NCAAF National Championship Odds

College football bowl betting concludes with the College Football Playoff National Championship game on 1/7.

As legal online sportsbooks and betting apps explode in popularity, so too has betting on the College Football Playoff and National Championship. But you don’t need to wait until the final four or the Championship game is announced to place your bets.

Thanks to NCAAF Championship futures odds, you can bet on the college football national champion every day of the year, in season or not. Here’s how and where you bet on the next National Champion online in the US below.

NCAAF National Championship Odds

Our odds feed below displays the latest NCAAF National Title odds as posted at legal US online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to claim your welcome bonus and register a new account. Use the menu to change your state or see alternate NCAA football odds boards.

How National Championship odds work

These days the NCAA football national champ is settled on the field, but that hasn’t always been the case. Up until the creation of the Bowl Championship Series in 2014, it was up to pollsters to decide (often controversially) which team was the national champ each season.

College Football Betting GuideToday’s College Football Playoff, an extension of the BCS, makes things a little clearer. The four best football teams in the nation are declared and seeded 1-4, and they play down until one champ is left standing.

The futures market that speculates on who exactly that Championship team might be is incredibly active. Odds for next year’s National Champion are released soon after the current year’s championship game is in the books. Sportsbooks will release odds for all teams in Division I, which can also be referred to as the Football Bowl Subdivision, or FBS for short.

All told, there are 130 teams spread across 10 conferences with some independent programs in the mix. The biggest five conferences are known as the Power Five and consist of the largest programs, while the others are called the Group of Five and contain some smaller schools.

The National Champion odds board is typically listed in descending order with the favorites up top. In this category, you’ll mainly see the powerhouse programs that appear to be in good shape for the coming year. Next is the mid-tier range of schools, which is generally a mix of other Power Five schools and the best of the Group of Five. At the bottom of the list are the longshots, featuring both small and large schools that appear set for a trying campaign.

For futures bettors, the goal is to find value on the teams that they think have a real shot at winning the title. Some bettors pounce on the market soon after odds are released and take a long-term view, while others stay engaged all season long and hunt for appealing opportunities.

Potential payouts on futures bets depend on the odds, but there are solid returns to be found in each tier. For example, let’s consider some imaginary odds for a trio of favorites.

  • Clemson +175
  • Ohio State +400
  • Alabama +700

If you liked Ohio State and dropped a $100 bet at odds of +400, you’d be looking at a profit of $400 if the Buckeyes win the national championship. Next, let’s consider some imaginary odds for some teams in the mid-tier.

  • Washington +10000
  • UCF +11000
  • Arizona State +15000

Let’s say you liked Group of Five squad UCF to shock the world, and it managed to make it happen. A $100 wager would return an awesome profit of $11,000. Last but not least, let’s consider the odds for some longshots.

  • Mississippi State +23000
  • Michigan State +25000
  • BYU +30000

For a longshot to win the title, it would truly need to capture lightning in a bottle. However, let’s say it’s a program you have a really good feel for and it goes on a run for the ages. If that team was Michigan State at odds of +25000, the profit on a $100 bet would be $25,000.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind for future bets. First, in the unlikely event that an entire season was canceled, then that market would be void and bets would be refunded. Also, once a team is officially eliminated from contention, bets on that club are graded as losers.

College Football Playoff betting trends

In college football, the past can provide some clear-cut clues we can glean by studying which teams have etched their place in history as national champs.

How to bet on college bowl games for the 2018-19 season.Over the past decade, teams that won the crown have come from just three conferences:

  • ACC
  • Big Ten
  • SEC

All three of those conferences are in the Power Five, which translates into powerhouse programs that knock it out of the park on the recruiting front.

Beyond attracting the best players, the top programs also spare little expense in the coaching department. Coaching is tantamount to success in all levels of football, but a case can be made that it is most important at the collegiate level due to high levels of player turnover.

