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Elvis the King Lives Slot Machine

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Elvis the King Lives Slot Machine
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Viva Las Vegas! WMS uses the music of Elvis Presley to bring a little more action to their exciting slots in Elvis: The King Lives. Fans of the King of Rock and Roll will love the classic sights and sounds, and there should be enough fun features to keep everyone else happy.

Featuring an unconventional layout and a generous bonus feature, there’s a lot to love. While the game can be a little intimidating at first, players who give it a shot should find their toes tapping and their coins jingling.

Elvis: The King Lives Overview

It’s unfortunate that the first impression of Elvis The King slot machine is a little rough. The graphics are starting to show their age, and players used to crisp lines and higher detail are going to be a little disappointed.

Adding to that, while the background is competent the backdrop of Las Vegas is a little bland. Making the control panel a jukebox set off to the left of the reel is a nice touch though. The layout of the reels takes a little time to get comfortable with, and players may find it a little hard to track what’s going on during the basic game.

Having to look back-and-forth between the reels and the jukebox to see the winnings add up is a little annoying.

The game does a little better job with the symbols. While the bottom 4 are the generic card symbols “A, K, Q and J”, the rest are all inspired by Elvis’ music.

There’s a pair of blue suede shoes, a teddy bear, a hound dog, a guitar and 5 images of Elvis himself. The game really steps it up when it comes to the little details though.

Players getting a big win are treated to “Viva Las Vegas” and a picture of a singing Elvis along with little golden records flying onto the screen instead of the usual coins.

Triggering the bonus feature adds a few dancing Elvis animations to the board, and there’s an entire jukebox-inspired bonus wheel.

Unsurprisingly, the sound design is where it really all comes together. There’s a nice mix of crowd noise and cheering during the basic game as a soft version of the chorus of “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” plays. It is slightly annoying that some of the game’s sound effects tend to reset the song though.

Aside from “Viva Las Vegas” playing on big wins, lucky players who make it to the bonus round can be treated to “Hound Dog“, “Big Hunk O’ Love“, “Teddy Bear” and “Blue Suede Shoes.”

There are also some fun sound bites from Elvis and Elvis impersonators that can play for the bonus feature, including “Elvis has left the bonus.” All of these little effects work together to create a great experience.

The Core Game

The gameplay in The King Lives online slots game can be a little intimidating for players used to the classic 5-reel setup. Technically, this is an 11-reel game with 80 potential paylines. The layout of the board is two separate 2×2 boxes on the left side that officially make up reels 1-8. Reels 9, 10 and 11 on the right side are six rows tall.

Players can choose to play fewer playlines on a spin, with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 open as valid choices. There are wild symbols available that can fill in for any symbol except the bonus feature, and they tend to come in as nice tall stacks to set up the occasional big win.

The base gameplay is really fun once the layout starts to make a little sense, although note that it tends to be built around some long losing streaks that get broken up by a good win. Effectively, the first two reels in the game are only 4 spaces high. This makes it a little harder to get a winning payline going.

A payline that makes it out to the third reel will generally trigger across several paylines though, thanks to the clustering effect where the reels join. The payouts per line aren’t too bad either. While the card symbols don’t pay much, just getting 4 of the guitars is enough to get a profit and the sets of 3 can add up quickly.

However, there isn’t much of a traditional jackpot. While loading up the reels with Elvis symbols can pay out a lot, the biggest payout is tied into the bonus feature.

The Bonus Feature

Players lucky enough to trigger the bonus round will find that it has a surprising amount of ways to stack up some nice winnings. There are a few different ways to trigger the bonus feature. During the main game, special feature symbols can appear on the 9th, 10th and 11th reels.

These are the three tall ones in the 3×6 grid. Getting three feature symbols anywhere on paylines in play will trigger a scatter win, start the bonus round and pay out 5 free spins and 1x the total bet. Players can also trigger the bonus round by filling either of the two 2×2 grids with the same symbol in one spin.

This is also worth 5 free spins and 1x the total bet on the spin. Very lucky players who manage to fill one grid and get three feature symbols in the same spin will trigger a jackpot bonus. This awards the player 20 free spins and 100x their total bet.

There are a few more tricks up the King’s sleeve though.

Before any free spins start, players get to go to the Jukebox Feature. This special bonus wheel is loaded with cash prize spaces and spaces for 4 Elvis songs: “Big Hunk O’ Love“, “Blue Suede Shoes“, “Teddy Bear” and “Hound Dog.”

Players get a quick spin on the wheel for a chance to earn extra money or free spins. The cash prizes can be 1x, 2x or 5x the total bet that triggered the round. “Big Hunk O’ Love” is worth 8x the total bet. “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Teddy Bear” both are worth 5 extra free spins and 12x the total bet. “Hound Dog” is the big prize worth 10 extra free spins and 25x the total bet.

Once players move on to the free spins, there’s one last surprise feature. The 2×2 grids switch to having large 2×2 symbols. While these don’t guarantee a win, it makes payouts a lot more frequent by guaranteeing that there’s always a matching pair of symbols in the first two reels of all of the lines.

This also means that getting a wild in the third reel is always worth several payouts. If the bonus round was triggered by getting a 2×2 grid of matching symbols, then that grid will stay locked as that 4-space symbol. It is possible to earn another 5 free spins and 1x the total bet by getting three feature symbols in reels 9, 10 and 11.

Has Elvis Left the Building?

Williams Interactive has delivered a fine mix of fun slots and nostalgia with Elvis: The King Lives slot machine. While there are a few problems with the layout and presentation, players willing to work with it should find the game to be a fun experience.

The loaded payouts and generous bonus feature are a lot of fun, and fans of Elvis’ music should get a kick out of all the little touches in the game. Fans of this game will also probably like other free online slot games. The 96.09% RTP should also be a big draw for anyone crunching their numbers. While it’s not quite perfect, it’s a fun machine with a whole lot going for it.

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