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William Hill NJ Sportsbook
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Sports fans in New Jersey can now enjoy a superior betting experience playing at William Hill, one of the world’s leading sports betting and online gambling operators. Furthermore, New Jersey sports betting is 100% legal, with William Hill available both online and via mobile sports betting sites.

In 2012, William Hill entered the US and currently operates more than 100 sports books in Nevada. In 2018, the company subsequently expanded to the New Jersey sports betting market, and in Atlantic City it currently has physical books at Monmouth Park, Ocean Resort and at Tropicana. William Hill was also the first operator to offer a mobile sports betting platform in the Garden State.

Needless to say, William Hill Sportsbooks are ripe with rich content on an easily accessible platform, and features a multitude of sports available for betting.  Read on for more information about William Hill NJ.


Reasons to Choose William Hill NJ
  • Receive $50 free bet when you make $50 in sports bets
  • Huge choice of sports available for betting
  • Best live betting odds and extensive betting options
  • One of world's leading sportsbook operators
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William Hill Sportsbook NJ Promo Code

If you want to get started on William Hill, it’s offering a bonus for new bettors. Currently, first-time users who deposit $50 or more using promo code PLAYNJ50 receive a $50 bonus.

How do you claim it? You must make $50 in sports bets to get the bonus added to your account; the bonus will be added to account within 14 days of making the wager.

It’s not quite as enticing as some other NJ sportsbooks, but it’s still a nice incentive to get started.

William Hill Sportsbook Promo Code

NJ SportsbookWilliam Hill Sportsbook NJ
Promo CodePLAYNJ50
Free Bet Bonus$50
Last VerifiedAugust 27, 2019

Download the William Hill Sportsbook app

The William Hill Sportsbook app is available for download for iOS and Android devices. Both downloads are simple to perform.

Here are the ways that sports enthusiasts can get their game on through both application and desktop platforms.

For Android users:

The Android download has a few steps. However, this is not the least bit abnormal for downloading a gambling platform onto such a device. To start, players must go to the William Hill Sportsbook website from their chosen mobile device. When the site loads, a prompt to download the app will appear.

After the download completes, the geolocation technology must verify the device’s location. After that, the player can sign up or sign in, and play to his or her heart’s content.

For iPhone users:

Fortunately, downloading the app onto an iOS device is extremely simple. All players have to do to is visit the App Store, where they can download the app.

For browser users:

The third option for playing on the sportsbook doesn’t require a download. In fact, it is the preferred method of betting for some players.

William Hill Sportsbook is fully accessible from a desktop computer. All the usual browsers support this option, and it is a great alternative for those who wish to play at home.

Download the William Hill Sportsbook and use the promo code PlayNJ50 for a $50 bonus

Which sports are offered on William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook prides itself in providing a host of international games. Instead of offering what is popular in one region or country, the platform gives users the option to bet on a plethora of different leagues. This helps diversify the playing field and expand the horizons for online betters.

Here are the sports available for betting throughout William Hill Sportsbook:

  • Automobile
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket (Other)
  • Fighting
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby (Other)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Which bet types are available on William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook is internationally acclaimed. Being that the platform’s parent company has expanded from the United Kingdom, the brand is experience-rich. This is important, as the types of bets that users are looking for range vastly through preference and region.

The following are the available betting options on William Hill Sportsbook:

  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Propositions
  • Round robins
  • Straight bets
  • Teasers

Cashing out of existing bets:

In addition to the betting methods, there is also a trend to cash out of current bets. William Hill Sportsbook upholds this trend.

In addition to that, though, William Hill also offers a “Partial Cash Out” option. This option allows players to cash out a portion of their bet, although, the balance will remain in play.

How is the customer support for William Hill Sportsbook?

The customer support for William Hill Sportsbook is highly engaging, especially for beginners.

Not only is there a live-chat option, but there are also “betting 101” reference guides. The PDF-formatted guides explain how to bet and otherwise navigate the world of sportsbooks.

Security on William Hill Sportsbook

The William Hill platform puts a great amount of emphasis on security, keeping it guarded and of high priority. It is clear from its procedures that the safety of its clients comes first and foremost.

In fact, William Hill will only add features to its sportsbook after knowing the safety standards are met. The limited deposit and withdraw methods are a testament to that.

