El Cortez Hotel & Casino To Employ OPTX Data Platform

Written By Derek Helling on March 18, 2022
Streamline Player Experience Adds OPTX Gaming Data At El Cortez Casino

Brick-and-mortar casinos prioritize the quality of in-person experiences, and there is plenty of room within that framework for the collection and utilization of a wealth of information. Las Vegas‘ longest continuously-running casino is now employing OPTX gaming data toward that very end.

The platform will assist the casino in making informed decisions in multiple phases of its operations. The result should be a better experience for the casino’s customers.

What does OPTX gaming data do for casinos?

Every interaction players have with physical casinos is a point of data. That not only applies to responding to marketing emails and online hotel reservations but each play on a slot machine or purchase at a restaurant on the property as well.

For casinos like the El Cortez Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, that’s a ton of data to merely collect, much less analyze and glean useful insights from. Such analysis can provide clear answers to a lot of questions, like:

  • Which slot games are most popular with which player demographics?
  • What is the best time to reach out to our members with marketing materials?
  • Why did one promotional campaign perform better than another?

OPTX’s platform not only collects data in real-time but uses artificial intelligence to analyze it. Then, a combination of the technology and actual human beings use the analysis to provide decision-makers with better resources.

So, the system is going to provide El Cortez with a deeper understanding of its customer base. What does that mean for the average player at the casino? Plenty.

How El Cortez could improve player experience

Personalized experiences are often not only the most memorable but positive as well. The platform gives El Cortez the ability to deliver that to a greater extent.

“We could not be more excited to be implementing the full suite of OPTX programs,” said Joe Woody, Chief Financial Officer for El Cortez Hotel and Casino, in a press release.

“Every piece of our operation will now be streamlined, making us more efficient than ever.”

That efficiency should mean less “noise” for El Cortez regulars. Instead of the casino bombarding everyone on its lists with a barrage of notifications about every single event and promotion, the communication should become more targeted based on past transactions.

For example, players who have a particular favorite slot title will probably never miss out on another offer involving that title again. They can be confident that when promotions happen, the most popular games will be part of them.

The experience of visiting El Cortez might happen on the corporeal plane, but the business is as digital as any online casino. It should now be more efficient than ever in that regard.

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