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We live in interesting times. People can earn an entire living by filming themselves doing selected activities. One of those activities, as it turns out, is playing on an online casino site.

Casino streamers, as they are known, are gamblers just like anyone else. They log into online casino sites and wager on slots, table games, or poker and try their best to win money.

The only difference is that they are also acting as the main character and host of their own channels, so to speak. Using platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Resorts Live, these casino streamers attract subscribers to their broadcasts and entertain them both through the ups and downs of their play and their antics related to each game’s outcome.

Although this practice may seem silly to some, the reality is that it is big business. Top casino streamers earn millions of dollars a year by playing slot games online and screaming when they win or lose. Thus, here are some details on those top streamers, along with the platforms they use and the games they play.

Streamer’s Top Casinos

Although there is no formal coalition or agreed-upon online casino site for the top casino streamers in the world, many of them seem to gravitate to one of a handful of sites.

Now, as a word of caution, we need to inform you that online casinos might not be available in your area. However, many casino’s also offers sweepstakes options that US bettors can use.

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Most Popular Casino Streamers of 2023

The five streamers listed below are at the very pinnacle of the market at this time. They entertain millions of viewers with their streams and are handsomely compensated for it through the sources mentioned above. If you’re looking to get a taste of what a casino stream is like, one of these people’s channels is a good place to start.

StreamerPlatformFavorite Games
Brian Christopher SlotsYouTubeFu Dao Le
XposedTwitch/YouTubeBlackjack Live Dealer
HoagieResorts LiveEureka Reel Blast
ClassyBeefKickJuicy Fruits

Get To Know These Top Streamers

If you already follow casino streamers, you may have heard of these folks before. You may not know what they do, however, so here’s a rundown on the top streamers in the game today.


Felix Lengyel, aka xQc, is a Canadian streamer who offers streams for a variety of subjects, including casino slot play and video gaming. The 27-year-old plays slots for massive amounts of money and documents both his huge wins and huge losses.

He was also the most-watched streamer on Twitch in both 2020 and 2021. His streams are replete with huge gambles, open discussions with watchers, and scores of f-bombs. Although he tends to accept wins calmly that would be life-changing for many of us, he still maxes out the volume with a signature “BOOM!” whenever a win goes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • 5 million
  • Twitch
  • Sugar Rush, Starlight Princess, Anubis

Brian Christopher Slots

For every bit of xQc’s flashiness, there’s the calm reserve of Brian Christopher. In fact, he often turns down the volume on the machines that he plays.

Brian Christopher is a Canadian streamer who now lives and works out of Palm Springs, California. Notably, he mostly eschews online slot games for live slot machines. He films in split-screen, with one dedicated side to the reels and one to his reactions.

There is a “corporate” vibe to Brian Christopher’s streams that simply is not present on other streamers’ channels, such as xQc’s Twitch. Christopher partners with many live casinos and serves as a de facto ambassador for the properties. He even has his own branded slot machine in some locations. His play sessions, dutifully recorded as “events” on his website, are more like meetups than anything else.

  • 575,000 subscribers
  • YouTube
  • Asian-themed slots, including Fu Dao Le and Spring Festival


Xposed, aka Cody Burnett, is another young casino streamer from Canada. He has won millions of dollars playing from his home in Ontario. However, his streams offer a much different vibe than fellow streamer xQc.

For one thing, Xposed often conducts his streams with his buddies in the room with him. It makes a difference – there was something undeniably compelling about him winning $4 million and being dogpiled by all of his boys. Unlike the mental image of a streamer encamped in a dark basement by themselves, Burnett makes his wins (and losses) a group endeavor, and there’s something to be said for that.

  • 536,000 followers on Twitch/440,000+ on
  • Twitch/Youtube
  • Dead or a Wild, Blackjack (live dealer)


Hoagie, aka EataHoagie, aka Anthony Cicali is a New Jersey-based streamer who is one half of the Slot Squad on the Resorts Live platform. He is also a journalist for the Catena Media network and a talented poker player. He recently took home a six-figure payout from Borgata’s Mystery Bounty Score poker tournament.

Within the framework of his streaming, he serves as one of several streaming ambassadors on the Resorts Live network. He plays almost all of his games with the Resorts online casino offering. However, he is quite popular, and is one of the top US-based legal casino streamers in the world.

  • 3,600 on Twitch/Resorts Live
  • Resorts Live
  • Eureka Reel Blast, Teatime Treasures, Bourbon Street Bash


ClassyBeef is not so much a single streamer as it is a consortium of a half-dozen streamers under the same banner. Thus, the streaming videos are longer than usual – stream compilations extending for 20 hours or more are not uncommon.

The streamers themselves are an assortment of talent from various locations in Europe. Regardless of which of the six is/are your favorite, they are all quite responsive and interactive with the followers in the live chat, and there are always giveaways and special promotions running.

  • 266,000 on Twitch, but stream moved to Kick
  • Kick
  • RIP CITY, Juicy Fruits

Our Recommended Live Streaming Casino

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