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Bet365 is not a name familiar on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the sportsbook operator brought a wealth of experience from Europe when it launched both the Bet365 Casino and sportsbook in NJ. Bet 365 Sportsbook Colorado is expected in the first half of 2020.

One of the most notable features that distinguish Bet365 from the competition is its wide-ranging capability to live-stream events. The app boasts the ability to stream thousands of matches and games each year.

New players who join Bet365 can receive up to $500 in bet credits on-site. In effect, a new account can double its betting power on deposits of up to $500.

Here is a guide for anyone curious about all the various options at Bet365 Sportsbook.

Why choose Bet365 NJ Sportsbook
  • Bet365 offers international sports betting markets
  • In-game betting available on numerous events
  • Wide selection of deposit options
  • New player receive an enticing bonus of up to $500 in Bet Credits
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Bet365 welcome bonus

The welcome bonus at Bet365 is a model of simplicity.

It’s simple to understand, simple to redeem, and simple to use. New players can receive up to $500 in bet credits.

To activate the bonus, you need to use this link to join Bet365 NJ and deposit $10 or more. Next, you need to claim the bonus under the “My Offers” section. Once your offer is active, place bets in the amount of the bonus you want to receive (between $10 and $500). Once the bets are settled, you will receive your bet credits.

To place bets with Bet Credits, select ‘Use Bet Credits’ in the bet slip!

Bet365 Sportsbook Promo Code

Online NJ SportsbookBet365 Sportsbook
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TermsTerms and conditions apply to bonus offers. See Bet365 for details.
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

Bet365 Sports additional bonus information

Once the player bets through the value of his or her deposit, the bet credits will automatically move to the player’s account. They are not cash, but any amounts won will be immediately credited to the player.

For most sportsbooks, if the bettor does not claim the bonus upon the first deposit, they simply miss out on the opportunity. Well, Bet365 does things a bit differently.

Instead, the player can claim the bonus at any point within the first 30 days. Even better, if the customer has made multiple deposits in that time, Bet365 will award bet credits based on the largest deposit of the bunch.

As with most bonuses, there is a bit of fine print associated with the offer. Here are the relevant details:

  • Bettors must make a deposit within 30 days of registration.
  • After claiming the bonus, the bettor’s qualifying wagers must settle within 30 days.

For bets to qualify toward the promotional total, they must meet the following criteria:

  • At least one part of the selection must be at -500 odds or greater.
  • In markets with a limited number of outcomes, a bettor who places bets on more than one outcome will only receive credit for the outcome with the greatest risk.
  • Using the cash-out option will negate credit for the portion of the bet — either partial or full — that the player cashes out.
  • If the player uses the “Edit Bet” function, the risk on the new bet is what qualifies.
  • Pushes do not count.

Honestly, this bonus is a bit of a no-brainer.

It’s a quick and easy way to double one’s wagerable funds. Bet365 may be worth a look based on this bonus alone.

*Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns. T&Cs apply.*

Sports betting promotions at Bet365 Sportsbook NJ

Like most sportsbooks, Bet365 isn’t a stranger to offering exclusive deals for its customers.

Indeed, there are multiple offers active on the site that appeal to bettors across a variety of markets. They fall into a few defined categories.

Cash-out options

The advent of a live ticket system, or cash-out option, represented quite a revolution in the US. Players gained the ability to take payouts on open bets before the subject match of the wager even concludes.

Bettors on Bet365 have this option, but the site takes things a step further.

Some bets will payout automatically, no questions asked.

Best of all, the bettor doesn’t have to opt into anything to benefit. Any open bets that meet the established criteria for the bonus will pay.

Here are the offers that Bet365 bettors will find:

  • MLB Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if bettor’s team leads by five runs.
  • NFL Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if bettor’s team leads by 17 points.
  • NBA Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if bettor’s team leads by 20 points.
  • NHL Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if bettor’s team leads by three goals.
  • Rugby World Cup Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if bettor’s team leads by 15 points.
  • Two Goals Ahead (EPL et al., UEFA) Early Payout Offer: Bet pays if the bettor’s team leads by two goals.

