New Jersey Regulators Using Player Data To Find Problem Gambling Patterns

Written By Nicholaus Garcia on February 9, 2023
NJ online gambling operators and regulators focus on responsible gambling before Super Bowl

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) announced it would implement a new responsible gambling initiative ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. 

The initiative will identify and help problem gamblers by utilizing data already collected by New Jersey online gambling operators.

In a press release, the DGE said it would work with online operators by using technology to identify and work to address at-risk patrons. Operators will now analyze player data to determine whether a customer is showing signs of problem gambling behavior.

New Jersey Attorney General weighs in

In a statementNew Jersey Attorney General Platkin said it’s no coincidence the announcement comes ahead of Sunday’s game.

“Under the Murphy Administration, New Jersey has become a national leader in online casino games and sports wagering, and with that growth comes a responsibility to ensure that individuals at risk for compulsive gambling have access to the resources they need to get help.”

Platkin continued by saying Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days sports betting days every year.  “[The Super Bowl] serves as a reminder of how devastating gambling addiction can be. This new initiative will allow the DGE to work with the gaming industry to identify problematic patterns in player wagering behavior and intervene before they escalate.”

Using New Jersey online gambling player data in new ways

Under “terms and conditions” in user agreements, players consent to have their play monitored. New Jersey online gambling operators use and record this data for various reasons, including:

  • Prevent fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Theft
  • Cheating

Now that data will help uncover problem gambling patterns.

According to the DGE, specific parameters on what customer activities operators should look for have been set. The DGE also released the following warning signs operators should flag. 

  • Players whose gambling time increases from week to week
  • Bettors who repeatedly self-impose cool-off periods from gaming
  • Those who gamble until they have less than one dollar in their accounts
  • Players who regularly access the self-exclusion page on the operator’s website without ultimately executing an exclusion

“We are using data to identify at-risk players, alert them to their suspected disordered gambling, and inform them about available responsible gambling features in online platforms and corrective actions they can take,” said DGE Director David Rebuck

“This new approach will enable dedicated responsible gaming experts employed by the platforms and us to see the early warning signs and reach at-risk patrons before they find themselves in a financial catastrophe.”

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