MaximBet Sportsbook Review & Promo Code for $1,000

MaximBet might sound like a completely new online sportsbook, but it actually is a rebrand of Sign up with MaximBet to get 100% bonus matches on your first four deposits, up to a combined max of $1,000.

MaximBet currently is live in Colorado with plans to expand to other states, including New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana, in the coming months.

This page will cover how the welcome bonus works, let you know how to register, go over the bets you can place and much more. Additionally, we break down the MaximBet app and website so you know exactly what you’re in store for. Before getting to anything else, let’s explain how the multi-part deposit bonus works.

Why Choose MaximBet Sportsbook?
  • First deposits matched 100% up to max total of $1,000
  • Sports betting app for Android and iOS
  • Ability to bet on a variety of sports
  • Plenty of promotions all year
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New player welcome bonus at MaximBet Sportsbook

As a new MaximBet user, the sportsbook will match your initial deposits dollar for dollar up to $1,000. You will receive the bonus as free bets equal in value to your deposit within 72 hours of depositing.

Read on for more details on how the maximum bonus for each deposit breaks down.

MaximBet Sportsbook Promo Code for 2021

Online SportsbookMaximBet Sportsbook
MaximBet Promo CodeNone - Use Links
Total BonusUp to $1,000
Legal StatesCO
Last UpdatedSeptember 7, 2021

How does the MaximBet welcome bonus work?

MaximBet’s welcome bonus is fairly unique. After you create an account, MaximBet will provide a 100% bonus match on as many as four deposits. Plan it out right and you can receive a total of $1,000 in bonus funds.

Here’s how much MaximBet will match:

  • First deposit — Up to $500
  • Second deposit (in 2nd week on site) — Up to $250
  • Third deposit (in 3rd week on site) — Up to $125
  • Fourth deposit (in 4th week on site) — Up to $125

This interesting setup should make it possible for more users to maximize the entire bonus amount. The key is that you need to play through your deposit amount one time to release your bonus funds. While MaximBet does not have an odds restriction to quality for the playthrough requirement, it does not allow you to bet on both sides of a game to meet the requirement.

You will have seven days to play through and release your bet credits from the time of each deposit.

Overall, MaximBet’s welcome bonus is a very solid offering. There are bonuses with larger values, but many of them require much larger playthrough conditions and don’t offer the ability to stagger the clearing requirements over the course of your first four weeks on the site. You’ll also find that other sportsbooks put more limitations on the kinds of wagers that are eligible for the playthrough requirement.

How to sign up for a MaximBet account

The first step to signing up with MaximBet is heading to the sportsbook’s registration page. Once you’re there, click “Join Now” and fill out the necessary boxes. To join, the personal information you must supply is as follows:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Home address
  • Birthdate
  • Email
  • Social Security number, last four digits

You also must create a password and check a box to confirm that you are 21 or older. Keep in mind that you can sign up for a MaximBet account from anywhere, but you only will be able to place bets in states where MaximBet has a sports wagering license and is operational.

In which states is MaximBet Sportsbook legal?

At this time, MaximBet is legal in one state, Colorado. But with market access deals already in place in Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey, it should be live in others shortly.

  • MaximBet Colorado: MaximBet’s land-based partner in CO is Johnny Nolon’s Casino in Cripple Creek, though MaximBet doesn’t have a retail sportsbook there. Sports betting in Colorado went live in May 2020. And while you can bet on Colorado college teams, state law prohibits you from placing college prop bets.
  • MaximBet New Jersey: No word as of yet for when MaximBet will debut in the Garden State. New Jersey prohibits wagering on any college games featuring NJ-based teams and on any NCAA events that take place in the state.
  • MaximBet Indiana: The Carousel Group, which owns and operates MaximBet, announced it would be launching in the Hoosier State, but again it has not set a date for its debut. Indiana allows betting on local NCAA teams. The only restriction is that all competitors must be at least 18 years of age.
  • MaximBet Iowa: The Hawkeye State is yet another location where MaximBet is intending to launch soon. There has been no launch date revealed as of yet though. You can bet on Iowa-based college teams, but you cannot place prop bets on individual college athletes. You also cannot wager on non-sports events such as the Oscars or Grammys. The state also does not allow eSports betting.

