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Archangels: Salvation

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Archangels: Salvation
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An archangel fights with demonic forces for victory in the spiritual realm on NetEnt’s offering, Archangels: Salvation. The visual representation of the battle over the supernatural is spectacular to behold in this 6×12, 100 pay-line colossal reels slot, which features beautiful graphics, battles with random and stacked wilds, and mega symbols. Watch as lightning meets fire, weapons clash, and Heaven takes on Hell in the fight for victory, glory, and rich rewards.

What makes Archangels: Salvation slot great

Archangels: Salvation is a visually stunning game with the following features that make it loads of fun to play:

  • Incredible graphics: Both main characters have beautiful, artistic graphics.
  • Mega symbols: Both primary symbols cover the full length of the reel.
  • Battle feature: Wilds shoot up and down the reel set during the Heaven and Hell features.

How Archangels: Salvation slot could improve

While Archangels: Salvation is near perfection when it comes to slots, there are a few ways it could be even better:

  • Combined mega symbol wins: The two mega symbols often block wins from each other.
  • Multipliers: A free spins multiplier would make the bonus round even more exciting.
  • Gender reversal: It would be less stereotypical to see a male archangel and female demon.

Archangels: Salvation specs

NameArchangels Salvation
RTP %0.9608
Min / Max Bet$0.40 to $200
# of Pay-lines100
Max Payout375x
Max Free Spins25
Bonus FeaturesFree spins, colossal reels, stacked wilds, random wilds, mega symbols

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How to play Archangels: Salvation slot online

Join in the fight against evil by playing the free slots demo of Archangels: Salvation we have available on this page. First, select your coin value from a range of $0.01 to $0.50 for 100 pay-lines. Next, choose a bet level from one to 10, and then press the arrow button to start battling the powers of darkness. You can bet as fearlessly as you dare since you can always reload the page to see your free credits restored to their initial value.

For real money slots, look for Archangels: Salvation at an online casino, such as Stars Casino or BetMGM Casino. Create an account at either site to take advantage of their free-credit promotions for new members. For the latest online casino bonuses, check the list below. Most regulated casinos in the US offer deposit bonuses for new players.

Bonus and jackpots for Archangels: Salvation (Rating of 4/5)

Archangels: Salvation uses wilds as ammunition in exciting battles.

Mega wilds

The wild appears as a two-by-two mega symbol during both the main game and free spins. When the mega symbol lands in the upper or lower hot spot anytime during the game, it triggers the Heaven feature or Hell feature, respectively.

Heaven feature

The Heaven feature is an attack of stacked wilds by the hosts of heaven, indicated by the wild symbol being charged up with blue lightning. A stack of wilds is shot down from above for each position the mega wild takes in the upper hot spot. If one or more stacked wilds lands in Heaven’s domain, the Heaven feature is retriggered. If one of the stacked wilds lands in the lower hot spot, it simultaneously triggers the Hell feature.

Hell feature

The Hell feature is an attack of random single wilds by the forces of darkness from the lower fire-ringed area. Whether triggered by two or more positions of the mega wild, an attack from the Heaven feature, or from its own wild attack, four random single wilds are launched up to the reel set per wild position that lands in the lower hot spot, for up to 16 wilds.

A skirmish can continue back and forth, with each side landing a wild in the other’s territory, repeatedly provoking retaliatory strikes.

Free spins

The scatter is a two-position “S” logo that triggers free spins whenever three or more appear partially or fully at the following rates:

  • Three logos: 10
  • Four logos: 15
  • Five logos: 20
  • Six logos: 25

The Heaven and Hell features are innovative, thrilling, and engaging; they really add to the gameplay of both the main game and free spins.

Archangels: Salvation graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

The two main characters of Archangels: Salvation, the archangel and demon, are amazing animated graphics produced with such incredible detail and artistry that they look more like classical paintings than slot machine figures. Not only do you have these two works of art watching over the main game, but the slot displays a whole new graphic when it goes to the free spins that is equally stunning.

Both characters appear as mega symbols on the reel set, which is transparent over the impeccably designed background. The reels fall from a lightning-framed hot spot above down to the flame-engulfed area below, each symbolizing heaven and hell. The graphics and visuals on this slot are absolutely incredible and some of the best found on any slot currently. The graphics alone make this game captivating.

Archangels: Salvation gameplay (Rating of 4.5/5)

Archangels: Salvation is fairly easy to follow without having to look up the game rules. Once you’ve been in a battle, you can understand how the features work. That being said, it is so much fun when the battle goes back and forth, continuously retriggering the Heaven and Hell features. The graphics, music, and features make the gameplay on this slot top-notch.

Overall rating for Archangels: Salvation by NetEnt (Rating of 4.5/5)

Archangels: Salvation is too beautiful to miss out on, with its sensational graphics, incredible soundtrack, and exciting gameplay and features. The one drawback is how the primary mega symbols seem to block wins with other symbols more often than contribute to them, especially with two of them. However, they’re a sight to behold when they line up for big wins. For top-quality graphics and design, we give Archangels: Salvation an overall rating of 4.5/5.


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