You’ll find the information on DraftKings Sportsbook bonuses, incentives and betting markets below based on the successful DraftKings NJ sportsbook. While the PA version has not launched yet, it is expected to follow the successful format of the NJ site. Any differences will be highlighted as soon as it goes live.

Some people in the industry have questioned just how easily and quickly DraftKings could make the transition from daily fantasy sports to becoming a full-scale sportsbook operator.

DraftKings currently operates land-based sportsbooks in Mississippi and New Jersey. It also runs a complimentary online sportsbook that connects to its property in the Garden State.

Next, it is coming to Pennsylvania, helping propel PA sports betting.

With less than a year under its belt, DraftKings has become a complete sports gaming company. Furthermore, one of the brightest players in the rapidly expanding sports gambling market.

Potential DraftKings PA Sportsbook Bonus Offer and Details

At the moment, it’s unclear exactly what new registration incentives DraftKings will offer in PA.

However, what they’ve done in New Jersey can give us a good idea of what bonuses it likes to provide and therefore what Pennsylvania customers could expect.

Currently, DraftKings NJ matches a player’s first paid wager dollar-for-dollar, up to a total bet of $500. This means that if a player’s first bet is $500, he or she will receive a credit to make an additional $500 bet. The only requirement is that you make your free wager within 30 days of receiving the bonus from DraftKings.

In New Jersey, the free bet amount is not transferable or otherwise redeemable. However, if the wager results in winnings, that money belongs to the player, minus the amount of the original stake. (Meaning that if a player wins the $500 bet, he or she doesn’t get to cash in for $1,000.)

DraftKings Sportsbook PA Promo Code 2019

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Last verifiedApril 15, 2019

Other possible DraftKings Sportsbook promotions and bonuses

In the competitive world of sports betting, companies are always looking for new ways to keep their customers engaged. This often means rotating select odds boosts offerings which DraftKings does daily.

DraftKings NJ also gives its customers a free $100 bet for referring a friend. However, the friend needs to be a new customer, deposit a minimum of $5 and register for his or her new account by clicking through the referral link he or she received from the original customer. After that, the $100 is free to play.

The New Jersey DraftKings’ mobile app also connects to an online casino, so when customers bet $10 on video poker, they qualify for a free $10 sports bet.

It’s also likely that DraftKings PA will offer a series of team- and sports-specific promotions that rotate through the various sports seasons.

Registering for a new DraftKings Sportsbook account

Registering for a DraftKings Sportsbook account should be both quick and easy. All that should be required is the name, date of birth, physical address, phone number, email address and the last four digits of the new player’s Social Security number.

New sign-ups will then likely be asked to choose a unique username and password, and have the option to opt in for a secondary layer of security called “strong authentication.” This option means DraftKings would send a unique pin directly to a player’s mobile number for every login attempt.

For players who want to secure their account at the source of connection, aka their phone, the app should support biometric security and the use of fingerprint, facial, voice or iris recognition.

Potential DraftKings rewards program

Sportsbook loyalty programs are typically administered through a partner casino and not the sportsbook operator.

What DraftKings PA may offer in the way of a rewards program will be mostly dependent on which land-based casinos it partners with as well as the programs those casinos already offer their guests.

Available betting options on DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings’ players should be able to place bets on a variety of sports:

  • Australian rules football
  • Basketball: NBA and college
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football: NFL and college
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

At DraftKings, gamblers can look forward to the following betting options:

  • Futures
  • Money lines
  • Over/unders
  • Parlays
  • Point spreads
  • Props: player, team and game
  • Quarters and halves
  • Teasers
  • Totals

Player pools

DraftKings should also offer player pools, which is where players can bet on a select number of events.

If a player chooses the defined events correctly, then he or she shares in the payout of the total prize pool. Players should be able to join a public pool or create a private pool to bet amongst their friends.

Live betting

As many would expect from a new sportsbook and understanding the trends of the industry, DraftKings is also set to offer in play betting.

For those who are new, live betting is the placing of bets on sporting events that are already in progress.

Players can place bets on details inside the event, e.g., like the set of a tennis match, a specific hole during a golf tournament or the outcome of an event using constantly evolving odds or point spreads, depending on the current score.

In game betting also offers second-chance multipliers, multiple halftime totals and the means of paying their way out of a current bet to then make a new one.

The DraftKings Sportsbook app

When connecting to the mobile app, which is set to be available for free through the iTunes or Android stores.

The first eye-catching feature is a large banner across the top of the home screen. Here will likely showcase all of the promotions and bonuses happening that day.

Registering an account through the app should be easy, but a player will likely need to verify that he or she is not a member of a sports team or organization that doesn’t allow him or her to place wagers. Once that is complete, the player should be able to place wagers through the quick links located directly below the banner.

We also expect a series of tabs along the bottom of the screen. One should connect to a player’s bets, another for all the sports that are available to wager and then a quick link to current in-play wagering.

In the upper-right corner of the app, players will probably be able to access their account to make deposits and withdrawals, refer a friend, and manage any bonuses and boosts earned. In addition, there should also be a complete help center underneath the account info.

Accessing the DraftKings website

To create its online connections in New Jersey, DraftKings partnered with European giant Kambi, the tech gaming company that spun off from Unibet.

The combination of its worldwide experience (Kambi runs operations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia) and DraftKings’ experience in daily fantasy sports, has led to a website that is innovative and fresh yet still familiar and user-friendly.

All updated browsers should function with the new DraftKings’ website, and players will likely be able to log in from anywhere.

However, to place bets, players will need to be connected to the internet through a Pennsylvania IP address. They will also be required to download a location-services plug-in upon registering.

Determining legal eligibility to play DraftKings Sportsbook

Players must be the legal age of 21 and older, inside the state lines of Pennsylvania, either as a guest or a resident, to be eligible to bet online with DraftKings.

In addition, players will be able to access the site from beyond Pennsylvania; but just won’t be allowed to place any bets until the geofencing service verifies their location.

As per the regulations from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, athletes, coaches, referees, and other league and team officials that can alter the outcome of a sporting event are allowed to open an account and place bets as long as those bets are not related to any events in which they are involved.

Making account deposits at DraftKings Sportsbook

Based on DraftKings’ history, and what it offers in Pennsylvania, depositing into a new account should be simple and offer multiple options.

Along with the standard deposit methods, like credit or debit cards, players should be able to use PayPal, direct online bank transfer, or any of the hundreds of PayNearMe terminals located throughout the state. Those terminals take credit card, debit card and cash.

Making account withdrawals at DraftKings Sportsbook

If the chosen method of electronic deposit, like PayPal or bank transfer, and is also used for withdrawals, then these transactions should be instant.

In the event that a player uses a deposit method with no reciprocating means of electronic withdrawal, like cash through PayNearMe, electronic checks will probably need to be arranged through the player’s account. However, customers should expect delays in processing physical checks.