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Coin-O-Mania Slot

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Coin-O-Mania Slot
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IGT has christened the pirate-themed slot they’ve launched as Coin-O-Mania. It features a pair of pirates who have a hunger for riches, something you doubtlessly share.

There are several ways you can win big in Coin-O-Mania, since it has two main bonus features. On any spin, you can potentially trigger wild mania to fill the reels with new multiplier wild symbols. During free games, you’re more likely to trigger wild mania and can retrigger up to 600 total spins. Try Coin-O-Mania for yourself and see what riches are waiting for you on this pirate journey.

What makes Coin-O-Mania slot great

Coin-O-Mania combines good visuals with some smart game design choices that make it worth your time.

  • Potent wilds: Individual wilds can have multipliers up to 20x, and special bonus features can create many new multiplier wilds.
  • Integrated bonus features: Free games and the wild mania minor feature tie together to create a better experience.
  • Colorful art: The game’s art and visuals make the most of the cartoony style with a vibrant color palette and creative designs.

How Coin-O-Mania slot could improve

A few key improvements could have made Coin-O-Mania truly great.

  • Greater variety: Coin-O-Mania only has two notable bonus features, the wild generation mechanic and free games.
  • More interconnected bonuses: Creating more of a positive feedback loop between the wild mania and free games would have made up for the lack of variety.
  • Improved quality of life features: Options such as turbo and more convenient bet selection would have made for considerably better gameplay.

Coin-O-Mania specs

RTP %0.96
Min / Max Bet$0.75 - $150
# of Pay Lines40
Max Payoutx1,147
Max Free Spins600
Bonus FeaturesWild generation, free spins, multiplier wild

Free and Real Money IGT Slots

How to play Coin-O-Mania slot online

This slot plays on 40 fixed pay-lines and uses bet up/bet down buttons for you to adjust the bet from $0.75 to $150. It’s a nice betting range, and besides a rudimentary autoplay feature, it’s your only major choice to make before playing. Theoretical RTP is fairly forgiving, with a 96% return that hits the industry standard.

If you run out of credit playing the free slots demo version of Coin-O-Mania on this page, refresh the page to refill your credit until you’re satisfied the game is worth your money. If you’d like to take the next step and play online slots for real money, try BetMGM or Golden Nugget Casino. These real money casinos offer new player sign up bonuses, so check the links below and make sure you get the offer codes.

Bonus and jackpots for Coin-O-Mania (Rating of 3/5)

Wild Mania might have made more sense as a name for the game than Coin-O-Mania, because it has a key bonus feature of the same name. After any spin, 1-5 coins can fall onto each reel and collect below the reels, and when they spell out “w-i-l-d-s” from left to right, you activate wild mania. Each coin that’s fallen becomes a new wild with a multiplier value up to 20x.

As a bonus, there’s also a chest symbol that can land on reel 3. This automatically triggers wild mania, and there are extra chests during free games.

Wild free games

Land three scatters on reels 2-4 to trigger 15 free games. While this wouldn’t be an impressive take on free games on its own, it gets a boost from two major factors. On the one hand, retriggering is basically unlimited, and if your luck holds, you can play up to 600 consecutive free games. Another perk is the extra chest symbols, which tie free spins back into the wild mania feature and provide extra possibilities for wins.

However, the connection is a bit basic, and the bonus features are still rather minimal in practice. Since the game allows 600 maximum free spins, it would have been much more interesting if wild mania boosted your chances of free games. This positive feedback loop would create some genuinely impressive free games that would make up for the lack of variety. The bonus features are a solid 3/5 as is, but they could have been better.

Coin-O-Mania graphics and visuals (Rating of 4/5)

The visuals on display here have a cartoony style that the game handles well, with plenty of color to make the most of it. A sea backdrop with vibrant clouds gives the game a warm feeling that works well with other elements of the art design. Exaggerated pirate portraits look like something out of an old Disney cartoon and help sell the fun, vibrant look of the game. Overall, Coin-O-Mania is an example of cartoon graphics done right.

Coin-O-Mania gameplay (Rating of 3/5)

The basic gameplay of Coin-O-Mania is solid, and the high number of pay-lines help make it clear when you’ve got a win. In terms of pacing, the reels feel a bit sluggish, and this is exacerbated by the fact there’s no turbo. Gameplay settings are lacking in general, as autoplay is quite basic and the interface isn’t as clear as many competitor slots. However, the 96% RTP is a definite bright spot that all players will appreciate.

Overall rating for Coin-O-Mania by IGT (Rating of 3/5)

While this slot has a fair amount going for it, it also has some noteworthy drawbacks that IGT should address if they ever make a sequel. The bonus features are reasonably novel, and boosting your chances of wild mania during free games is a good design decision. However, this interconnected game design should have gone further, and the slot should also have more options for the player. On balance, though, Coin-O-Mania offers a solid experience with good visuals and RTP and serviceable gameplay. We believe it deserves a 3/5 score, but you should try it for yourself and see what you think.

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