Cube Cube Review & Promo Code

Cube Cube Promo CodeCube Cube takes Tetris to the next level. It is a timed game, with points for placing pieces and erasing lines. There are two major differences with Cube Cube, though.

First, the pieces do not fall from the digital sky. Rather, they appear below the game board. This allows you to choose which of the three pieces you would like to use in which order.

However, you cannot get any more pieces until all three of the previous pieces are placed.

You can also destroy lines both horizontally and vertically. While you can stop the game by running out of room, you cannot lose by crossing the top threshold of the board. This is good to know because you can lose a lot of points if you try to avoid building your blocks too high.

To win a game of Cube Cube you need to accumulate more points than your opponent.

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How to Download Cube Cube App

How to Play Cube CubeCube Cube can be downloaded through both the Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems. The following are specifics on the different download parameters:

Android: Downloading Cube Cube on an Android system is not difficult. However, it is not quite like downloading other apps onto your device. The main reason is that instead of using the Google Play store, you will be visiting the Skillz website. This website should be accessed through the mobile device you plan to play the game on. When you access the mobile Skillz website, you will see plenty of different games and categories that catalog those games. The quickest way to access the Cube Cube game is to scroll down until you find the “most popular” category. Click on “See All” and scroll down the list until you find Cube Cube.

*This game can also be found in alphabetical order under the “All Games” category. *

  • Press the Blue “GET” button that is on the right of the game’s name and description.
  • From there, you will be prompted to install and download Cube Cube. This process is quick and easy, just unconventional compared to normal Android app downloads. Once the game is downloaded though, you can access the game just like any other application.

iPhone / iPad: There is a significant difference in downloading Cube Cube onto an iOS platform, rather than an android. Thankfully for iOS players, Cube Cube can download this game just like they would any other app. All you have to do is access visit the Skillz website and search for Cube Cube: Puzzle Game.

Cube Cube Promo Code

The promo code for Cube Cube is: TBA

If playing this awesome game against others, with the chance of winning Ticketz, Trophies, Z Points and CASH isn’t enough, here is a promo code that offers you even more incentive. Enter promo code TBA with your next deposit and receive a free $10 bonus!

To gear up with this extra green, click the green dollar amount in the top right corner. (For new players, this number will be $0.00.) This will take you to the deposit screen. Scroll down until you see the “Promo Code” button in blue. Click this button and enter the promo code: TBA. You will know the promo code worked immediately after this, as the button will now read: “$10 Promo Bonus Applied”.

Once the promo code has worked its magic, continue with the deposit and enjoy your reward.

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Cube Cube Tournaments

Cube Cube has many options when it comes to playing competitively, even without the use of real US currency. In addition to competing in a ‘Practice’ match between you and one other player, there are three tournament options: Bracket battles, head-to-head challenges, and events.

Brackets: There are six options for bracket battles. Each option lasts up to 24-hours. However, throughout that time, you will receive updates on your progress. If you win, you will be invited to partake in the next round. Once your place is secured, you will be informed that your status is “Pending Tournament Completion”. The entry fee and reward vary by the level bracket you choose. You can bet anywhere from $3 to $60, or Z 5 to play. Here is the breakdown of the bracket battles:

PrizeEntry Fee
Cube Battle$65+225 Ticketz + 65 Medals$3
Cube Coliseum$130+450 Ticketz + 130 Medals$6
Cube Royale$132+900 Ticketz + 130 Medals$12
Cube Brawl$170+2.25K Ticketz + 170 Medals$30
Cube Arena$180+4.5K Ticketz + 180 Medals$60
Cube ColiseumZ 108+1 Ticketz + 108 MedalsZ 5

Head to Head: The head-to-head tournaments for Cube Cube are…interesting. First, the tournament names are a little funky, as they are more esports-related and Cube Cube has nothing to do with sports. Second, not all the head-to-head tournaments are exactly head to head. Instead, there is a three-player option, which is called the Triple Stack. Plus, the head to head is a little expensive but nevertheless, it is a fun alternative to the bracket battles. Take a look at what the Cube Cube head-to-head tournaments have to offer:

PrizeEntry Fee
eSports for Everyone$1+50 Ticketz+1 Medal$0.60
Raise the Bar$5+250 Ticketz+5 Medals$3
Win Big$10+500 Ticketz +10 Medals$6
Go for Gold$20+1K Ticketz +20 Medals$12
Triple Stack$50+1.67K Ticketz +50 Medals$20
Ultimate$100+5K Ticketz +100 Medals$60
Heroic$200+10K Ticketz +200 Medals$120

Events: Cube Cube Events are a truly exclusive affair. Not only do they range in price, they only take place at specific times. You have plenty of time to prepare, but since the game is in real-time, it makes sense that there would be a big lead-up. There are different events that take place intermittently throughout the week but the main, reoccurring event on Cube Cube is the Mega Event. This event is a $10 buy-in and offers players a chance to win their share of $1,000, 750 Ticketz and 1K Medals.

Other features in the game

Cube Cube TournamentsThe ‘Practice’ portion of the Cube Cube game stands out because it is in a category all its own. Playing in the ‘Novice’ section of the Cube Cube game is fun because you get to figure out exactly how the game is played before betting your own money. This game is wagered by Z Points and while most Skillz games offer a practice, the one offered by Cube Cube is entertaining and fun for prolonged periods of time.

Earning and Redeeming Ticketz

Skillz games offer a long list of different games, to please a wide array of player preferences. The rewards from playing these games can turn into tangible items and even cash! One of the best ways to receive the wide selection of prizes is by earning Ticketz. Ticketz are earnable through playing games on the Skillz platform. The best part is that you don’t even need to deposit money to win Ticketz. If you are patient, you can win Ticketz through practice games which only require Z Points to play.

Z Points and Trophies

Z Points is the currency unique to the Skillz platform. Every two hours, you can earn a couple more Z Points for free and they can be used to play practice battles and tournaments. Z Points can also be won as a prize, which helps you gain more chances to hone your skills on your favorite games.

Trophies are won by achieving goals throughout the Skillz platform. Earning trophies often lead directly to prizes, such as Z Points and even cash! Check out all the trophies available for you to win on Cube Cube and other Skillz games today!

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