Pro Pool App Review & Promo Code

The game of pool, or billiards, as some people call it, is an interesting form of entertainment that has remained popular for well over 100 years. There are different variations of the iconic game, but Pro Pool offers an immersive experience that is easy to understand. The brilliance of the game environment draws you in and allows you to play with people from all over the world, no matter where you are.

Pro Pool is made by Coeus Creative, the same company that is known for its great graphics and engaging eSports. Coeus Creative has teamed up with the Skillz mobile platform to offer players an even more complete competitive experience with Pro Pool.

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How to Download Pro Pool App

Pro Pool is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Android: The app store for Android does not currently support real money online gaming applications. Therefore, Android users need to download the Pro Pool game through the Skillz website. Thankfully, that is not a difficult procedure. All you need to do is access the Skillz website via the mobile device you want to play on. Once on the website, scroll down to the section that is labeled “most popular”. Click on the “See All” option to the right. Pro Pool is down the list a bit, so scroll down until you find it.

  • Start the download.
  • When the game starts the process, it will ask you if you want to download the game. Afterward, the game will ask you if you want to install it. When the installation is finished, you will be asked whether you would like to open the application or if you are done. After making this final decision, Pro Pool will be available on your desktop, or wherever the default is for your new apps. Essentially, from here on out, Pro Pool will act like any other application on your device.

iPhone / iPad: iOS players have a much more conventional download process. All players with Apple mobile devices need to do is search for Pro Pool – Ultimate 8 Ball on Skillz. Once done, click the Apple logo which will take you to the download. You can download the app like any other and continue using it normally once it is downloaded.

Either way, the game does not take more than a minute to download, from start to finish.

Pro Pool Promo Code

The promo code for Pro Pool is: TBA

There are many first deposit promo codes out there for different platforms but Skillz has some awesome free-play options. For Pro Pool, if you enter the promo code TBA while making your first deposit, you will earn a $10 bonus!

All you need to do to redeem this bonus is go to the wallet, scroll down past the deposit amounts to where it says, “Enter Promo Code”. Follow the directions and then continue to make your first deposit. When all is said and done, you will have your deposited amount and an extra $10!

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How to Play Pro Pool

Pro Pool is an eSports game that gives you a player’s point of view when it comes to playing pool. This dynamic game is extremely realistic and has the right controls to put you in complete control of each of your shots.

The game starts as most pool games do, with a break. Either you or your opponent is chosen to break the triangle of balls. The first ball to land in a pocket decides whether you are stripes or solids. When it is your turn, you can choose any ball of your type (solids or stripes) to try to pocket. The only ball that you cannot hit is the 8 ball.

Pro Pool eSports

What makes this game so cool is that you can control where you put your pool stick, the angle that you hit the cue-ball and even the force behind your shot. There are lines that appear while you are setting up to explain where you are aiming. This information can be used to either hit a ball directly or shoot the cue ball off the wall to hit a ball. The most important things to remember is to not sink your cue ball, don’t hit the 8 ball (don’t prematurely sink the 8 ball) and don’t hit your opponent’s ball before you hit one of your balls.

Besides getting used to the controls and homing in your aiming, it is a normal game of pool. The player to sink all their balls and then the 8 ball wins. There is no numerical score. It is just who wins the game.

Pro Pool Tournaments

There are real-time matches and events available on Pro Pool, but the main attractions are the two tournament styles. Pro Pool has Bracket Matches and Head to Head Tournaments. The following charts detail the options for both tournament styles:

Brackets: Brackets are played between four and sixteen players. Each bracket is 24-hours long. So, by entering a bracket, you are potentially making a commitment beyond just the first game. Of course, you do have a few hours to play one match after each round you make it into. Therefore, there is no real immediacy. It is just nice to know before going into it that you might be summoned a few different times to play, especially if you do well. While there are not a lot of different options, there are plenty of bracket battles going on throughout the day to keep you busy:

Prize Entry Fee
Straight Pool Battle$17+225 Ticketz+17Medals$3
Straight Pool Coliseum$18+450 Ticketz+18 Medals$6
Straight Pool BracketZ 55+1 Ticketz + 55 MedalsZ 5

Head to Head: The head-to-head tournaments available at Pro Pool have an ocean of options, compared to the bracket games. Strangely, these games also have better prizes and are only between two players. That means that there is near-instant gratification for the winner. Here are the options available to you in the head-to-head category:

PrizeEntry Fee
CPU 8 Ball Rookie$1+50 Ticketz+ 1 Medal$0.60
Straight Pool Challenge$1+50 Ticketz+ 1 Medal$0.60
CPU 8 Ball Professional$5+250 Ticketz+ 5 Medals$3
Straight Pool Challenge$5+250 Ticketz+ 5 Medals$3
Straight Pool Challenge$10+500K Ticketz+ 10 Medals$6
Straight Pool Challenge$20+1K Ticketz+ 20 Medals$12
Straight Pool Challenge$50+2.5K Ticketz+ 50 Medals$30

Other features in the game

Real-Time Matches: This is a unique take on an otherwise commonplace Skillz feature. This portion of the game gives you the option to wager and play with other players in real-time using your Z Points or US currency. Normally, this would be labeled as a “Practice” round exclusively, but for Pro Pool, the practice round is played against a bot instead of another player.

Free Login Gift: This is a great feature for the Skillz platform. Each day you log into the Pro Pool game, you can go to the cashier section and claim a “free gift” of Ticketz to add to your collection. This is a great way to earn Ticketz, which can sometimes take forever to accumulate, and it also encourages players to come back each day and hone their pool playing skills.

CPU Games: In addition to playing real people, Pro Pool also gives you the opportunity to play against a computer or bot. This is not just for practice, however. The CPU games, which offer the chance to win real money, are played against a computer. Playing this way might be fairer, as playing with a computer should offer much more consistent, level-based gameplay.

Earning and Redeeming Ticketz

Ticketz are won through playing (and winning) games on the Skillz platform. However, they can also be earned, through trophies, free login gifts, and even playing practice games. After you earn enough Ticketz, you can visit the Skillz prize shop to collect on your bounty. At the Skillz prize shop, you can find everything from Skillz SWAG to phone cases and even cash!

Skillz Pro Pool Leaderboard

Z Points and Trophies

Z Points is the Skillz currency that can be won or earned throughout different Skillz games. Each game provides 25 free Z Points to get you started but you can earn and win more as you win more in the game. Z Points allow you to play the practice rounds and get your playing stride before facing off against a player when your own US currency is on the line.

Trophies are what the Skillz platform uses to acknowledge different accomplishments throughout different Skillz games. Trophies are incentives to try different aspects of the game and to strive to reach a threshold of a specific goal. When you win a Trophy, you also gain a reward. Sometimes, you receive Z Points or Ticketz but some Trophies yield actual cash that is deposited right into your Skillz mobile platform wallet.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Pro Pool and rack ‘em up today on your mobile device!

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