NFL Over/Under Odds

NFL over-unders, (also known as “totals”), give bettors another way to bet on football without caring about which side wins or by how much.

Weekly NFL over-unders revolve solely around how many points the two teams will put on the scoreboard. You can bet on over/under by themselves, include them in same-game or multi-leg parlays, and even live bet as the games play out.

Are NFL totals bets all that they’re cracked up to be? Are there any guiding principles for betting the over or the under? Here’s a complete guide to NFL over/under betting, including the full board of totals odds for this week’s NFL games.

Live NFL over/under odds

Odds for NFL over under bets are released alongside the other big pregame wagers. From then until kickoff, you can expect to see movement in the odds and even the totals themselves. Our real-time NFL over/under odds feed down below has the latest. Click anyover/under odds to claim the bonus to get started. Use the drop-down menu on the right to change your betting state.

Best sportsbooks for NFL over under betting

draftkings live betting appWhen placing an NFL over/under bet or any other type of wager, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible prices. Here are five sites that do a great job with football betting odds, along with a peek at what else they have to offer.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: This is a site that’s filled with features and a top option for lots of legal bettors as a result. Top features include a big spread of prop bets, a great live betting section and regular betting pools contests.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: You’ll be covered for all of the NFL betting options here and also find intriguing innovations, like a dedicated tab for same-game parlays. It’s all tucked away in one of the industry’s most user-friendly platforms.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: This is another book with a stellar listing of available props, along with a really nice live betting section with real-time updates. Regular NFL promos and odds boosts are pulling in a lot of new BetMGM bettors.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: Great tech behind the scenes and tons of experience when it comes to setting NFL lines are among the calling cards for Caesars. The game lines always seem to be on point, and there are plenty of intriguing props to be found.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook: This is a sportsbook that has experienced a tremendous growth spurt since entering the US in 2019. Extremely competitive lines and the innovative PointsBetting feature are among the big reasons to pay a visit.

When betting NFL over/unders, the total itself should be in range of the market as a whole. The odds should offer the chance for the return you want if you win the bet. The above sites are outstanding choices to consider as a result.

What are you betting on with NFL over unders?

NFL over/under betting concerns the total combined points scored in the game. Oddsmakers set a benchmark number for bettors to decide on. An example listing might look something like this.

  • Over 48.5 (-110)
  • Under 48.5 (-110)

There are two components to an over/under listing:

  • The number set by the book
  • The odds for placing the bet

For our example, Over bettors are expecting 49 points or more. Under bettors expect 48 or fewer. You can read more about the ins and outs of totals betting here.

How are NFL over/under lines set?

nfl betting tipsWhen oddsmakers set the lines for NFL games, they have a wealth of data at their disposal. In short, if there’s anything you can think of that could possibly impact the game at hand, it’s accounted for in the odds. For over/unders specifically, factors they look at include:

  • The matchup
  • Points for and against for both sides
  • Game venue and weather forecast
  • Historical meeting data
  • Offensive and defensive efficiency
  • Scoring averages

There is no single factor that determines how the line is set. It’s more of a sum-of-the-parts approach. Computers and algorithms do a lot of the heavy lifting and crunch the numbers, but the lines won’t be released to the betting public without a very thorough review by the oddsmaking team.

How much do over/under lines shift or change among books?

NFL over/under betting lines are released several days in advance of the games. For a ballpark, you can expect to see the odds for the next set of games start coming out as the current slate is winding down.

You can place your bets as soon as they come out or wait until closer to game time. There are pros and cons to both approaches. What works best for you really comes down to your personal comfort level.

For perspective on the shifts, the majority of legal online sportsbooks use odds of -110 as the starting point for both sides of total bets. As betting volume comes in, the numbers can begin to adjust, such as a split of -108/-112 or -105/-115.

The over/under number itself can also adjust. At the release, an over/under could be set at 48.5 points, but extensive market action or other developments could lead to a dip to 48.0 or a rise to 49.0. It’s certainly possible to see adjustments of a point or more as well.

For NFL over/under bettors, the good news is that you can always shop around and compare prices and totals to find your sweet spot. Our live odds feed up above is a fantastic tool to lean on as you get ready to bet.

What are the highest over/unders this week?