What are the advantages of using William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook has many exceptional features that players should take into consideration. These advantages give William Hill Sportsbook the edge that helps the platform shine.

Platform layout:

William Hill Sportsbook boasts a library of 101 ways to bet throughout the platform’s available sports industries. On top of all that, there is a lot of informational material available, as well as the functionality of the app. Basically, there is a lot packed into a mobile program.

Yet, the platform layout and performance are superb. Whether the player is on the browser or the mobile platform, the experience is refined and simple to navigate. Even though there is a lot to take in with this platform, the design makes it manageable.

International influence:

William Hill Sportsbook makes it clear that it has a worldwide influence. However, the way that influence is portrayed and utilized is for the betterment of the platform. Of course, the games that are available on the platform’s roster open a whole new world. However, its quick response to international legislation changes, (the sportsbook, for example,) helps to broaden the horizons of its players.

What are the drawbacks of using William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook is a great platform for all types of players. From the newbies to the diehards, there is something for everyone in this platform.

Although, there are some drawbacks of using William Hill Sportsbook. Nothing is perfect, after all.

Welcome bonus:

While William Hill Sportsbook is trying to offer a half-baked welcome bonus, it comes as little consolation. The reason is while the prize is not bad, it is only a promotion.

There is no rock-solid welcome bonus, not to mention that it only recently came to fruition. What about all the people who signed up earlier? At this point in the game, it might be better for the platform to stay away from welcome bonuses altogether. At least that would make it seem fair.

Minimum deposit:

In addition to other odd decisions regarding welcoming people to the sportsbook, there is also is a $20 deposit minimum. Sure, it might not be a lot of money, and that is a good go-to amount for people to deposit anyway. Yet, demanding a minimum seems a little on the nose; especially for those players who signed up without any true incentive.

What are the deposit options for William Hill Sportsbook?

An interesting notation about William Hill Sportsbook is that the deposit and withdraw methods are limited; however, these options are not entirely inconvenient.

Here is a list of the available deposit methods for William Hill Sportsbook:

  • Cash at cage via Monmouth Park or Ocean Resort Casino
  • Visa/Mastercard

What are the withdrawal options for William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook keeps everything that involves money close to its vest. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. What this shows some is that the platform knows what works and what it’s comfortable offering.

These two ways are the methods through which you can withdraw your funds from William Hill Sportsbook:

  • Cash at cage via the Monmouth Park or Ocean Resort Casino
  • William Hill Prepaid Card

Frequently asked questions

Who can bet at William Hill Sportsbook?

William Hill Sportsbook allows anyone at least 21 years old and is physically located within New Jersey to place bets. All sports betting platforms must follow this rule.

Is William Hill Sportsbook legal?

Yes, if the person playing is at least 21 years old and in the state of New Jersey, William Hill Sportsbook is legal.

How do you get free bets on William Hill?

Any new player to William Hill can receive free bets to try out the software. Simply use promo code GET50 when you register to receive $50 free in your account.

How do I download the William Hill app?

Downloading the app is easy for both iOS and Android users. For Apple customers, they may download their version of the app simply by visiting the App Store.

Android users have a slightly trickier proposition since Google does not permit the download of gambling apps. Instead, Android customers should proceed directly to the William Hill website. Download links for both Android and iOS users are there.

How do I cash out of William Hill?

William Hill has two methods of withdrawing money from an account. The first way is via a William Hill prepaid card.

The Priority Access Prepaid Card allows players to transfer money both in and out of the site with little difficulty. There is a minimum of $20 required to withdraw from the site.

Failing that, players can also choose to visit one of the retail William Hill locations in New Jersey. They can receive cash in-person at the sportsbooks at Monmouth Park Racetrack, Ocean Resort Casino, and Tropicana Atlantic City.

Can you use a credit card at William Hill?

Yes. William Hill accepts credit or debit cards from both Visa and MasterCard. However, please be aware that your bank may choose to refrain from funding a gambling account or, barring that, charge fees for the convenience.

Does William Hill accept PayPal?

No. William Hill only accepts four different methods of deposit at this time. They are:

  • ACH (E-check)
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash at one of the three retail cages

Where do I enter a William Hill promo code?

You can enter a promo code for that easy money on the second page of the registration screens. Just fill in the box with promo code GET50 to receive the $50 to start out.

After that, any promo code areas will appear during the deposit period. Make sure to put the appropriate code in the space provided.

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