibet gives all of its players 10 free spins in the casino as part of the 5,000 euro Starburst Tournament. This happens every Tuesdays after the Champions League and Europa League have finished playing for the night.

Unibet also offers a European Football Jackpot. For this incentive, if you bet on the Champions League or Europa League on a particular night, you are given an automatic entry in a prize drawing with a guaranteed 25,000 euros in total prizes.

You can also add a 30 percent multiplier to any bet placed on a football (soccer) match. If you play the Champions League predictor, you can win up to 50,000 euros. There is also weekly bonus offers added to bets on darts.

What Unibet offers in New Jersey will be decidedly less focused on soccer, specifically European soccer. There should b some valuable incentives, and you should have no problem finding something that piques your interests.

Is there a Unibet Sportsbook loyalty program?

No, Unibet does not have a loyalty program at this time.

Unibet is, however, searching for a casino or land-based sportsbook partner. That future partner will most likely have a loyalty program that could include Unibet wagers as part of its rewards.

How to make a Unibet Sportsbook deposit

Depositing into a new Unibet account will be almost as easy as registering. If you connect your bank account to Unibet or use PayPal or a credit card, your deposits will be instantaneous and secure.

Other methods that are not as fast include e-check, cashier’s check, personal check or cash deposits made through PayNearMe locations found throughout the state.

How to make a withdrawal at Unibet Sportsbook

Withdrawals can be just as easy as deposits, provided you used one of the instantaneous methods of deposit: bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

If you opted to send one of the varieties of checks, or if you sent cash through PayNearMe, you will receive either an e-check that the book will deposit into a bank account or a personal check mailed to you at home.

This last means of withdrawal will naturally take extra days for processing and postal delivery.

Available wagers on Unibet Sportsbook

For those of you afraid that a European company isn’t quite ready to please American gamblers, put your fears aside.

Yes, Unibet will continue to offer sports that are Europe-focused, like darts, rugby union, cricket, cycling and Aussie rules football. But you will also be able to wager on American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, motorsports, tennis, golf, boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).

You’ll also be able to place any wager you desire. Unibet will accept bets on point spreads, moneylines, parlays, teasers, over/unders, props and futures.

And the million dollar question: Will Unibet offer in-play wagering? That answer is yes.

The most dynamic way to get immersed in the bets you place is through the ever-evolving, odds-changing, halftime-total-having, second-chance-multiplier-offering world of in-play wagering.

To put it simply, if you can play it in New Jersey now, you will be able to play it with Unibet.

Unibet Sportsbook mobile connection

Last, but certainly not least, is the mobile access to your Unibet account. Unibet will offer a fully integrated app for both iOS and Android devices.

The experience between the website and mobile app will be seamless, and both platforms will be mirror images of each other.

You will be able to directly access all aspects of your Unibet account through the app, from registration to deposits and withdrawals, to placing and managing all wagers. If you want to use your account exclusively through the app, you can.

The one caveat: You can only place wagers when location services on your mobile device confirm you are inside New Jersey.