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Ancient Thunder Slot Game

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Play Spin Games Ancient Thunder Slot Machine Online for Free or Real Money
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All-powerful gods of thunder, earthquakes, the sun, and more fill the stories of Greek mythology. In this Keno-style slot machine by Spin Games, you can choose your spots and hope for hits while being blessed with various bonuses by the gods themselves.

Ancient Thunder features 80 spots, 10 of which you can choose to be your winning places. During play, you can expect decent graphics, creative and well-made animations for the bonus games, and music that’s pleasant to hear without being intrusive.

What makes Ancient Thunder slot great

Players don’t simply click and hope — Ancient Thunder has a lot of aspects to it that improve the player’s experience and involvement. Here are some of the best features in Spin Games’ Ancient Thunder:

  • Multiple bonus features: There are four bonus features players can activate by filling out the images of Zeus, Poseidon, Helios, and Athena. These features include free spins, a mega jackpot wheel, and bonus draws.
  • Multipliers: With every draw, there’s a chance you’ll hit the multiplier coin. This multiplies all of your winnings for that turn by two.
  • Massive payout potential: During Zeus’s wheel minigame, there is a chance to win a jackpot totaling 20,000x your initial bet.

How Ancient Thunder slot could improve

While Ancient Thunder does a lot right, there are a couple of areas where it could improve. Some of these features include:

  • Graphics: The game’s graphics are very uniform. They aren’t bad and they fit the Olympic theme, but it can be hard for players to stare into all of the gray the game uses.
  • Speed: The game has a speed option for players who don’t want to watch every tile be chosen. There are some bonus games, however, that are unskippable and take a long time, slowing the game down a lot.

Ancient Thunder specs

NameAncient Thunder
SoftwareSpin Games
Min/Max Bet$0.01 - $40
# of Pay-linesN/A
Max Payout20,000x
Max Free SpinsLimitless
Bonus FeaturesZeus's Wheel, Free Spins, Extra Draws, Extra Draw Increase
ThemeGreek mythology

How to play Ancient Thunder slot online

If you want to play the free casino slots version of Ancient Thunder online before committing to the paid version, you can try it on our website. Set your denomination and bet using the control panel. Then, choose anywhere from three to 10 spots, and begin playing. You can bet between 0.01 and 40 credits each time, and if you run out, you can refresh the page to get more.

The paid online casino slot version of Ancient Thunder is just as easy to play — visit a legitimate online casino that has the game, make an account, deposit some funds, and begin playing. Many casinos offer bonuses to let you try the paid version before putting your own money into it. You can even find no-deposit bonus codes that get you free money to play with. Try any of the real money online casinos below:

Bonus and jackpots for Ancient Thunder (Rating of 4/5)

Ancient Thunder has four bonus features that can be activated pretty easily by filling the images of the gods on the left side. These features include:

  • Zeus’s bonus wheel: Hitting five Zeuses fills his image and activates his wheel. The wheel offers many bonuses that go up to 20,000x the initial bet. You can spin the wheel once and then decide if you want to keep that prize or spin again for a new one. After that second spin, however, you’re stuck with whatever you land on.
  • Poseidon’s free spins: Landing on four Poseidons nets you between 10 and 14 free plays, depending on how many spots you had selected from your initial bet. During these free plays, any of the bonus features can be activated, including a retrigger of Poseidon’s spins.
  • Athena’s extra draw increase: To activate the Athena extra draw bonus, you need to hit two Athena tiles. This increases the extra draw counter by one, capping at 20.
  • Helios’s extra draws: Landing on three Helioses activates your free draws. The game chooses additional spaces (on top of the 35 it starts with) based on the free draw counter. The only area this bonus feature could improve on is its speed — it chooses each space individually, so it can take a long time.

Ancient Thunder graphics and visuals (Rating of 3/5)

Ancient Thunder’s graphics are pretty basic — there’s nothing really special about them, but they aren’t bad. There’s a lot of gray in the game, so it may be hard to look at after a while.

Its animations, however, really improve the game’s rating in this section. For each of the bonus features, unique and well-made animations add to the experience, making you feel like you’ve achieved something great when you activate them.

Ancient Thunder gameplay (Rating of 5/5)

The way Ancient Thunder is designed makes it much more involved than a traditional slot. You’re not just clicking spin every couple of seconds and seeing where it lands; you’re choosing 10 spots, pressing play, and watching as spots are selected by the game. The slot is very clear about where you win and how.

Overall rating for Ancient Thunder by Spin Games (Rating of 4/5)

Ancient Thunder’s gameplay and animations are its strongest features. Its speed and graphics are a little lacking, but not enough to keep the machine from getting a high score. We give this slot a 4/5 rating, with the ability to go up if its graphics were improved and the ability to skip bonus feature animations was added.

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