Parlay bonuses

Another type of offer that Bet365 wagerers will find is the parlay bonus. As its name implies, this type of bonus boosts the payout on certain types of parlays.

This boost can be anywhere from 5%-70% of the payout amount, although most of the bonuses have a maximum percentage of 50%. As the number of legs increases, so does the payout.

Here are the sports or games that Bet365 can offer more money on parlays:

  • Multi-sport: US/Canada
  • Euro basketball
  • Tennis
  • Euro soccer*

*Maximum bonus percentage of 70%

Other bonuses

Still, there are more bonuses on Bet365, but they don’t fall into any single category. There are numerous opportunities throughout the site to make a bit extra on wagers or, conversely, soften the blow. Here are the rest of the bonuses:

  • No Score Draw Offer: A prematch bet on a correct score, full or halftime, or Scorecast for any soccer match that ends in a scoreless tie will result in a refund of the wager.
  • Extra Time Extra Chance: Any prematch bet on a rugby league or rugby union game that goes into overtime remains active and settles according to which team wins in the extra period.
  • Each-Way First Goal Scorers: For any each-way first goal-scorer bet, Bet365 will pay bettors a third of the odds if the player happens to score at some other point in the game.
  • Full-Time Result Enhanced Price: Soccer bettors can play some markets at an enhanced price. These are UEFA Champions League (group and knockout stages only), UEFA Europa League (group and knockout stages only), English Premier League, English Championship, English FA Cup (from first-round onwards) and English EFL Cup.

Is Bet365 legal in New Jersey?

Yes, Bet365 is legal and joins a long list of legal online sportsbooks in the Garden State. The site has plans to launch in other states, but has yet to release an app for Colorado sports betting, or PA sports betting.

Since 2018, more than a dozen online sports betting sites have opened their virtual doors in New Jersey. All are licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

Sports betting itself has been legal in New Jersey for many years. It could not operate due to the federal prohibition found under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

In fact, the precipitating event for the lawsuit that eventually led to the Supreme Court’s dismissal of PASPA was New Jersey’s law. The state successfully argued that PASPA violated its rights as a state to govern within its borders.

So, Bet365’s debut is perfectly legal and acceptable in New Jersey. The site’s land-based partner is Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.

Can I play from outside New Jersey?

No, it is not possible to wager on New Jersey sportsbooks from outside the Garden State lines.

Even some players inside New Jersey, but in a border region, could potentially find themselves falsely excluded. Online casinos and sportsbooks must employ geolocation software to ensure compliance.

The truth of the matter is that for all the legal battles won in recent times, online gambling remains quite illegal at the federal level. The Wire Act, though initially written to aid Robert Kennedy in his fight against organized crime, is still very much in effect and very clear about its prohibitions.

So, online sportsbooks, like Bet365, are quite serious about only allowing in-state players. Fines, sanctions and other penalties await for any online site found to be out of compliance.

Trust us; bettors cannot play from outside New Jersey.

Bet365 NJ Screenshots

How to sign up for a Bet365 Sportsbook account

Registering for a Bet365 Sportsbook account is quite simple. Potential players need only press or click on the word “Join” at the top right of the screen to get started.

The button will bring up a screen that asks for a few items of personal information.

Before beginning the registration process, players should have the following information on hand:

  • Country of residence
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Desired username
  • Desired password
  • PIN: A four-digit code that a player will use for identification and verification purposes by Bet365 personnel.

Also, players will need to affirm their time zone and preferred format for displaying odds. Finally, there are several verification notices that the player must choose and answer.

Download the Bet365 Sportsbook app

The Bet365 sports betting app is available on browsers, as well as iOS and Android devices. Both mobile operating platforms have dedicated apps that are compatible with them.

iPhone and iPad users need only search for Bet365 in the App Store to discover the app. A free download will set the installation process in motion.

