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Bet on Virtual Cars Online
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There is nothing like the atmosphere of visiting a big NASCAR meeting. The roar of the engines, the cheers of the crowd and the moves by the drivers create something special. This atmosphere has been recreated in Virtual Cars by Inspired Gaming. This online casino game lets you place bets on virtual (computer generated) NASCAR style races.

You can choose your drivers, place a variety of bets from straight bets to exotics, then watch the action unfold with stunning visuals and true NASCAR style commentary.

Virtual Cars is part of a range of similar titles from Inspired Gaming. Others include Virtual Motorcycles and Virtual Soccer. You can play virtual sports via apps or desktops at real money casinos in regulated states.

Setup: How Virtual Cars works

When you enter this game, you will first see the start times for the upcoming races. The races take place every three minutes. Each race features twelve drivers, who are all listed below the main race screen. Each driver has his own number and colors, so they are easily identifiable when the race begins.

Next to each of the drivers are the betting odds, with the bets divided into straight bets and exotic wagers.

Straight bets

To place any straight bet, you simply click on the odds displayed and the bet will appear in the bet-slip in the right-hand side of the screen.

You can now choose your stake and having submitted your bet, your wager will now appear as set in the window, along with your potential pay out should it win. This mimics the way of betting at the new state-regulated online sportsbooks.

  • Win: This is the most straightforward wager of all, as you will simply be betting on your chosen driver to win the race. The lower the odds offered on a driver, the more likely that driver is to win. The range of odds can be incredibly wide in this market. For example, a favorite can have odds as low as 2/1, while an outsider can be as high as 100/1.
  • Place: A place wager will pay if your selected driver finishes either first or second. The odds offered in the place market are lower than in the win market (usually just under half the win market odds). If your selected driver finishes in the first two, you will be paid out at those odds. There is no bonus for finishing first instead of second.
  • Show: A show wager wins if your selection finishes first, second or third. Once again, due to the greater likelihood of winning, the odds are lower than both the win and place markets. As an example, a driver can be offered at odds of 16/1 in the win market, but only 4/1 in the show market.

Exotic bets

These bets involve more than one driver. They are more difficult to win, though with the odds combined, the prizes are much bigger than for the straight bets.

  • Exacta: When placing an exacta bet, you have to choose which drivers will come first and second in the correct order. This time around there are no odds displayed, you simply tick a box for the driver you think will finish first, and another box for the driver who you think will finish second. Having made your selections, you hit the ‘+ Exacta’ option and the bet will appear in the bet slip. This is when you see the odds offered for the first time. If you like what you see, you’ll choose your stake and submit your bet.
  • Trifecta: To place a trifecta bet, you make the exacta selections and then add a third selection under the trifecta column. To win your selections have to finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order. Trifectas offer the largest win in the game.

Incredible animation: Virtual Cars design

The main action of the game is the race itself. This where the game really excels, due to the incredible animations and effects on display. The action takes place at an oval NASCAR track with packed crowds filling the stands.

Cameras from different angles track the action in the two-lap race in exactly the same way you would enjoy if you were watching on TV. The graphics are so good that you might feel like you are watching a real race. The race summarizer keeps you updated on the action throughout the race, adding more atmosphere and realism into the mix.

Does the Virtual Cars casino game make the podium?

If you are a fan of NASCAR or other motor sports, Virtual Cars is a must-play next time you visit an online casino. Developed by Inspired Gaming, Virtual Cars allows you to place bets and cheer on your chosen driver as the action unfolds.

The action is fast – with the two laps of the race taking place in around a minute and a half. With the range of bets on offer, there is something for everyone. You might want to place a low-odds show bet to give yourself a great chance of winning, or place a trifecta bet at high odds to give yourself a shot at a major prize.

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