Horses GO Virtual Racing

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Horses GO Virtual Racing
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Horses GO is the ideal casino game for those who enjoy a day at the races. You can access it via US online casinos in regulated states including MI, WV, PA, and NJ. The idea is that you bet on computer generated virtual sports casino game.

Each race features 12 horses, and you can choose from many different betting options. These range from simple win bets to multi-horse bets and ‘specials’ – many of which have jackpot sized prizes.

Special effects for each race are impressive. While Horses GO might not substitute for the real thing, it makes for an entertaining change from regular casino table games and online slots.

Basics: How Horses GO works

The first thing you see when you load Horses GO is the main betting page. This lists the 12 horses in the upcoming race. Each selection shows the jockeys distinctive colors, the payout for each of the horses should it win and the name of the horse.

Below each of the selections, which are displayed in two columns, there are different chip denominations. Click on each denomination and you see those pay outs update based on the size of the bet. To place a bet, you simply click on the horse name, with multiple clicks placing more than one chip. You have the option of placing bets on multiple selections, so you can spread the chips around a bit.

Special wagering options and ‘Bigger’ bets

Alongside the ‘Main Bet’ option, the following ‘Specials’ wagers are available. Just like in real horse races, the prizes for these are affected by the odds of individual selections.

  • Odd numbered horse to win.
  • Lucky number 8 to finish in the first three.
  • Favorite NOT to finish in the first three.
  • Blackjack! First 3 horses’ numbers total equals exactly 21.
  • BUST! First 3 horses numbers total more than 21.

On hitting the ‘Bigger’ tab, you can enjoy even more exotic bets, with larger pay outs. Inside this tab you will find both ‘Bigger Returns’ and ‘Biggest Returns’.

Under the Bigger Returns tab, you will find a series of different exacta bets. Here two selections are named, and to win they have to finish 1st and 2nd. In the ‘Biggest Returns’ section, you will find a series of trifecta type bets Here the selected three horses have to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order.

There is an upper limit of $50,000 on any win in this game, so keep an eye on your stakes. With the trifecta bets you might not need to bet as much as you think to hit this limit.

Horses GO bonus wheel boost

Occasionally, after placing your bets, a bonus wheel will appear on the screen featuring a series of multipliers. You can land on x2, x5 and x10 multipliers. The selected multiplier will then be applied to any wins you have in the race.

For example, if you bet $1 on the favorite and had an expected return of $4, with a 10x multiplier applied, the potential pay out now increases to $40.

More good news is that on these bonus wheel races; any losses are refunded. This means you are effectively freerolling while watching the race.

Horses GO design

Having placed all of your bets, you hit go – and are taken to the race itself. This is where the quality of the game shines through – as the graphics amazing.

The race starts with a black and white image of the starting stalls, before the color comes in and creates the ultra-realistic virtual racing. The detail is brilliant throughout the race. You can see the dirt flying up around the horses’ hooves as they race to the finish line. Small touches like the cheering crowd as the competitors near the finish line add to the atmosphere.

Once the race has finished, you are then shown a close up replay of the horses approaching the finish line. You will also enjoy a running commentary – in the same style that commentators on real horse races use.

Will Horses GO start off a winning run?

Virtual racing is more than just a substitute for real horse races. This game is entertaining enough for players who would not normally bet on horses to enjoy. It is a game of chance, though there is some strategy involved in combining different bets.

The chance of huge wins via the ‘Special’ and ‘Bigger’ bets can be added to your main win bets. If you get lucky, the bonus wheel can appear. This can give you a boost of up to 10x on your wins. Even if your selection loses, you get your stake back as a consolation.

With realistic graphics, commentary and even a crowd – Horses Go is and entertaining way to enjoy at the newest online casinos in regulated states. You will find similar virtual sports betting games featuring Virtual Soccer, Virtual Car-Racing and Virtual Motorbikes.

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