Pennsylvania will soon be a sports betting state – for real, not just legally.

What we know so far is Parx will have a sports book.

We just don’t know when.

Pennsylvania online sports betting reviews

No Pennsylvania casinos have officially applied for a $10 million sports betting license yet. However, Parx did announce that it plans to offer online sports betting through its partnership with software company GAN.

Pennsylvania sports betting locations

Other than Parx, no property has hinted one way or another on if they are offering sports betting. However, with so many sports betting deals that affect Pennsylvania, it is safe to assume the Keystone State eventually has more than one operator.

GAN, for its part, expects launch prior to the end of 2018. There is no guarantee for that timeframe, however.

It’s possible that the casinos are waiting until the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) finalizes regulations for sports betting. However, the oncoming football season may force the issue for several properties.

Potentially, all twelve of Pennsylvania’s casinos and the soon-to-be-built Stadium Casino could offer betting on sports. They are:

Pennsylvania restrictions on sports betting

We won’t know what restrictions the PGCB will write into their regulations. However, based upon regulations in other new sports betting states, there will probably be prohibitions on the following:

  • High school sporting events
    • Most people, including gamblers, abhor the idea of accepting wagers on subcollegiate sports.
    • No American sportsbook accepts wagering on high school athletic events.
  • In-state colleges
    • Both Delaware and New Jersey prohibit wagers on in-state college teams.
    • However, Pennsylvania has a wider selection of college events, so this one is less likely.
  • In-state sporting events
    • Again, this prohibition may not exist at all.
    • If it does, it will likely affect only collegiate events

Pennsylvania sports betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes! By virtue of a 2017 state law and the Supreme Court’s dismissal of PASPA, Pennsylvania has legalized sports betting.

Where can I bet on sports in Pennsylvania?

Nowhere yet. However, Parx may be up and running by the end of 2018.

How come there’s nowhere to bet?

None of the casinos have applied for licenses yet. Or, if they have, none have announced that they have done so.

Why not? What’s the problem?

The PGCB has set a licensing fee and tax rate that are higher than most other localities.

Casinos must pay $10 million upfront to the state for a sports betting license. While a larger casino like Parx can foot a bill like this, it’s a bigger ask for some of the smaller Pennsylvania casinos. The properties are taking a hard look at their projections for sports betting revenue before they fork up such a large amount.

The projections are also subject to a proposed 36 percent tax rate on sports betting revenue. Other than Rhode Island, no other state has or is considering such a high tax rate.

Even Rhode Island is an anomaly, due to the amount of assistance the state will give its two casinos. On the other hand, neighboring New Jersey collects no more than 14.25 percent in taxes on any type of sports bet, and that’s only on a specific method and type of bet.

So, even though the PGCB has accepted applications for sports betting licenses since the beginning of June, the casinos are content to wait and negotiate. However, they can’t wait forever – football season is fast approaching.

Will I be able to bet on my mobile device in Pennsylvania?

Once sites begin to show up, yes. The Pennsylvania law allows anyone inside the state lines to bet online or through mobile devices.

How old must I be to bet sports in Pennsylvania?

You will need to be 21 to wager on sports in the Keystone State.

What other options for gambling exist in Pennsylvania?

Live options

Full-scale gaming operations exist at all the casinos listed above. You can play any number of slots, table games, or other types of games at any of the twelve Pennsylvania casinos.

A thirteenth, Stadium Casino, will soon be under construction in the Philadelphia-area. The new property is slated to open in 2020.

There are also five smaller casino projects underway in the state, at least in some capacity. These small casinos, or mini-casinos, will eventually serve Pennsylvanians without a larger casino nearby.

LocationWinning Bidder
DerryStadium Casino
New CastleMount Airy
South NewtonParx Casino
West CocalicoHollywood Casino
YoeHollywood Casino

Pennsylvania also has a state lottery for residents and visitors. Some of its lottery games are available to play online.

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Online options

Online casinos are expected to launch in Pennsylvania in 2019.  Nine of the state’s casino properties have applied for and been approved for online gambling licenses. They are:

  • Harrah’s Philadelphia
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Mount Airy
  • Parx
  • Rivers Casino
  • Sands Bethlehem
  • Stadium Casino
  • SugarHouse
  • Valley Forge

Each casino paid $10 million for their license. In return, they can offer online slots, table games, and peer-to-peer games.

The peer-to-peer option means that online poker is a possibility in Pennsylvania. If Pennsylvania decides to share liquidity with other states, the revenue potential on poker for players and states will increase dramatically.