Android users will have to visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a link entitled “View all Bet365 apps.”

A click of the link will take players to the download page with the Android file. The player should make sure to set their phone to accept downloads from other sources before proceeding.

Bet365 Sportsbook software

Like at least one other prominent sportsbook, Bet365 has elected to adorn itself with a green and gray color scheme. Both colors feature darker hues, which makes the white text pop and aid legibility.

However, the aspect that stands out about Bet365’s presentation is the sheer volume of options that bettors have at their fingertips. Since Bet365 is so well-established overseas, it should come as no surprise that there are so many markets and types of wagers available.

Bet365 organizes its offerings into different columns. A click on a particular market offers the types of wagering available for that market.

In turn, a selected bet type will transition the player to selections for the individual matches. A final choice auto-populates a bet slip on the right, and a yellow “Place Bet” button displays the total for the slip and allows the player to pay.

In many ways, placing a bet on Bet365 functions similarly to purchasing an item at other internet merchants. Customers move through the various options until they reach their shopping cart (bet slip), where they can check out (place bet).

Bet365 Sportsbook app vs browser

The Bet365 app looks significantly different from its browser version. Although all the elements are still present and the color scheme is identical, it’s evident that Bet365 was acutely aware of the size limitations for both mediums of distribution.

So, the layout on Bet365’s app is, in a word, simpler. Rather than one large page with so many options, mobile players have an app organized by matches, instead of betting types.

The ever-present bet slip is also gone. The replacement is a pop-up that appears as a sort of banner at the bottom of the screen.

All the options present on the browser version are there, of course. But, players will have to dig into the app a bit to find them. The truth is that while the browser version focuses on comprehensiveness, the app focuses on speed and convenience.

Live betting on Bet365

Live, in-game betting has become a must-have for US sportsbooks. Though not new for European audiences, the ability to wager upon games while they’re in progress has been a gamechanger for American sports bettors.

Live betting lives on Bet365 under its alternate name, in-play betting. Bet365 has an extensive selection of events from around the world, and there is always something running.

Generally, in-play betting falls into one of three categories of betting types.

The first type of live bet is relatively straightforward; the sportsbook will extend the typical pregame types of wagers into the game itself.

So, point spreads, moneylines and the like are available throughout the game. The only difference is that the marks become dynamic to accommodate for changes in how the game is proceeding.

For instance, an early injury to a key player could dramatically alter the outlook for the margin of victory.

Another type of standard live bet depends upon partial game results. Instead of the wager encompassing the results of the entire contest, the live bet might ask about which team will “win” a certain period of play.

In theory, a team that ultimately gets blown out by the end of the game could outperform the opponent in a particular timeframe.

Finally, Bet365 might also offer wagering options on the possibility of milestone achievements throughout the game. A player or team that seems to be headed toward a particular mark might have a certain chance of achieving that mark.

So, a basketball player with 10 points in the first quarter might receive odds to score 20 or more by the end of the half.

Live bets are, almost by definition, proposition wagers.

As such, Bet365 may also offer odds on the outcome of a combination of unique events occurring throughout the game. Even if those events are ancillary to the outcome of the game, examples of this type of bet include odds on the result of an opening coin toss or the length of time an untimed match will run.

What sports are available on Bet365?

Bet365 offers action on every major sport. The available betting options include games and matches from around the world.

A player on Bet365 would never get the impression that the website or app strictly focuses on American sports. The options within each market are too numerous, and there is an international bent to the promotional opportunities.

Here are all the sports available on Bet365:

How to bet at Bet365 Sportsbook

Betting on Bet365 is a simple series of steps that should be intuitive to complete. Each button press should lead the bettor to the next logical place to place the wager.

To get started, the bettor selects one of the sports in the list to proceed. For the browser version and the app, the decision will move the player to a list of wagers that Bet365 offers.

