Wishwood Online Slot

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Wishwood Online Slot
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Wishwood Slot Review

Poa the Wisp is ready to lead players on a magical journey into the depths of an enchanted forest. The Wishwood Tree deep inside holds many magical bonuses for players lucky enough to find them. IGT’s wisp and pixie themed slot machine is a beautifully detailed and well-animated game that has a ton of bonus features to keep things interesting.

With 3 separate bonus games and 3 special features for the main reels, there are plenty of surprises waiting on every spin.

Relying on luck and magic can be a little tiring though, and players may find that some of the wonder just fizzles.

The Wishwood slot game is a really, lovely game that clearly had a lot of effort put into its visual design. The background of the massive Wishwood Tree and the wisp-filled forest is pretty without being distracting.

Graphics & Sounds

There are also plenty of great animations, with creeping vines, fast-flying wisps and a 3D Poa standing in the bottom left corner of the screen watching the reels.

The text and symbols have a deep 3D-design that’s easy on the eyes.  The owl, squirrel and butterfly look like painted wood cutouts, and the wisp hat, bonus symbol and wild symbol are pretty tiles.

It’s sad that half of the symbols are just “A, Q, K, J and 10” card symbols, but the game does use a cute, quirky font to make them blend in with the game.

The sound design is strangely disappointing. Wishwood uses circus-themed background music that’s fun and light. It goes well with the theme of a pleasant, fantasy adventure in the woods.

The problem comes with the sound effects though. The bird cries that kick in during idle periods are piercing and jarring, which is at least good motivation to keep the spins going.

During regular spins, the sound effect for the orbs sprouting and failing to trigger the bonus game is similarly an annoying ripping noise followed by Poa making a few muffled animal sounds.

It’s a minor but annoying problem given how often the Wishwood orbs almost trigger and fail.

Wishwood: Core Gameplay

Wishwood uses 5 reels and 4 rows to make a large board with only 20 paylines. Players are required to bet on all 20 paylines for every spin, but there is no additional feature bet.

Wild symbols can appear on all five reels and they can stand in for any symbol that’s not the bonus symbol. In this game, the wilds are also the jackpot. Getting 5 wilds on a payline nets the player 10,000x their line bet.

There are a few little twists that can occur on a normal spin. The big one for the game is the Mystery Picker feature. During a spin, the Wishwood will occasionally open up one of its orbs at the top of the screen.

When this happens, there’s a chance that it will spawn 3 wisps and trigger the Mystery Picker feature at the end of the spin.

Players get to choose one of the 3 wisps to reveal a special prize. One wisp hides a straight path to the bonus round, one hides the Wispy Wilds feature and the last hides the Magic Multipliers feature.

Wishwood Slots

Wispy Wild Bonus Feature

Getting the Wispy Wilds feature triggers wisps to fly out and turn up to 4 spaces into wild symbols for that spin.

Given the high value of wilds, this can potentially be a huge payout, but it’s also possible to get really unlucky with positioning and still lose.

Magic Multipliers Bonus Feature

The Magic Multipliers feature places 3 or 4 multipliers between the reels on random rows. The multipliers can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x multipliers and lucky players who trigger a payline that crosses them will get a multiplied payout.

Mystery Picker Game

The last twist in the main game isn’t tied to the Mystery Picker game. On any spin with winning paylines, there’s a chance that the Wishwood will send out its vines and start the Tangled Symbols feature.

This locks up the winning symbols and respins all of the remaining unlocked symbols, and the respins use richer reels for a little better shot at winning big.

If the respins trigger a new win, then the new winning symbols also locked into place and the remaining reels spin again. This goes on until the respin doesn’t trigger a new win.

Note that only new wins payout on the respins, but adding onto a lock set counts as a new win. This is another feature that can be hit-or-miss, but getting a few wilds locked into place can set up the reels for a high paying set of 5.

If you are super lucky, you might manage to cover most of the game with the same winning symbol.

The Bonus Climb Game

The main bonus game in Wishwood starts with the Bonus Climb game. This event can trigger through two different methods.

As mentioned above, players who hit the Mystery Picker bonus can potentially trigger the Bonus Climb just by picking it from the set of 3.

Players can also trigger it by getting bonus symbols in reels 1, 3 and 5 during a normal spin. Note that occasionally, Poa will kick the reels if players get just 2 bonus symbols, and this can trigger the bonus game by knocking a bonus symbol into place.

The Bonus Climb itself is a simple spinner game. Players start at the bottom of the Wishwood and have to try to get as high up the tree as they can. The space that Poa makes it to determines which bonus game triggers.

There are 4 different zones across the 11 different branches. There are wedges on the spinner that move Poa up 1, 2 or 3 branches, as well as a wedge that automatically moves Poa to the start of the next zone.

Hitting the checkmark wedge ends the game and triggers the award for the branch where Poa is already sitting.

Not making it past branch 2 is basically a loss, although players still get to win 10x their total bet.

  • Branches 3-6 reward the player with the Amber Wilds game.
  • Making it between 7 and 10 triggers the Enchanted Wilds game.
  • Getting to the 11th branch automatically ends the climbing game and starts the Top of the Tree game.

The Amber Wilds bonus game is a fixed set of 7 free spins with modified wilds. When a wild symbol appears on the reels during a free spin, it locks into place with amber until it is used in a winning payline. Lucky players can load up the reels with wilds and get a big win, but obviously a lot of small wins are more likely.

Once the 7 spins are used, the game ends. There’s no way to get additional free spins within the game.

The Enchanted Wilds game is an interesting twist on the main game. Players start with 5 free spins. During these free spins, special wisp symbols may appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Each wisp that appears fills up the counter on the left side of the screen. Players who get 3 wisps will turn the owl symbol into a special wild owl for the rest of the round, and they’ll get another 5 free spins.

Players can convert the squirrel and the butterfly symbols into wilds too by getting a total of 6 and 9 wisps. Converting each of these also adds another 5 free spins.

The game maxes out at 12 wisps and a final set of 5 free spins, leaving the maximum number of free spins at 25. Clearly, this one takes some luck, but there’s a lot of potential for some very wild reels.

The Top of the Tree bonus game is actually very simple in comparison. Players pick a box out of a set of 6 to determine whether their special symbol for the game is the owl, squirrel or butterfly.

Once that’s decided, the game starts a set of 8 free spins. Anytime the special symbol appears on the reels, it expands to fill the entire reel vertically.

If more than one appears, then both expand vertically to fill their reels and also close the horizontal gap between them and fill it entirely with that symbol for a potentially huge payout.

Although players should note that the payouts for wilds and symbols are all halved in this bonus game. There’s no way to get any more free spins, so hopefully the 8 are very lucky.

The Wisps’ Magic

The Wishwood slot game from IGT is a fairly fun and relaxing game that’s easy enough to recommend. The design is nice and the game is perfect for a lot of slow, relaxing spins.

There are dry spells, but the fairly low bet and nice look keep things relaxed. That said, getting a long dry spell and an unlucky run in a bonus feature or game can be a little frustrating.

Since bonus games and features can sometimes be very spread out, it’s unfortunate that a little bad luck can leave the player with a disappointingly small payout. That is the nature of magic though.

Players looking for an easy going game with the potential for some nice surprises should be happy.

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