When scrolling through the college football odds board in search of opportunities, keep all of these factors in mind. Start by looking at the favorites and make a case for each of the teams in the top 10. You can do so by running through the following questions.

  • What’s the pedigree of the head coach?
  • Is there a lot of continuity on the staff, especially at the coordinator level?
  • How many total returning starters does the team have?
  • Did the program lose a lot of talent in the NFL draft?
  • Is a QB with experience at the helm or is there an open competition?
  • Are there key contributors on both offense and defense?
  • How did last year turn out for the program?
  • How does the team stack up versus its peers on offense and defense?

While each season is a new one in the world of college football and full of new faces, you can still find clues on how things might shake out in the coming season. The above questions can help a lot, as can digging into overall team trends on stats such as:

  • Yards for and against via the pass.
  • Yards for and against via the run.
  • Points for and against.

Also, it’s very helpful to be realistic with your expectations. While everyone loves the story of a smaller program that goes on an undefeated run, the reality is that the national champ is likely going to come from one of the Power Five schools.

As mentioned, the last decade of champs have all come from three conferences. In fact, that trend holds true going back to 2006. The other two Power Five conferences — Pac-12 and Big 12 — haven’t won titles since 2004 and 2005, respectively.

Teams with a legitimate chance at the national title have become much more apparent in the current FBS era. The pools did a pretty good job back in the day, and the Bowl Championship Series was created to improve on that.

The evolution to the current structure in which there’s a four-team playoff resulting in a true national title game has made the picture crystal clear.

NCAAF National Championship favorites

Looking ahead to the coming season, the theory of dominant conferences holds true. For the current top 12 contenders on the board, here’s how the usual contenders shake out.

  • ACC — Clemson
  • Big Ten — Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin
  • SEC — Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M
  • Big 12 — Texas, Oklahoma
  • Independent — Notre Dame

Let’s take a closer look at some expected favorites.

bet on college footballClemson Tigers — ACC

  • Head coach: Dabo Swinney

The Tigers have been one of the top teams in the nation for several seasons, and it looks like more of the same is coming.

Ohio State Buckeyes — Big Ten

  • Head coach: Ryan Day

The Buckeyes were a serious contender a season ago, coming up just short in a loss to Clemson in the playoffs.

Alabama Crimson Tide — SEC

  • Head coach: Nick Saban

Just like every other season, there has been a good amount of attrition to the NFL, but Alabama is once again stocked with talent.

Georgia Bulldogs — SEC

  • Head coach: Kirby Smart

The Bulldogs haven’t been able to get over the hump in the SEC, but perhaps this is the season. Georgia’s typically explosive running attack and stout defense always makes this a club to watch.

Florida Gators — SEC

  • Head coach: Dan Mullen

Yes, the SEC is loaded once again. The Gators will battle Georgia for supremacy in the East Division. Whichever club takes it down will have a path ahead to the CFP, but it’s far from a sure thing as the winner of the West is generally among the nation’s best.

LSU Tigers — SEC

  • Head coach: Ed Orgeron

While LSU always loses a lot of talent to the NFL, Ed Orgeron and company have little trouble attracting recruits, so the Tigers will typicallu be among the SEC’s best. However, snagging another CFP berth is far from a sure thing.

National Championship wild cards

Beyond the favorites, there are a number of intriguing programs to keep on the radar. They range from squads just outside the top tier to a couple of teams further down the board.

Texas A&M Aggies — SEC

  • Head coach: Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher accepted the job at A&M with his sights set on building a national champion. He’s now in few years in at the helm, and the Aggies have a great chance at taking a leap forward. That said, the daunting SEC schedule may have something to say about that.

Minnesota Golden Gophers — Big Ten

  • Head coach: P.J. Fleck

The Golden Gophers are an unexpected threat in the Big Ten. P.J. Fleck has done a fantastic job in Minnesota, so further improvement would be less than surprising.