The list is quite long and extensive. Almost every bet imaginable is available and, in fact, Bet365 offers players the opportunity to have exactly that type of imagination.

Types of bets on Bet365 Sportsbook include:

One thing to note about the way that Bet365 handles parlays is that they don’t appear in the standard list of possible wagers. Instead, a player must select several potential legs and then instruct Bet365 to combine them as a parlay.


Live betting is, as mentioned, a type of proposition wager. However, one notable aspect of the betting types at Bet365 is the extensive number of pregame props it has available.

Each match features hundreds of bet possibilities because of the prop bets. There are alternative spreads, lines and totals bets available on every sport.

There are also margin bets that allow players to narrow down from the typical spread bet. Bettors are accustomed to choosing whether a team will cover or beat the spread, but this type of bet takes things a step further and asks into what range the margin will fall.

Similarly, some banded totals bets combine elements of the typical over/under with a spread bet. Instead of static over/under for the total points to be scored, bettors can select from a range of options as to what the eventual total will be.

Bet Builder

One of Bet365’s most unique features is the Bet Builder. As its name implies, the feature allows players to put together their individual wagers.

So, a bettor who wishes to use this function could select several different existing bets to come together into a single wager. Bet365 would then assign the wager unique odds payout that would, in theory, be superior to betting the elements of the wager individually.

In effect, the Bet Builder takes parlay betting and goes a step further.

Instead of different constituent components needing to succeed, the Bet Builder smashes different concepts together into a single proposition wager.

At this time, the feature is only available for pregame and in-play soccer matches. However, as Bet365 continues to expand into the US, more sports may find themselves eligible for customized wagers.

Cash-out option

The cash-out option allows players to take an early payout on games while they are still in progress.

Bet365 already has some automatic versions of this feature in its promotions, but the proper cash-out option gives players a tremendous amount of flexibility.

After all, waiting to see if a wager ends in a bettor’s favor is often referred to as “the sweat.”

The ability to take a slightly reduced payout and close the bet slip helps guard against any late collapses. It ends the sweating in sports betting, more or less.

The Bet365 system will automatically determine if any open bet slips are eligible for early cash-out. If they are, the cash-out amount will illuminate. The player can then elect to hit the button and take the money or let it ride.

Banking at Bet365 Sportsbook

As is the case with any online business, online sportsbooks require cash to flow from their customer base to survive. Bet365 Sportsbook is no different and offers its players numerous options for moving money into and out of the site.


Depositing money on-site will require that players submit their banking or credit card information, in most cases. However, there are some options for players who prefer to use cash.

Players must make deposits of at least $10, regardless of the method. Depending on their preferences, they can deposit up to $38,000 in a single transaction.

Here are the deposit options for Bet365 Sportsbook.

Debit and credit cards

According to a recent survey by the Federal Reserve, debit and credit cards are the first and third most popular form of payment, respectively. More than 60% of Americans claimed that they would prefer to pay using one of these methods.

Unsurprisingly, there are several debit and credit options that players can use to fund their accounts. Bet365 accepts debit card deposits from Visa, Mastercard, Electron and Maestro debit cards.

The site also permits Visa and Mastercard credit customers to make deposits into their accounts. In fact, Bet365 offers its own Mastercard to customers who wish to apply.

In almost every case, players can deposit up to $30,000 per transaction. Interestingly, the Bet365 Mastercard is the only card to restrict deposits to amounts between $10 and $5,000.

Two things to note about using these cards is that there may be external hurdles that players must clear to use their cards for deposits.

First of all, many issuing banks will not accept deposit requests to sportsbook sites. Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo are some of the financial institutions that decline these kinds of transactions.

Even if the player’s bank does not decline the transaction, it may consider the purchase to be a cash advance. As such, there may be a significant fee that the bank attaches to the exchange.

So, it is possible to use a debit or credit card on Bet365. But, players should check the terms and conditions of the card carefully before doing so.

