Entain Foundation Takes Responsible Gambling Into The Metaverse With NFTs

Written By Brant James on July 6, 2022 - Last Updated on July 10, 2022
Highlights From Entain NFT Collection Shows Responsible Gambling

Entain Foundation has demonstrated a desire over the last few years to go where a responsible gambling message can be heard. Currently, that’s in the metaverse.

So Entain has gone with non-fungible tokens – or NFTs – as the new tool of its message. The digital art pieces could become a responsibility tool after evolving as a sort of currency in the decentralized online economy. And maybe, eventually, in more conventional online casinos.

Minted three weeks ago and put up for purchase on OpenSea 11 days ago, the nine Entain NFTs highlight markers of gambling concern:

  • Spend vs. Norm – “A player’s daily deposit amount should not be significantly larger than their “norm.” Norm should be compared to one’s depositing behavior over the past 3 months.”
  • Increased play over time – “A player’s daily time spent online is significantly higher than “normal.” A baseline for a players “normal can be determined by an aggregate of one’s online behavior over the past 3 months.”
  • Deposit days – “A player has had a relatively high amount of depositing days over the last 28 days compared to the population and one’s own behavior over the past 3 months.”
  • Failed deposits – “A player that has had a relatively high number of failed deposits, or any failed deposits, within the last 28 days compared to one’s own behavior over the past 3 months.”
  • Multiple payment methods – “A player that has a relatively high number or numerous payment methods linked to their account and utilizes all or most of them over the past 28 days.”
  • Use of credit cards – “A player that utilizes and funds their play with credit cards.”
  • Canceled withdrawals – “A player that has a high number of canceled withdrawals over the past 28 days.”
  • Late-night play – “A player that has spent a relatively long time and disproportionate time of their play during the night.”
  • Frequency of play – “A player who has spent a relatively high amount of time gambling online compared to the population and a disproportionate amount of time in one’s life.”


New Entain NFT collection a part of its Gamble Responsibly America awareness project

Said Martin Lycka, senior vice president of regulatory affairs and responsible gambling for Entain and a trustee at the Entain Foundation US:

“The goal of the project is to attract attention to RG matters and their importance in a way that is arguably more palatable in the modern world of social media and cutting edge technology.”

The 2D images and GIFs are housed under Entain’s Gamble Responsibly America banner and were created in collaboration with EnLightening Media.

The Gamble Responsibly America app is available for both Samsung and Apple products. According to the app’s description,

“Gamble Responsibly America allows you to assess your gambling behavior, provides advice on how to best protect yourself from gambling harm, and if required, links to seek further support.”

Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will benefit the Charles Oakley Foundation. The opening bid on each is 0.0415 ETH, which currently equates to $47.21.

Photo by Gamble Responsbly America
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