How A Major Software Company, Playtech, Empowers Players To Gamble Responsibly

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on December 15, 2023
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Gambling software supplier, Playtech, has recently announced the opening of its online casino live dealer studio in Pennsylvania. It soft launched on Nov. 28, which marked the creation of the company’s third live studio in the United States, after launching in Michigan and New Jersey.

In a recent interview, Jonathan Doubilet, V.P Operations, US at Playtech, told PlayUSA:

“It takes a lot to operate a live dealer studio, but we collaborate closely with our customers throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final delivery, to create the optimal gaming environment and achieve record-breaking results.”

While growing its presence in the US, the company remains consistent in using a software tool that utilizes risk identification, data analytics, and personalized messaging to empower players to gamble responsibly.

Playtech launches third US live dealer online casino studio

Out of 11 studios worldwide, Playtech now has three live studios in the United States. Doubilet explains: “The US remains a priority for us, and we constantly seek opportunities to expand in the US market.

Our live studios offer a cutting-edge platform powered by data-driven technology and feature a dynamic user interface. This enhanced experience allows our licensees’ players to enjoy a personalized gaming experience without leaving their homes.”

US online casino players can access a wide range of Playtech classic games and innovative variants, including:

Playtech’s advanced cameras ensure premium HD quality streaming, with speedy and “most reliable uptime in the industry.” The studios also feature round-the-clock support services, customizable branding options, and thorough dealer training.

Doubilet emphasized that Playtech’s expert team monitors the gaming floor 24/7, closely observing every spin and hand played and managing essential customer service tasks like player chat to monitor at-risk behavior and dealer performance.

Playtech focused on raising player education and protection standards

Since its foundation, Playtech has focused on raising industry standards and enabling a fair, safer, and more responsible gambling industry.

The company takes an active role in raising player education and protection standards while reducing harmful play. Playtech’s Information Management System (IMS) provides licensees with responsible gambling tools such as fraud-detection services and responsible gambling controls for players, which include:

  • Deposit and bet limits
  • Reality checks
  • Session time limits
  • Self-exclusion tools

Predictive data analytics to identify at-risk players

To strengthen its responsible gambling technology, Playtech introduced BetBuddy in 2023, along with five new brands. Doubilet explained:

“The combined solution of BetBuddy leverages the latest research on gambling behaviour patterns and the advanced capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It effectively identifies and manages at-risk gambling behavioural patterns, providing a proactive approach to engage with at-risk players and prevent them from crossing the line.”

By applying artificial intelligence, BetBuddy gets consumer behavior and assesses each customer’s risk level. It then delivers personalized and safer gambling messaging and moderates gambling-related marketing. Doubilet added:

“We use our technology through BetBuddy in the way we identify, engage and safeguard consumers who show signs of at-risk behaviour.

By utilizing business intelligence tools, we analyze table traffic and player trends to continuously improve performance and maintain seamless business continuity. To minimize downtime and maintain smooth operations, our technical support teams regularly manage and evaluate all our hardware, extending session times and maximizing player satisfaction.”

Technology as a way to evolve responsible gambling in the future

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms enable online casino and sportsbook operators to detect patterns of problematic gambling behavior in real time.

According to Doubilet, technology offers unparalleled opportunities for improving player protection measures. As he explained:

“By analyzing numerous data points, such as betting patterns, deposit frequency, and gameplay duration, technological solutions can accurately identify individuals who may be at risk of developing a gambling problem. This enables operators to intervene early and provide appropriate support, if necessary.”

The widespread use of mobile devices and the internet has transformed the gambling industry, making online gambling more accessible than ever. With this shift, Doubilet explains, responsible gambling tools and resources can be seamlessly integrated into online platforms:

“For instance, operators can incorporate features that encourage players to set limits on their deposits, wagers, and time spent gambling. Real-time notifications, personalized dashboards, and interventions can all be provided through user-friendly interfaces.

By leveraging technology, operators can empower players with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain control over their gambling activities.”

As technology alone cannot be solely responsible for the future of safer gambling, Doubilet stresses that progress in this domain would demand collaboration among various stakeholders, including:

  • State regulators
  • Operators
  • Software developers
  • Treatment providers

Furthermore, he said: “Effective, responsible gambling measures should be built upon comprehensive research, evidence-based interventions, and ongoing evaluation to define best practices.”

Responsible gambling has always been a priority for Playtech, and technology brings unprecedented opportunities to advance this critical aspect of the industry. From AI-driven algorithms to biometric identifiers and online tools, technology empowers stakeholders to:

  • Identify at-risk players
  • Enforce self-exclusion policies
  • Provide personalized, responsible gambling support

“As we move forward, it is crucial to leverage technology in collaboration with other strategies to create a safer gambling environment for all,” Doubilet concluded.

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