Monday Night Football Odds 2022

Monday Night Football is the closing game of weekly NFL slates, but it’s also a top highlight for viewers and bettors alike. For 17 weeks of regular-season action, the league’s top stars and squads do battle underneath the bright primetime lights.

The eyes of the league are all tuned into the same spot, and the same is true for scores of bettors across the nation. This season will be no different as the MNF schedule is jam-packed with appealing matchups.

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Monday Night Football Odds: Spread, Moneyline, Over-Under

NFL Monday Night Football Schedule 2022

When the NFL schedule gets released, the Monday Night Football portion is one of the most scrutinized parts. As the season plays out, each of the weekly MNF matchups are heavily analyzed. Here’s a peek at what we have to look forward to for this season.

Week 1: September 12

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks (8:15 PM ESPN, ABC)

Week 2: September 19

Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills (7:15 PM, ESPN)

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles (8:30 PM, ABC)

Week 3: September 26

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants (8:15 PM ESPN, ABC)

Week 4: October 3

Los Angeles Chargers vs. San Francisco 49ers (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 5: October 10

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 6: October 17

Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 7: October 24

Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 8: October 31

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 9: November 7

Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 10: November 14

Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 11: November 21

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 12: November 28

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 13: December 5

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 14: December 12

New England Patriots vs. Arizona Cardinals (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 15: December 19

Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers (8:15 PM, ESPN, ABC)

Week 16: December 26

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts (8:15 PM, ESPN)

Week 17: January 2

Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals (8:15 PM, ESPN, ABC)

Betting on Monday Night Football

When there’s only a single NFL game on, you can be sure it’ll attract plenty of attention from sports bettors. That’s precisely the case with the NFL’s Monday Night Football. In addition to being the only football game on for the evening, it also marks the final time for viewers to get their NFL betting fix until the Thursday Night Football game odds are out.

On Mondays, debates will go on not only about which side will win, but also what the total may be and whether the spread will be covered. While those three types of wagers see a ton of action, there are also other ways for bettors to get in on the game.

For the single-game NFL broadcasts, prop bets become even more popular than the average Sunday. Since it’s the only game going, these wagers on specific events within the game make for other ways for bettors to take their chances. For those who like to wager and watch at the same time, live betting is gaining in popularity.

Live Betting on Monday Night Football

You can bet right along with MNF as the action plays out on your screen. Live betting is the way to do it. This is a fast-growing segment of the sports betting marketplace, and many sportsbooks have gone all in. Bets and odds will vary based on what’s happening, but here are some examples of the kinds of opportunities you should come across.

  • Which side will have more passing yards in the first half – Chiefs or Ravens?
  • Who will score a TD first – Kenyan Drake or Ezekiel Elliott?
  • Will Greg Zuerlein make this FG – Yes/No?

Live betting opens the doors to more profit opportunities and bet types for the game. Even better, you can stay on top of all of the action with ease via legal sports betting apps.

On an all-time basis, favorites have done pretty well on Monday Night Football. Naturally, you can’t just blindly bet on all favorites and expect to come out ahead, but it’s food for thought when we’re talking about particularly strong home or road favorites.

Monday Night Football Betting Trends & Tips

The lights shine brightly on MNF with the eyes of the football world watching. It certainly makes sense for teams to go in with designs on making a statement.

Here are some other basic tips you can keep in your back pocket for handicapping the Monday Night Football slate .

  • Primetime performers: As in who is and who isn’t. Some players and teams step it up in night games, while others do not. Spend some time researching the historical performances in past primetime games.
  • Travel and schedule: While the home team may have a slight advantage going in, it’s important to know what’s coming up next for the two teams. Is one hitting the road after MNF or getting some time off? Little nuggets such as this can prove to be quite useful.
  • Line moves: The last game of the week will attract plenty of betting action, so you can expect to see some movement on the odds board. Do your best to stay on top of the big moves as that can be an indicator of which way the sharp money is flowing.

One other note to keep in mind: just because it’s the last NFL game for a few days, resist any urge to go overboard. This is especially true after you’ve had a bad week and are looking to MNF as a chance to ‘get even.’

As opposed to doing that, assess what went wrong in the past week and learn from it. Stick to your normal unit size and comfort level for Monday Night Football and enjoy the game, or simply take a pass if you can’t make heads or tails of what’s going to happen.

Monday Night Football Over Under History

When a primetime game is on tap, many casual NFL fans will automatically assume that a shootout is on tap. While that can happen from time to time, there’s no guarantee that it will for an individual game just because the lights are shining brightly.

For betting on over/unders and any other NFL wager type, history and trends can make for a great talking point as you wait for the games to kick off. However, the past is no guarantee of what’s to come in the future.

When it’s time to bet on MNF over/unders, treat each game on its own merits. There’s no one single magic answer to which side the total will fall on, so you’ll need to trust what your research uncovers.

Monday Night Football All-Time Records

Legendary moments and Monday Night Football seem to go hand-in-hand. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s the only game going on that makes them stand out, but some players just seem to really step it up under the MNF spotlight. Here’s a look back at some of the record-setting performances.

  • Passing yards: 517 – Tom Brady, Patriots vs. Dolphins, Sept. 12, 2011
  • Rushing TDs: 4 – three times: Earl Campbell in 1978, Eric Dickerson in 1988, and Emmit Smith in 1995.
  • TD passes: 6 – Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs vs. Rams, Nov. 19, 2018
  • Rushing yards: 221 – Bo Jackson, Raiders vs. Seahawks, Nov. 30, 1987
  • Receptions: 14 – twice. Herman Moore and Jerry Rice, both in 1995
  • Yards gained: 289 – Jerry Rice, 49ers vs. Vikings, Dec. 18, 1995

What time does MNF start?

The kickoff time for Monday Night Football is 8:15 p.m. EST. There’s a MNF game on the docket from the opening week of the regular season through Week 17, but no contest for the final set of games in Week 18.

This season, there’s a MNF doubleheader in Week 2. The first game will get underway at 7:15 p.m. EST, while the second will start at 8:30 p.m. EST. It’s a bit of an NFL schedule experiment for primetime as both games will be running at the same time.

How to watch Monday Night Football

ESPN provides extensive pregame coverage throughout the day with the Monday Night Countdown show beginning well before kickoff. For the doubleheader game, sister station ABC will be on board to broadcast the action.

You can find both channels on cable, satellite, and streaming platforms. ABC was the original broadcast network for MNF from its inception in 1970. ESPN took over in 2006 and has been the home for MNF games ever since.

How to Stream Monday Night Football Live

You can also stream all of the MNF action on the ESPN website and app, but you’ll need login credentials from your provider to access the feed. The app is available on both iOS and Android, so you can easily switch back and forth between the game and your favorite sportsbook as MNF plays out.

Who are the MNF announcers?

There has been a changing of the guard in the MNF broadcast booth, but the new members of the team are very familiar faces for NFL fans.  Now calling the action will be the tag-team duo of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the former top team for NFL games on Fox.

Lisa Salters is the primary sideline reporter with John Parry on board as rules analyst. Suzy Kolber hosts the pregame Monday Night Countdown show. Steve Young and Adam Schefter are among the members of the big supporting cast that chips in with commentary.

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