Bank transfer

Many banks offer electronic banking as a service to their customers. Part of that service includes a feature known as online bill pay. As it turns out, it is possible to initiate an online bill pay transaction to Bet365.

In order to get the ball rolling, the player needs to select the bank transfer option in the Bet365 cashier and choose their bank from the list.

The choice will prompt the player to enter their account name and password on the bank website. Therefore, players should have that information close at hand before beginning a deposit in this manner.

After that, they can designate the deposit amount and confirm the transaction. Players can store up to three different bank accounts in the Bet365 system.

The only caveat is that the name on the player account must match the name on the bank account in order to proceed. So, customers should make sure that the accounts match up before proceeding.

Players can deposit a maximum of $10,000 with this method.

Electronic wallet

Electronic wallets, or e-wallets, are a popular way for people who transact online to do business. The service acts as a way station for the customer’s funds, as a wallet does for people in real life.

It is possible to deposit into one’s Bet365 account from three different e-wallets. Two of these services, PayPal and Skrill, are some of the most well-known of the group.

The third, PaySafeCard, is a hybrid payment option that combines elements of e-wallets and prepaid cards. Bettors can purchase PaySafeCards at various retail locations.

Then, the purchaser can use the unique 16-digit PIN on their PaySafeCard to make transactions online. PaySafeCard has deals with a variety of merchants, including Bet365.

However, the player can pick up the PaySafeCard and use a variety of payment methods, including cash. So, here is the first method by which cash-preferring players can get their money online.

Maximums for these methods are $1,000 for PaySafeCard, $10,000 for PayPal, and a whopping $38,000 for Skrill. So, there is an e-wallet for everyone, no matter their economics.


In terms of bona fide cash transactions, there are only two transfer methods that offer much comfort to the cash customer. The first of these methods is PayNearMe.

PayNearMe is a unique approach to funding one’s account. The site prompts players to designate their deposit amount; then, the system generates a unique barcode.

The player must then print and take said barcode to his or her nearest 7-Eleven convenience store. The clerk can scan the code, and the player can pay the deposit anyway he or she pleases, including cash.

The most direct method is available only to those in the Atlantic City area. Players can add to their accounts directly by depositing money at the cage at Hard Rock AC.

PayNearMe only allows transactions to be $500 at any one time. However, customers with extreme liquidity can proceed to the cage at Hard Rock and deposit up to $30,000.


Withdrawing money from a Bet365 account can be a trickier affair than depositing. Just on sheer variability, there are nine ways to deposit, but only six to withdraw.

The good news is that few sites maintain as many opportunities to withdraw one’s funds as Bet365. They are:

  • Bet365 Mastercard
  • Cash at the cage
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

Please note that getting cash at the cage is not what casino operators usually do. So, try to let them know that you’re coming 24 hours ahead of time so that they can prepare for you. Otherwise, there may be delays.

Also, please be aware that many of these methods require that the player deposit the same way. So, be careful about which card or option you choose for both sides of the transaction.

Customer support

Obviously, both the customer and sportsbook want things to go smoothly. However, problems inevitably arise, and an online sportsbook must have plenty of options for players to find a remedy. Fortunately, Bet365 has four excellent ways to connect.

First, there is a 24-hour live chat function that is available to assist. Troubled bettors can instantly connect with knowledgeable personnel through their computer or mobile device.

Bet365 also has a telephone service that is open around the clock. Players can call 1-888-8-BET-365 day or night, toll-free and someone will be there to help.

If time is not as big of a concern, a player can always email support. A click on the email link will open a window for the computer’s mail function, so players should be aware if they use a service like Gmail. Instead, you can email [email protected] for immediate assistance.

Finally, it is also possible to send snail mail to Bet365. The corporate address is:

Customer Services
Suite 122
Two Greentree Center
9000 Lincoln Drive East
Marlton, NJ 08053

Privacy Policy