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Michigan Online Casinos Welcome Game Creator Red Tiger

Written By J.R. Duren on February 1, 2023
New timed progressive jackpot slot games hit Michigan online casinos

It’s the year of the tiger in Michigan. British iGaming operator Red Tiger has launched its unique timed jackpot games in Michigan online casinos.

Four operators will roll out the games over the next couple of weeks. Jeff Millar, COO of North America for Evolution Gaming Group, the company that owns Red Tiger, said the company is “excited” to launch their games.

“Our unique timed jackpot mechanic will create a sense of excitement amongst players, a thrill that can only come from this countdown effect. We are constantly looking to build on our partnerships and strengthen our relationships with North American operators, and we look forward to launching Red Tiger jackpots in all approved jurisdictions across North America.”

Timed jackpots meant to increase player engagement

When gamblers play the typical progressive slots game, the progressive pot grows bigger with every losing spin. The pot starts over when someone hits the jackpot.

Players don’t know when they’ll hit the jackpot. Usually, there’s no time limit or deadline. Red Tiger’s approach breaks from that tradition.

The 48 games it’s bringing to Michigan work on a timed jackpot. That means, according to Red Tiger, operators can configure the games to hit say, before 9 p.m. every day.

In theory, the timed jackpot builds excitement among players. That excitement could lead to more gameplay during the hours near the jackpot deadline.

Red Tiger notes that its games have two types of jackpots: minis that typically start at $100, and dailies that usually start at $1,000.

Red Tiger has a history of savvy game releases

One of Red Tiger’s hallmarks is capitalizing on excitement over seasonal holidays and cultural trends. For example, the company launched its game Tricks and Treats less than two weeks before Halloween.

In May 2022, it launched Big Cat Rescue, a game that leveraged the celebrity of Carole Baskin, the villainess in Netflix’s viral series “Tiger King.” And, in June 2021, it launched a slots game focused on Joe Exotic, the eccentric main character in “Tiger King.”

During the NFT boom of 2021, the company launched an NFT-themed slots game with CryptoPunks digital artwork.

Michigan online casinos launch part of Red Tiger’s growing influence

Red Tiger now has games live in Michigan, Connecticut, Ontario, and Quebec. Over the past two years, the company has struck deals with multiple operators around the world. Additionally, it’s announced a litany of new games.

Red Tiger will need to channel all its creativity and timeliness to succeed in the Michigan market. Some experts predict that it will be the largest online gambling market in the country. And that means intense competition from dozens of competitors.

However, if Red Tiger and its operators can find a space among Michigan online casinos, they stand to make considerable revenue from the state’s online gambling wave. For example, in October, Michigan online gambling brought in a record $141 million.

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