Hosting An Oscars Party: Printable Bingo, Betting Sheet, Prizes And More

Written By Jessica Welman on February 19, 2019 - Last Updated on May 6, 2022

The Super Bowl is not the only reason to have friends over for a big Sunday party in February. Rinse out that Instant Pot, stock back up on adult beverages and get ready. The Oscars are just around the corner.

Just like Super Bowl squares or friendly wager on the length of the National Anthem, Oscars parties have their own sets of fun and games to add a new element to the party.

We here at PlayUSA even made hosting a party all the easier by creating some easy-to-print game cards for the 92nd Academy Awards, set for Sunday, Feb. 9.

Before the official nominations came out on Jan. 13, you may have done Oscar nominee predicting of your own. But now that the nominees have officially been announced, let’s run down the best games for your Oscars viewing party and how to put together some truly award-winning festivities.

Oscars pick’em

printable oscar ballotOf course, the easiest game to play is to have your guests fill out ballots on which movies will take each of the awards. While you watch celebrities arrive and ogle their outfits, you and your guests can also predict each of the awards’ 24 categories.

Whether it’s the favorites, longshots or upsets, take a gamble in the name of good Oscar fun. We’ve put together this handy Oscars printout. All you need to do is print and copy so everyone can show off their movie knowledge.

Gold Derby

Another great site to check out is Gold Derby. The site gives you expert predictions in every category. Have no clue who will win Best Sound Design? Don’t worry, they have 24 people who do, and cribbing their answers is totally allowed.

Oscar bingo

oscars bingo card

If parsing through the nominees for Best Visual Effects is not your speed, we have another alternative — and it’s a game you can play without any preparation.

Oscar Bingo is a fun way to keep even the dullest stretch of the awards show. Keep an eye out for everything from who wins which award to whether or not someone tears up in the acceptance speech. To get extra festive, provide guests with gold star stickers to mark their squares on the sheet. To download this Oscar Bingo PDF, click here.

Pick up some prizes for the winners, like mini champagne bottles, gold foil-wrapped candy (such as coins) or mini faux statuettes, usually found at local party supply stores.

If you’re feeling particularly giving, you could even give out DVDs or digital downloads of some of the most popular nominees.

Oscars party games or not, just have a good time

Whether you’re into throwing an all-out bash or not, have some basic Oscar party necessities on hand. If you want to add some splashy decorations around the house, choose anything in colors of gold and black. Think balloons, metallic banners, streamers, garland, banners, confetti, etc.

Stock up on champagne and wine, and continue the movie theme — feature a bar of mini popcorn bags with powdered flavor toppings so each guest can customize their own. Bowls of movie theatre candy are also a fun addition, and Pinterest features a ton of creative movie and Oscar-themed dessert ideas.

No matter what, just try to have a good time. Maybe your group wants to focus on fashion over the films. Perhaps the Original Song performances are what they are looking forward to most.

Remember, if your party guests aren’t into picking winners, you can have fun by yourself and take advantage of all the NJ sportsbooks offering Oscars betting.

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