Union Workers Picketing Ohio Casino

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on December 15, 2022 - Last Updated on December 19, 2022
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On Wednesday night, members of United Auto Workers (UWA) and United Steel Workers (USW) gathered in front of Hollywood Casino in Toledo, Ohio.

UWA and USW came to support workers who, as they say, deserve a fair wage increase because of inflation.

Union members wanted to send a message, projecting “FAIR CONTRACT NOW!” on the casino’s facade. They held signs and waved at honking cars passing by.

Union members negotiating wage increases

According to WTOL11, UAW Local 14 president Tony Totty said the message lets their “brothers and sisters that are working” know the unions “have their back.”

Union members are currently in the process of negotiating wage increases with the casino.

Totty said:

“When you take on one of us, you get all of us, as you can hear from all the people passing by that know the importance of unions in these towns.”

The USW and UAW have been representing and acting on behalf of 800 workers. They have been part of a joint council at Hollywood Casinos in Toledo and Columbus for almost 10 years.

USW 1-346 President Jim Witt said:

“These workers deserve a fair wage increase every American is getting right now because of inflation. Everyone is hurt and they need a contract that reflects that.”

Totty and Witt hope discussions will reach middle ground soon

The Ohio gambling union workers’ contracts at the casinos expired on Dec. 1, and they’ve been on an extension for two weeks.

Totty said the unions are “very serious” about insisting on fair contracts. Totty and Witt hope negotiations will reach a middle ground soon, but as they said, a strike isn’t out of the question.

Witt added:

“It just sends the message that these workers deserve a fair contract now. That’s what they’re pushing for. They’re still talking and that’s what we want them to get.”

Totty and Witt said they did not want to discuss the negotiations further because dialogues are still ongoing. They hope to come to an agreement soon.

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