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Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Slot

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Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot Slot
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Man the catapult and bombard the dragon’s castle in Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot by IGT slots. This nontraditional online slot machine features a unique method of gameplay in which players choose a height to shoot their catapult at and reveal hidden treasures collected by the dragon.

Each shot you take can either reveal coins and gems for your own collection or the dragon itself. If you reveal the dragon, you can choose one of three instant prizes, which include cash or collectibles.

What makes Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot slot great

Some of the most notable strengths of Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot are:

  • Unique gameplay: This slot machine doesn’t fall prey to the usual gameplay formula of online slot machines. Players are a lot more involved and aren’t just spinning reels.
  • Graphics: Due to the unique gameplay, Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot is filled with cute and interesting animations.
  • Gigantic payout potential: Finishing your collection of red gems earns you 25,000x your entry cost.

How Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot slot could improve

The unique gameplay isn’t enough to distract completely from this slot’s flaws. Its biggest drawbacks include:

  • Bonus features: There’s only one bonus feature in this slot, and it’s very simple.
  • Low RTP: The RTP% for Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot is only 93%, which is significantly lower than average.

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot specs

NameMedieval Money Dragon's Loot
Min/Max Bet$1.00 - $10
# of PaylinesN/A
Max Payout25,000x
Max Free SpinsN/A
Bonus FeaturesInstant win

Free and Real Money IGT Slots

How to play Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot slot online

There are two ways to play this slot online: free and paid. The free casino slots demo of the game is available on this page, and you get 1,000 credits to play with. Running out doesn’t matter, though, since you can refill the credits by refreshing the page. The paid version is available at reputable real money online casinos, such as FanDuel Casino and Caesars Casino. If you opt to play the paid slots version, you can reap benefits from the casino you choose. For example, Caesars has its own collection of exclusive slots, live dealers in most markets, and a reward point system that can be used both online and in person. FanDuel offers weekly cash promos and allows members to cross over into the sportsbook using a shared wallet.

Regardless of which version you choose, how you play is the same. Choose an entry cost between $1.00 and $10, and you’ll be given seven shots. For each shot, you can either use the auto shoot function or select an elevation level yourself. Your shot will hit the castle and reveal several collectibles, ranging from bronze coins to sculpted rubies. Completing a collection of one of those collectibles or finding an instant win results in a reward, and anything else is counted as a loss.

Bonus and jackpot for Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot (Rating of 2/5)

The weakest category for this slot is absolutely the bonuses. There’s only one, and it’s extremely simple. If you find the dragon in the castle, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose one of its bags of loot. Choose one and reveal the reward inside, which might be additional collectibles, instant cash, or a combination of the two.

The only savior for this category is the jackpot. Collecting six rubies in seven shots earns you the highest possible payout, which, depending on your bet, is between 15,000x and 25,000x your chosen entry cost.

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot’s graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

The unique gameplay of Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot requires animation and well-thought-out visuals to go with it. The aesthetics of this slot aren’t the sharpest or the most realistic looking, but they have an adorable and thematically fitting artistic style that only adds to the experience. There’s plenty of animation to go with the visuals, such as your soldier drawing back the catapult, idle movement from birds flying in the background, stones crashing through the mighty walls of the keep, and the dragon’s eyes fluttering as it threatens to wake up while you loot.

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot’s gameplay (Rating of 5/5)

The best way for a slot to earn a high rating in this category is to develop innovative, accessible, and functional gameplay. Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot holds up well for all of those criteria. The style of play is vastly different from most online slot machines, there’s an autoplay function and easily highlighted and trackable wins, and the gameplay feels great.

Overall rating for Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot by IGT (Rating of 4.0/5)

Medieval Money Dragon’s Loot by IGT is a creative and aesthetically pleasing slot machine. It has nearly perfect gameplay and visuals, but its success in those areas is marred by the disappointment of its bonus. We give this slot a rating of 4.0/5, which could easily be adjusted by added bonus features, such as free plays or something game-changing.

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