How to download the MaximBet sports betting app

MaximBet’s app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. To download it, head to the sportsbook’s app installation page and click on the appropriate link for your device. Follow any additional prompts from there to download and install the app. For the Android version, you may need to go through an additional step of confirming the download. This is fine to do as the MaximBet app is safe.

Using the MaximBet website

MaximBet’s website has a nice, clean look and makes it very easy to find the games you are looking for. Along the left side of the page are headers for the most popular sports to bet on at that time and a complete listing of all the available sports at MaximBet.

Another category that we haven’t seen much before is “Recently viewed.” It’s actually nice to have a quick way to get back to games you were just looking at. This is especially helpful if comparing different games.

  • Your account: After signing in, you can access your account by clicking on the person icon at the top of the page and just to the right of the green “Deposit” button. From there, you can easily change the way the sportsbook displays odds (American, decimal or fractional), make deposits/withdrawals, check your bet and transaction history, update your contact preferences or log out.
  • Promotions page: Select “Promotions” near the top left corner of the screen. You don’t need to opt in to promos at MaximBet sports betting. However, we advise reading the terms and conditions for any you are interested in. That’s because some of MaximBet’s bonuses are misleading. For example, there’s a hockey promo that reads, “Place a bet of $20 on a specific game and you’ll get a $10 bonus for each goal your team scores.” But when you read the terms, you find that you only get the bonus funds if your team loses. We’ve encountered numerous promotions like this at MaximBet. This actually is a decent promotion, but the way it works is deceptive unless you read the terms.
  • Bet slip: If you’ve wagered with an online sportsbook before then the bet slip at MaximBet should look very familiar. Once you’ve added a selection, you’ll have the option of placing straight bets, parlays or round robins. You can choose the one you want by clicking on the arrows to open or close wagering choices. At MaximBet, you also have the ability to enter either your wager amount or the amount you’re trying to win. This is always a nice feature that not all sportsbooks have.
  • Sports options: All the available sports to wager on at MaximBet will appear in the “Sports A-Z” list on the left side of the screen. As expected, you can bet on leagues like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA Tour, UFC, NASCAR and others.
  • Customer support: MaximBet’s live chat feature is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also can access the FAQ page by clicking on the header located in your account section. From that page, you can click on the “Support” bubble and you also will be able to request a call back or send a message to the help desk.

Layout differences on the MaximBet app

Overall, the layout difference between the MaximBet app and website are incredibly minimal, and most of them simply have to do with the difference in screen size. For instance, on the webpage there are headers running down the entire left side of the screen. On the app, though, you’ll need to click on the menu at the top of the page to bring the same choices up.

Also, when you place bets on the site, your bet slip appears on the right side. On the app, it appears at the bottom and you can minimize it by clicking on the down arrow. Both options are fast, and we experienced little to no lag time in using them.

Live betting at MaximBet sports betting

You can see all the live betting options at any time at MaximBet simply by clicking the “Live” tab at the top of the webpage or at the bottom of the app. At that point, you will see headers for all the live sports going on. Just click on the sport and then the game you’re interested in, and whatever live bets there are for that game will appear.

The in game betting interface is decent at Maxim Bet Sportsbook, but it does leave a little to be desired. There is not a live animation for some games, which can be a big deal if you are not able to watch a live feed. But you will find a decent amount of stats available, which can help make up for the lack of animation.

If you’ve never engaged in live betting, you should know that odds and lines can experience big swings. This makes sense as things are reacting to the action in the game.

If you’re streaming a game and trying to bet on it at the same time, make sure you check if the times are synced. For example, it’s not uncommon to be streaming a game and have it be delayed by up to a minute. Being a minute behind might cause you to make a poor bet.

How to bet at MaximBet Sportsbook

MaximBet allows for all types of sports wagers. Here are your main choices, along with explanations of what each bet is.

