Jewel Blitz Review and Promo Code

Jewel Blitz LogoGet ready to be bedazzled by a true gem with Jewel Blitz, one of the most popular games at Skillz.

Jewel Blitz is an interesting combination of popular block-builder games and Tetris, which is still a classic. The concept of the game is easy to play, but winning the game is a good mental challenge.

When the game opens, the boxed area that takes up most of the screen is blank, save for many smaller, empty boxes. The bottom row has three jewels that are shaped reminiscent of Tetris.

When the game starts, you have two minutes to complete the rows but don’t touch the top.

If you make it longer than your opponent, you win.

This Jewel Blitz review covers how to play, how to download the apps and how to enter into Jewel Blitz tournaments for free or with real money.

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How to Download Jewel Blitz App

Jewel Blitz Skillz GamesYou can get access to Jewel Blitz on either an Android or iOS device. While downloading on an iOS device, Jewel Blitz is a lot like downloading any other app. However, there are a few more steps to downloading this game onto an Android device. Here are the different methods of downloading the app on both the Android and iOS systems.

Android: To download Jewel Blitz on an Android system, go to Skillz on the mobile device you wish to download it on. Scroll down until you see “most popular”. (There is also an “all games” option in the top right corner. However, this currently is the quickest way to access this game.)

  • Once you find the Jewel Blitz game, click the “GET” button on the right side of the screen. (It’s blue!)
  • Follow the prompts that come up on your screen. These prompts will lead you to download the game correctly on your Android Device. Once the game is downloaded, it will show up on your screen and become accessible like any other application.

iPhone / iPad: If you have an iOS device, this is a simple download. All you have to do is go to Skillz and search for Jewel Blitz: Block Puzzle. (Make sure to get the app that is created by EtherSportz, LLC. Once you find it, download this game as you normally would with any other app.

Jewel Blitz Promo Code

The promo code for Jewel Blitz is: TBA

Want to get $10 free to make the most out of this and other Skillz games? Use promo code TBA when you make your first deposit to get an additional $10 bonus!

To enter this promo code, go into the Jewel Blitz app. In the top-right corner of the app, there is an amount. (It’s green, for money!) Click that number and you will be brought to a deposit screen. You can choose your deposit amount here but for the promo code, direct your attention to the bottom. There is a button there that says, “PROMO CODE”. (It’s blue!) Click on it and enter the promo code: TBA

This code will give you an additional $10 on top of whatever you choose to deposit. This offer can only be claimed once. Yet, there are many different offerings from Skillz, so check back often.

List of Skillz Games for iPhone / Android

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Cube CubeTexas Hold’em SolitaireBlackout Blitz Bingo

Jewel Blitz Tournaments

Jewel Blitz gives you the option of playing two main tournament styles. There are the brackets and the head-to-head tournaments. Both offer an interesting twist, making the game even more competitive, fun, and possibly, lucrative.

Brackets: Brackets are played in rounds that are 24-hours long. There is an entry fee of $3, with each bracket having a prize pool of $65, 225 Z points, and 65 Medals. The goal is to reach the top of the bracket. Here is a breakdown of the real-money prizes that are awarded:

Top 4$5
Top 8$3.75
Top 18$1.50

Head to Head: Head-to-head tournaments are played between you and one other opponent. This is a fast-paced playstyle, which pins you against others that (hopefully) have the same skill level as you. The skill level is decided by the price of the entry fee. Here is what you can expect when signing up for your first head-to-head tournament:

Prize Entry Fee
Rookie Cash Rumble$1+50 Z points +1 Medal$1
Jewel Streak$3+150 Z points +3 Medals$3
Pro Cash Match$5+250 Z points +5 Medals$5
Jewel Streak$8+400 Z points +8 Medals$8
Elite Cash Match$10+500 Z points+10 Medals$10
Champion Cash Match$20+1K Z points+20 Medals$20
Jewel Streak$25+1.250 Z points +25 Medals$25
Conqueror$50+2.5K Z points+50 Medals$50

Other features in the game

Match codes are kind of like a scavenger hunt for players, as there are different codes all the time. Please note that match codes are not the same as promo codes. Match codes often allow players into games for free, but they are hard to find and change frequently. However, finding them can be half the fun and when you do, the reward can be much greater than a free game. Join the search and maybe you can find a way to enter a Jewel Blitz match for free today!

Earning and Redeeming Ticketz

Ticketz are earned through both real money games and the free to play, practice games. Even though it would take a while, since the Ticketz prices are high, it is possible to win your way into a prize through the free option. However, it is much easier (and likely more fulfilling) to play tournaments and other pay-to-play functions of Jewel Blitz.

Z Points and Trophies

Z Points are the secondary currency that all Skillz games accept in lieu of cash for certain portions of the game. For the most part, Z Points can be used to play practice sessions of Jewel Blitz and other games. This way, you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned green when you have no idea how to play the game. When you win during the practice rounds, you receive more Z Points.

Z Points can be accumulated from daily bonuses, winning practice rounds, watching ads (of course) and winning trophies.

Trophies are achievements that can be earned by accomplishing different tasks while playing different Skillz games. For instance, if you win a certain number of games in a row, you can add a new avatar, or play different features for the first time. Trophies help advance your Skillz level and can earn you more Z Points. These trophies are also displayed on your profile for others to see.

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