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Cash Noire Slot Machine

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Cash Noire Slot Machine
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Cash Noire by NetEnt blends a traditional slot machine with an edgy murder mystery. The game is filled with fantastic background and reel animations, stunningly detailed images and graphics, and brilliant sound effects.

As you play the slot, voice-overs tell you the story behind your character, a classic gruff detective who’s looking to catch his white whale, the Pit Viper. Cash Noire has five reels, four rows, and more than a thousand ways to win.

What makes Cash Noire slot great

Cash Noire has plenty of unique features that make the slot an amazing experience. Some of its best include:

  • An overarching story: Cash Noire treats its players to a whole experience, including story, voice-overs, and an exciting final confrontation.
  • Over 1,000 ways to win: This slot doesn’t use traditional pay-lines. As long as you can match at least three symbols from left to right, you’ve won. With five reels and four rows, there’s a total of 1,024 lines.
  • Plenty of bonuses: Cash Noire features three bonuses that are independent of each other but still work together.

How Cash Noire slot could improve

You won’t find many drawbacks on this game, but there is one glaring issue with it:

  • Notifications: While playing the game, you’ll notice a repeated notification in the middle of your screen saying, “You’re playing for fun.” This may be a subtle way to address and respond to gambling addiction, which is absolutely a plus. However, the message appears too often for casual players and must be manually removed, ruining the immersion Cash Noire builds.

Cash Noire specs

NameCash Noire
VolatilityLow to medium
Min/Max Bet$0.20 - $200
# of Pay-lines1024
Max Payout40,960x
Max Free Spins17
Bonus FeaturesAvalanche, mystery symbol, free spins

Free and Real Money NetEnt Slots

How to play Cash Noire slot online

If you want to play Cash Noire online, there are two ways. The first is the free slot machines version available on this page. All you have to do is set your bet level and spin. Bets can range from $0.20 to $200, and you’re given $5,000 to start. If you lose it, you can refresh the page and earn another $5,000 to use.

The paid version of this game is available on DraftKings’ and Stars Casino’s websites. All you have to do is make an account, deposit some money, and find the game. If you want to test it, many casinos offer no-deposit codes to get you started.

Before making a decision regarding which real money casino you’ll use, you should be aware of the benefits each offers. DraftKings Casino has fewer slots online, but it’s home to a lot of exclusives. It also has weekly cash promos and a wallet shared between its slots and sportsbook. Stars offers free spins and cash rewards for returning players, slot races with million-dollar prize pools, and jackpot drop slots. Before signing up at any online casino, check the most recent casino bonuses. Also check the bonus offers below to see which one is the best.

Bonuses and jackpots for Cash Noire (Rating of 5/5)

To understand the bonus features for Cash Noire, you must first understand the Crime Zone. The Crime Zone is a field of three red spaces that increases in size every time there’s a winning combination at least partially inside it (up to a maximum of five).


Every time you win, the combination is removed from the reel and replaced with new symbols, giving you the ability to win an unlimited number of times with one spin.

Mystery symbol

There can only be one mystery symbol on the reels at a time, and it activates once there are no winning combinations left. The symbol turns into a random existing symbol, giving you a second chance to win. If the mystery symbol is inside the Crime Zone when it activates, it fills the entire zone with the same symbol.

Free spin game

Using 13 symbols in the Crime Zone in one spin triggers this feature. You’re given six free plays and the chase is activated. During the free plays, the Crime Zone is always five spaces, and it moves around. For every winning symbol in the zone, your car in the chase moves down the track, netting you multipliers and additional free spins. At the end of the track, you earn a maximum multiplier of 10x, and you’ll be given the final additional plays for a total of 17.

Cash Noire graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

You’ll notice Cash Noire’s exemplary visuals even as the slot loads for the first time. You’re treated to the image of a woman’s silhouette, revealed by a blinding light. The loading screen also features crime scene photos, a hint at what’s to come.

Once you’re in the game, you can see plenty of creative symbols and amazing animations, including a slashing movement to remove the winning combinations for the Avalanche feature, idle animations in the background, and glowing red energy surrounding the Crime Zone.

Cash Noire gameplay (Rating of 4/5)

Cash Noire’s gameplay isn’t very involved for the player, but it makes up for that with a gripping story. As you play, you’ll uncover more information about the mystery your character is faced with. The slot earns bonus points for clear victories and rapid play options, but it does lose some for its intrusive notification.

Overall rating for Cash Noire by Netent (Rating of 4.5/5)

Cash Noire ranks just shy of a perfect rating with a 4.5/5. There’s plenty to rave about with this slot, including a new twist on gameplay, helpful and fun bonus games, and sharp visuals. The only way to improve would be to decrease the number of notifications and remove the need to manually close them.

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