  • Moneyline: The simplest sports wager there is. For a moneyline bet, just pick the winner and you end up winning, too. Odds appear as positive or negative numbers. If the moneyline is -500, you must bet $500 for a chance to win $100. Moneyline odds of +500 mean you would win $500 for a successful $100 bet.
  • Spreads: To win a spread bet, your selection has to cover the selected spread. If your pick has a negative number, it must win by more than that number. If its number is positive, it needs to lose by less than that number or win the game by any score.
  • Over/unders: Here you add the final score for both teams and bet on whether that total will be higher or lower than the number the sportsbook set before the game.
  • Props: Prop bets can be for player-, team- or game-related events, and you just need to pick whether they will happen. They can be over/unders for player stats or questions like “Which team will score 10 points first?”
  • Parlays: These have the potential for large payouts, but actually winning is what makes these wagers tricky. You combine individual bets to build a parlay, and you only win if you get all your individual bets right.
  • Teasers: Teaser bets are akin to parlays, but they are just for spread or total bets. You make your selections and then you move the line for all your picks in your favor. This also adjusts the overall odds. Again, you must get all your picks correct.
  • Round robins: Another multi-bet selection, but for round robins, one wrong bet doesn’t derail your entire wager. The tradeoff is that round robins don’t offer as large of payouts as parlays.
  • Futures: These are bets that you make in advance. For example, you could bet on the next Super Bowl champion before the NFL season even starts. You’ll also find futures markets for players.

What sports are available at MaximBet?

MaximBet has wagers for the majority of the most popular US pro and college leagues. You can bet on NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, college football and college basketball games. Additionally, there are markets for the PGA Tour, WNBA, MLS and UFC.

If international sports are what you prefer to bet on, you’ll find them as well. One of the more popular options is soccer. You can bet on the UCL, EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and of course the World Cup once every four years. On top of all the major sports, you also can bet on smaller sports like table tennis, cricket and rugby at MaximBet.

How to deposit at MaximBet

As Maxim Bet opens in more states, the deposit and withdrawal options could vary a little, but right now these are your choices:


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Card$10Instant
(Online Bank Transfers)


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
(Online Bank Transfers)
$101-5 Days
Skrill$101-5 Days

In-person options

If and when MaximBet opens retail sportsbooks, you should be able to deposit and withdraw funds from the brick-and-mortar location. We suggest checking with a MaximBet customer service agent to make sure you have everything you need to process your transaction before heading to the sportsbook.

Wrapping up: MaximBet Sportsbook

MaximBet is a quality online sportsbook. The welcome bonus is smaller than some, but the conditions it requires make it much easier to maximize. Also, the promotional bonuses are good; you just need to make sure you read them closely so you don’t miss any key aspects.

Both the app and website work very well, and switching between them is easy because of how similar they are. If you decide to sign up with MaximBet Sportsbook you’ll be eligible for 100% deposit match bonuses worth up to $1,000.

MaximBet FAQ

Where does MaximBet Sportsbook operate?

Currently Colorado is the only state with a MaximBet Sportsbook. It has plans to launch in Indiana, New Jersey and Iowa in the future, with potentially more states, as well.

How do I deposit at MaximBet?

At this time you can deposit at MaximBet using either a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, Skrill or Mazooma. If you’ve never heard of Mazooma, it’s a licensed e-commerce company and it allows for safe and secure deposits that are similar to online bank transfers.

Can I bet on college sports using the MaximBet app?

Yes, you can bet on college sports with the MaximBet app. However, your betting options will vary based on the state where you are betting. For example, in New Jersey you cannot bet on any games involving New Jersey-based schools or any college games taking place in the state.

Who owns MaximBet?

MaximBet is a joint venture between Carousel Group and Maxim. Carousel Group launched in 2017 and is a licensed sports wagering and casino operator. Maxim known for its men’s magazine.

How long do withdrawals take at MaximBet?

Technically withdrawals can take between one and five days. However, the sportsbook processes payments within one business day; sometimes it just takes a little while for the money to reach your verified bank account. If it takes any longer, MaximBet has a support team waiting to help you 24/7.

How do the odds boosts at MaximBet compare to Caesars?

Caesars definitely offers more odds boosts than MaximBet on a daily basis. But the biggest difference is that at Caesars you can bet as much as $100, while at MaximBet wagers have a cap of $50 for boosted bets. The actual boosts at MaximBet are high quality, though, generally around 20%.

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