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Colour Cubes Slot Game

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Colour Cubes Slot Game
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Colour Cubes brings a unique, creative, and colorful look to your average slot machine. There are no reels or pay-lines in this IGT-made slot, but there are dozens of vibrant squares and shapes, cheery and upbeat music, pleasant sound effects, and a crisscrossed laser waiting to electrify the playing field.

While this game doesn’t contain any bonus games, a couple of special symbols do appear and become blessings waiting to happen. Colour Cubes looks confusing at first glance, but it’s actually a simple game to play.

What makes Colour Cubes slot great

This online slot boasts a few features that make it fun and unique. Some of Colour Cubes’ best traits include:

  • Creativity: Colour Cubes is a very creative slot machine. It doesn’t follow the formula of a traditional slot machine — it takes its own path. People who enjoy classic slots may consider this a downside, but those who appreciate new ideas may think differently.
  • Visuals: The visuals for this slot are simple, but they definitely hit the mark. Colour Cubes has plenty of color and cool animations.
  • Huge payout potential: The highest jackpot for this slot pays out 25,000x your initial bet.

How Colour Cubes slot could improve

A lot of features in Colour Cubes are positive, but the following could improve:

  • Complexity: This slot is very simple — just press go and watch the lasers do their thing. There are no added bonus games and not a lot to watch out for. What you see is it.
  • Player involvement: Players don’t get to do much in this game. All they have to do is press go, and they have the option to lower involvement even further with the autoplay button.

Colour Cubes specs

NameColour Cubes
Min/Max Bet$1.00 - $10
# of Pay-linesN/A
Max Payout25000
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus FeaturesStars, bombs

Free and Real Money IGT Slots

How to play Colour Cubes slot online

The free slots demo for Colour Cubes is available for play on this page if you want to play for fun or if you don’t want to use an online casino. Just press play and the game will ask you to set your bet (between one credit and 10) and begin. If you run out of credits, refresh the page, and you’ll be reset to the base amount.

You can play the real money slots version of IGT’s Colour Cubes if you make an account with one of the US online casinos offering it, such as Caesars Casino and Mohegan Sun. Each casino has benefits: Caesars Casino is home to more than 15 megaways slots, and regular players can take advantage of the Caesars Rewards program, which gives points that can be used in physical locations. Mohegan Sun has a Stellar Rewards program that gives players benefits based on how much they spend. Many online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses as a way to test slots prior to putting your own money in. If you decide to make a deposit, make sure to look at all of the casino bonus offers before signing up. You can find the latest promos at the links below.

Bonuses and jackpots for Colour Cubes (Rating of 2/5)

Colour Cubes doesn’t have any full bonus games — it has two special symbols. They’re both pretty common, and all you have to do to activate them is land on them. The bomb symbol destroys all the colored blocks around it and adds those colors to your score. The star is treated like an instant win and adds a random sum to your total.

This section could earn a better rating if either of the bonuses added more to the gameplay. Both are very small bonuses and don’t do much. This slot does earn some points, however, for its massive jackpot payout of 25,000x the initial bet.

Colour Cubes graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

The colors in this game are one of its greatest strengths. Everywhere you look in this slot, you can see the colors of the rainbow. The game field, the background, and even the scoreboard are filled with them. There’s also a lot of animation, such as lasers zapping the squares, bombs exploding, and squares lighting up and floating over to the scoreboard.

Colour Cubes gameplay (Rating of 2/5)

This slot game suffers from the same gameplay downside that other slots do: There’s not a lot for the player to do. Once you click start, you’re just left watching until the machine’s done. Some slot machines have a bit of variation once you activate bonus features, but Colour Cubes doesn’t. It does have the benefit of being very clear about your wins, though.

Overall rating for Colour Cubes by IGT (Rating of 3/5)

This colorful game is a unique take on slots, and it does well with what it’s meant to be. However, Colour Cubes is lacking when it comes to bonuses and gameplay. Its strongest feature, the artwork, isn’t enough to save it from an average score. IGT could increase this slot’s rating from a 3/5 if it added game-changing bonus features to the game or found a way to involve the player more.

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