If you check out our real-time odds feed above, you’ll see the range for the over/under numbers on this week’s NFL games. As you gain experience with betting on totals, you’ll find that the numbers for NFL games tend to fall into distinct ranges.

  • Lower-scoring games: 41.5 points or fewer
  • Average games: 42 to 49.5 points
  • Higher-scoring games: 50 points or more

For a standard slate of games, you’ll find that lots of the games fall into the average range, while a few may fall into the other two categories. In general, you’ll see that the majority of NFL games have totals that range from a low of 39 points to a high of 54.5 points.

Over the course of a season, it’s definitely possible to see some outliers. For example, a projected defensive battle could have a total set at 37.5 points. Meanwhile, a potential shootout could have an over/under set at 56.5 points.

Are over/unders different for Sunday/Monday/Thursday games?

nfl bye weeks bettingThe NFL has distinct broadcast windows for games. As the most heavily bet sport at the legal online sportsbooks in the U.S., each game will attract more than its fair share of action. For bettors, the schedule can be broken down into four main parts.

There are also the occasional games held outside of the main timeframes, such as on Thanksgiving Day, Saturdays in the latter part of the season and random early Sunday international games.

Over/unders are available for each and every game, and you’ll find that the numbers fall into the ranges that we outlined above. For a notable trend to keep in mind, the most popular games of the week and the primetime games can be the busiest on the odds board.

As a general rule, the betting public tends to like points and expects to see them when the marquee games are on tap. That being the case, don’t be surprised to see the totals rise in these contests. Additional factors to monitor include the weather forecast (rain, wind, etc.) and injuries to key players, such as a QB or a top starter on the offensive line.

What is the payout on an NFL over/under bet?

One of the additional draws for NFL over/under betting is the relative consistency in potential payouts. While the moneyline odds can be all over the place, the numbers for totals bets share a lot in common with point spread wagers.

In both cases, the majority of the top sportsbooks will use odds of -110 as the starting point for the two possible choices. Once betting volume begins to come in, the odds can rise or fall on either side in response.

If we assume that all totals bets are placed at odds of -110, then calculating the payouts is simple. To make back $100, you’d have to wager $110, while a winning $100 bet would return a profit of $90.90.

Each tick in the odds can impact the potential payout. Here’s what a winning $100 bet would return at a few common price points.

  • -105: $95.20
  • -108: $92.60
  • -110: $90.90
  • -112: $89.30
  • -115: $87.00

As you can see, the seemingly small ticks of difference can really add up over the long run, especially for those who plan to bet a good deal of volume on over/unders. It’s another strong argument for incorporating line shopping into your betting routine.

Is it better to bet NFL over/unders early or late in the week?

From the initial release of NFL betting lines right up until kickoff, there’s plenty of time to research and get your best NFL bets in. There are a few schools of thought on the optimal time for placing wagers, but also important pros and cons to consider for each approach.

Betting on over/unders early

  • Pro: You’re betting on the freshest possible lines from the sportsbook.
  • Con: The numbers can continue moving as the week moves along.

Betting on over/unders closer to kickoff

  • Pro: The betting market has spoken, and you’re wagering on the latest number.
  • Con: The odds and totals can move to a level that you’re no longer comfortable with.

For a general rule, the best time to bet on totals is when you land on appealing numbers. While there are no guarantees with sports betting, sticking to the bets in which you’re most confident is a good principle.

Should I put an over/under in my NFL parlay?

nfl betting playoffs

While you can bet on NFL over/unders by themselves, you can also seek out some greater returns by placing your picks into a parlay. There are a few different ways you can go about doing so.

  • Same-game parlays: The popularity of same-game parlays has grown exponentially in a short time. You can build out the legs of a parlay from the same game, such as a moneyline pick, a bet on the over or under, and a player prop.
  • Parlay your top totals bets: If you have several totals from the same slate of games that you’re interested in betting on, you could tie them all together for a separate parlay bet.
  • Multi-leg parlays from different games: You can also put together various bets from different games on the same betting slip. An example includes your favorite spread bet, a top over/under pick and an intriguing player prop.

Parlays are very popular options for NFL bettors, and there are many who add totals into the mix. These are entertaining wagers that can enhance your potential returns, but it’s important to remember some cold, hard facts. The bets are challenging to win consistently, to say the least. To win, you have to be right on every single selection you add. The returns can be nice when you do so, but the losses can quickly pile up as well.