UCF Knights — AAC

  • Head coach: Josh Heupel

The Knights have been regarded as the top Group of Five program in the nation for quite a while now. Josh Heupel and company aren’t resting on their laurels and have a goal of hanging with the big boys year in and year out. Will this be the season the program takes the proverbial leap to the next level?

NCAAF National Champions, past 10 years

The past decade has been a memorable one for college football. We’ve seen the implementation of the CFP, tons of talent on the field and sidelines, and scores of memorable contests. Here’s a look back at the last 10 champs and their final records.

  • 2020: Alabama 13-0
  • 2019: LSU Tigers, 15-0
  • 2018: Clemson Tigers, 15-0
  • 2017: Alabama Crimson Tide, 13-1
  • 2016: Clemson Tigers, 14-1
  • 2015: Alabama Crimson Tide, 14-1
  • 2014: Ohio State Buckeyes, 14-1
  • 2013: Florida State Seminoles, 14-0
  • 2012: Alabama Crimson Tide, 13-1
  • 2011: Alabama Crimson Tide, 12-1
  • 2010: Auburn Tigers, 14-0

The College Football Playoff was first put in place for the 2014-15 season.

More NCAA football futures odds

There’s a lot more to see in the NCAAF futures market than just the winner of the next national championship. Here are the other main categories you can place your bets on.

  • Heisman Trophy odds: The top individual player award in college football attracts tons of betting action as well.
  • Conference and division winners: You can drill down even further on the teams and place your wagers on conference and division winners. These are great bets for fans of a particular conference to remain engaged with all season long. This market also makes for a fantastic research tool as you look to project out the coming year.
  • Teams to make College Football Playoff: This market is quite similar to what you’ll find for the national champion. The goal is to pick the four teams that will make the CFP when all is said and done. You can stick to the clubs that look like a sure thing if you choose, but you can also find a lot of bang for your buck by exploring potential sleepers that could surprise.
  • Regular season win totals: Oddsmakers will provide a market for each of the 130 FBS teams. The bets are presented similar to what you would see in an over/under wager or totals bet. The sportsbook sets the bar with a win total — such as 8.5 wins — and bettors then weigh in with their thoughts on if the team will finish above or below the mark.

Where can you bet on the College Football Playoff?

The legal sports betting environment in the US is expanding every year. A number of states are fully up and running with both retail and online sportsbooks, while others are still a work in progress. Here’s the current list of states where you can legally and safely make your college football bets online:

State Online / AppRetail
Arizona Sports BettingYesYes
Colorado Sports BettingYesYes
Connecticut Sports BettingYesYes
Florida Sports BettingYesYes
Illinois Sports BettingYesYes
Indiana Sports BettingYesYes
Iowa Sports BettingYesYes
Michigan Sports BettingYesYes
New Hampshire Sports BettingYesYes
New Jersey Sports BettingYesYes
New York Sports BettingYesYes
Pennsylvania Sports BettingYesYes
Tennessee Sports BettingYesNo
Virginia Sports BettingYesNo
West Virginia Sports BettingYesYes
Wyoming Sports BettingYesYes

NCAAF national champion FAQ

The next edition of the College Football Playoff national title game is scheduled for Jan. 10, 2022 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee makes the call. About halfway through the season, the CFP poll begins being released weekly. Once the season is in the books, the selections are announced along with the pairings for the New Year’s Six bowl games.

Since the turn of the century, the SEC has led the way. The league that many observers view as the best in college football has won 10 of the last 20 national championships. Here’s the breakdown of other conferences to win over that span: ACC, 4; Big 12, 2; Big Ten, 2; Pac-12, 2.

Since the AP Poll was unveiled in 1936, there have been eight teams that have repeated as national champs. Minnesota was the first program to do it, in 1940 and 1941. The most recent repeat winner was Alabama in 2011 and 2012.

There’s not necessarily one single best time to get in the game with futures. For some bettors, the answer is to pounce on the odds soon after they are released. Other bettors prefer to remain engaged throughout the season and hunt for appealing opportunities as they pop up. You can take whatever approach works best for your overall game plan.

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