Acorn Pixie Slots Game

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Mixing picturesque scenery with a simple, delightful game, the slot game Acorn Pixie is a fun offering from Scientific Games and Bally. But how does this serene slot machine stack up to its competitors?

Deviating from the more common flashy gold and neon designs of other slot machines, Acorn Pixie relies on an earthy enchanted forest setting.

The background, symbols and bonus board have a smooth and almost hand-painted look to them. There are no generic card symbols on the reels, with each of the basic spaces featuring ladybugs, dragonflies, mushrooms and flowers. Four distinct pixies make up the high payout spaces.

Complementing the art design is a softer set of sound effects. Light flute and pipe music accompany the bells and whistles. For example, light fairy-inspired music plays as a few leaves gently fall onto the reels to signal the appearance of the cluster wild block.

Even the bonus round starts off with a softer music track that grows to match the player’s excitement as the board fills up with winning lines.

Matching the art and sound style, Acorn Pixe’s gameplay is fairly easy to understand and friendly for beginners. The machine features 5 reels but only 3 lines, for a total of 15 spaces for each spin.

There are 30 paylines, but the paylines are very generous and don’t require particularly specific patterns. As long as the symbols are consecutively appearing in the reels left-to-right, players should be in the money. Three matches are necessary for everything except the wild card space, which pays out when you land two.

Acorn Pixie Slot Game

A surprisingly nice inclusion in the base slot machine is the potential for the previously mentioned cluster wild space.

Occasionally, leaves will fall onto the board and morph a 2×2 set of spaces into wild spaces, effectively guaranteeing a few payouts on that spin. Acting as a mini-bonus, it spices up the core game.

How to Trigger the Bonus Game

Aside from the core gameplay, the free Acorn Pixie slot game also includes a bonus game. During any spin, special bonus spaces featuring a pixie standing in front of the enchanted tree can appear on the second, third or fourth reels.

Getting three bonus spaces, one on each of the middle reels, triggers the beginning of the bonus round.

The round doubles the number of rows, expanding the board into a tall 6 x 5 set with 50 paylines. Note that the payout scale does change to a smaller base. It’s multiplied based on the bet on the spin that triggered the round.

Triggering the bonus round through normal gameplay gives players seven free spins. The big twist is the titular acorns.

Free to Play Acorn Pixie Slot Game

In the first spin on the bonus game, the bottom space on the middle reel becomes a wild symbol. During each following spin, acorns can fall on spaces that are touching any existing wild symbol and turn them into wilds too.

With a little luck, the game board slowly blossoms out into mostly wild spaces connecting a few remaining active spots.

One unique aspect to the bonus round is that Acorn Pixie slot machine allows players to just buy a set of bonus games at any point in the game. Purchased rounds pay at the base pay scale.

Players can buy six rounds, eight rounds or twelve rounds for $20, $40 or $100. It’s worth noting that the return shifts noticeably, with a six-round game only offering a 92% RTP. Eight-round games offer a 94% RTP and twelve-round games have a 96% RTP.

While it’s very nice to have the option to simply buy a bonus round, especially for players that want to close out their session with a big finish, the fact that the game discourages the cheaper buy-ins so much is a little disheartening.

Our Final Thoughts

Bally’s Acorn Pixie online slot provides a nice gaming experience that’s perfect for a relaxing hour or a beginning player’s first few times, though there are some small flaws that start to show over time.

The generous paylines on the core game tend toward fairly frequent wins, but they’re often small. This is great for someone looking to stretch a small buy-in, but without a true jackpot to aim for the spins can start to drag with only the bonus game available to shake up the gameplay.

The bonus game itself is a really fun system that does raise the game up above a number of its competitors. Watching the wild spaces spread out over the board, sometimes culminating in 50 paylines triggering simultaneously, is a great experience.

The artwork and design are also top notch, but the small flaws of the rest of the game may leave players looking for a different machine.

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