Betting live NFL over unders

After NFL games kick-off, the top legal online sportsbooks open their doors for live betting. These are wagers that you can place in real time based on what’s happening on the field. The market moves really fast with the odds and offerings continually adjusting.

Over/under bettors will find plenty of different options to consider. Examples of what you might come across include:

  • Updated odds and lines for the main pregame bet
  • Bet on totals for quarters and halves
  • Wagering on team totals
  • Over/unders on player stats

Live betting has grown to be incredibly popular, and many bettors feel it enhances the enjoyment of games even further. That said, it can be really easy to get caught up in the excitement. Always remember to bet with your head and never over it.

NFL over/under win totals

NFL totals betting isn’t solely relegated to single games and how many points will be scored. There are other opportunities to explore with this style of betting, including via the NFL futures market.

A futures bet is a long-term wager on a season-long outcome. The biggest market for the NFL is on the winner of the next Super Bowl, but you can also bet on things like conference and division winners, playoff teams, and the winner of the NFL MVP award.

For over unders, you can look toward season win totals. During the preseason, oddsmakers will release a benchmark number for each team. Bettors then get to decide if they think the team will win over or under that amount.

  • Dallas Cowboys regular-season win total
    • Over 9.5 (-110)
    • Under 9.5 (-1100

As with other NFL over/unders, the line and odds can shift in response to the market. For example, heavy action on the downside could bring the Cowboys‘ total wins projection down to 9.0, but it could rise to 10.0 if the opposite happens.

The same holds true with the odds. While -110 is the general starting point, you could see a split of something like -105/-115 as the market develops. Additionally, NFL win totals betting could be impacted by other developments, such as a season-ending injury for the starting QB.

NFL win totals are a great way to gauge what may be to come in the upcoming season and also offer up the chance to find some additional season-long rooting interest. Read all about NFL futures here.

NFL over/under props

nfl betting regular season playoffsYou can also find NFL over/unders in prop betting markets. There will be some options to explore in the preseason that work just like the win total bets. Oddsmakers will set a benchmark number for the betting market to decide on. Examples include:

  • Touchdowns scored
  • Passing, rushing or receiving yards gained
  • Total number of sacks for top defenders

Once the season gets underway, you’ll find a plethora of prop betting options for every NFL game all season long. There will be several different over/under opportunities to consider for each contest. Examples of what you might find include:

  • How many total rushing yards for the Tennessee Titans—Over/Under 139.5?
  • Total touchdowns scored for Josh Allen—Over/Under 3.5?
  • Sacks plus tackles for Bobby Wagner—Over/Under 11.5?

You can expect to see NFL over/under props for many of the key statistical categories and the game’s top players.

  • QBs – Touchdowns, yardage, completions, attempts, interceptions, longest play
  • RBs – Touchdowns, yardage, attempts, touches, longest play
  • WRs and TEs – Touchdowns, yardage, targets, receptions, longest play
  • Defense – Sacks, tackles, interceptions
  • Special teams – Return yardage, field goals attempted or made, number of punts

All of the above options will not necessarily be available at every top online sportsbook, but there’s a good selection to be found at each of them. DraftKings and BetMGM are among those that go the extra mile. Check out our guide to prop betting for more details.

Does overtime count for NFL over/unders?

Unless stated otherwise in the bet terms, full-game NFL over/under bets will be inclusive of any overtime periods. The wager will be settled based on the score at the final whistle without exception.

If you bet on the totals for an individual quarter or half, the bet is based on just that timeframe, so any overtime periods will not apply. Overtime isn’t overly common in NFL games, but it does happen often enough during the course of a season.

When are over/unders a push or canceled?

If you bet on an over/under that lands exactly on the listed number, it’s a tie as far as your wager is concerned. For example, if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots square off in a game with a listed over/under of 52 points and the final score lands at 28-24, the bet is considered a push. That’s gambling lingo for a tie.

When this happens, the stake for your bet will be refunded in full. For tracking purposes, you can chalk it up as a tie. If a game happened to be canceled completely, then all bets would be off. You’ll also be refunded for the amount of your wager in this case. NFL games are occasionally postponed, but outright cancellations are rare.

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