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For NFL players, there’s one award that sets the standard everyone else in the league chases. That’s the NFL MVP award, awarded annually to the top player in the league. It’s usually a QB that gets the MVP award, due to their immense impact on the game, but other position players can break through with extraordinary seasons.

That story checks out if you look at any NFL MVP odds board at any legal online sportsbook. QBs dominate at the top, with the best shot to win and the lowest potential payouts. But if you look a little further down the list, there are always intriguing dark horses to be found.

Below find the latest NFL MVP odds at US online sportsbooks plus a quick road map to getting your best bets down. See daily NFL odds and lines.

Current NFL MVP odds

Odds below are the best current NFL MVP odds at legal US online sportsbooks. Scroll down the table to see the more MVP candidates; click on any of the odds or the sportsbook logo to claim your bonus and register a new account.

NFL MVP Odds – Favorites

Aaron Rodgers (Best current odds: )

While repeat winners are rare, never count Rodgers out in Green Bay. Rodgers played absolutely lights out last season and shows few signs of slowing down. The Packers made it to the NFC title tilt before coming up short last year, and they could get dialed in and loaded up once again.

If we add in an offseason of drama surrounding his future, Rodgers steps on the field every week this season with a chip on his shoulder the size of the state of Wisconsin. For opposing defensive coordinators, that’s a nightmare scenario. At current odds, a repeat bet on Rodgers makes plenty of sense.

Tom Brady (Best current odds: )

After winning his seventh ring, is there really anything left for Brady to prove? Not at all – but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop trying. Now 44 years young heading into 2021, Brady continues to perform at an incredibly high level. He threw for 40 TDs during the regular season in 2020, and added on another 10 during the Buccaneers’ fantastic playoff run.

The Bucs have managed to successfully keep the band together in Tampa Bay. The club appears to be on a mission for back-to-back Super Bowl crowns, and it’s tough to find arguments against them making it happen. Brady is already a three-time winner of the NFL MVP. Let’s just say that he’d be happy to make some more room in the trophy case.

Jonathan Taylor (Best current odds: )

The last running back to win MVP was Adrian Petersen back in 2012 but Taylor is making a very good last-minute push to be the next. With over 1,500 yards and 17 tds, Taylor is driving the Colts towards the playoffs. Will it be enough to overtake the two QBs leaders down the stretch? We’ll soon find out.

Matthew Stafford (Best current odds: )

Stafford’s move from the Lions to the Rams is akin to the dedicated worker who finally has his ship come in after years of fantastic effort under trying circumstances. He now has the keys to the offense for a team that has gobs of talent on both sides of the ball. It’s a win-win situation as both he and the Rams have upgraded circumstances with a single move.

Detroit is rarely in contention for a playoff spot. Outside of the annual Thanksgiving Day appearance, Stafford has tended to fly under the radar as a result. He has a much higher-profile gig now, and the pressure is on him to deliver. Here’s a vote that says that the marriage between him and head coach Sean McVay will be quite blissful.

Patrick Mahomes (Best current odds: )

Even for the haters, there’s just no denying what Mahomes brings to the table. He’s efficient and resourceful behind center while leading one of the best offenses in the league. Mahomes also delivers a countless number of moments that leave you wondering exactly how he managed to pull it off.

The Chiefs are once again legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and Mahomes remains young enough that we can expect even further improvement. That’s a scary proposition for the rest of the league. If Mahomes lights it up once again, expect his odds to continue shortening as the season moves along.

Josh Allen (Best current odds: )

There are a number of fascinating young QBs across the league that we should all be keeping our eyes on. Allen just might be the best of the bunch. He can make things happen with his arms and legs, while his Bills team has a very real shot of making some serious noise in the postseason once again.

To make that happen, Allen will have to build on his impressive 2020 campaign. He threw for over 4,500 yards while tossing 37 TDs, and added in another eight rushing scores for good measure. Allen is a big league weapon who looks like he’ll only get better. The future looks bright in Buffalo, and the same could hold true for Allen MVP bettors.

NFL MVP Odds – Wild Cards

Kyler Murray (Best current odds: )

Murray has seen his odds of winning NFL MVP increase dramatically since first hitting the board. Murray can throw the daylights out of the ball, but has also proved to be a dual-threat QB. If he can cut down on the interceptions and build a solid rapport with what looks to be a fantastic pass catching corps, the sky will be the limit—especially as ‘Zona figures out how to compete in the ultra-competitive NFC West.

Dak Prescott (Best current odds: )

Dak got paid this offseason for one year of service in Big D, and the betting markets were buying into him living up to the biggest payday of his career. Now offering up around a 66-1 return, his odds to win the NFL MVP initially hit the board at 20-1.

With the addition of Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb to the wide receiver corps alongside studs Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, the Cowboys possess one of the premier pass-catching corps in the league. Prescott currently owns the keys to that sports car and looks to have a big season building.

Lamar Jackson (Best current odds: )

Before throwing your money down on Jackson to pull off another MVP year, just know that it’s darn near impossible to do. While you’d love to see him improve his ball security, Lamar looked like a man against boys in his second full season, throwing for over 3,100 yards and 36 TDs while racking up another 1,200+ yards on the ground to go along with seven more scores. Motivation is a key factor in cashing these types of futures tickets, and Lamar is going to be locked in.

Derrick Henry (Best current odds: )

If you’re looking for a viable selection outside of the QB position, then look no further than the wrecking ball of a RB out of Tennessee by the name of Derrick Henry. He’s the first non-QB you’ll find on the odds board at most legal sportsbooks, and that’s for very good reason. Henry is one of those who can make great things happen with every touch of the ball.

He has led the league in rushing yards for the last two seasons. Last year, he became the eighth NFL RB in history to rush for over 2,000 yards. He found the end zone 17 times while averaging 5.4 yards per carry. In short, Henry is a force to be reckoned with. If the Titans manage to have a solid season, he’s a legit contender to watch.

NFL MVP betting apps

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Which states can you bet NFL MVP online in?

State Online / AppRetail
Arizona Sports BettingYesYes
Colorado Sports BettingYesYes
Connecticut Sports BettingYesYes
Florida Sports BettingYesYes
Illinois Sports BettingYesYes
Indiana Sports BettingYesYes
Iowa Sports BettingYesYes
Michigan Sports BettingYesYes
New Hampshire Sports BettingYesYes
New Jersey Sports BettingYesYes
New York Sports BettingYesYes
Pennsylvania Sports BettingYesYes
Tennessee Sports BettingYesNo
Virginia Sports BettingYesNo
West Virginia Sports BettingYesYes
Wyoming Sports BettingYesYes

How does an NFL MVP bet work?

Though all NFL betting sites ultimately differ in the way they do business, a full regular season would need to play out for there to be action when betting on NFL MVP.

NFL BettingIf a player can’t play in 17 games due to the season being canceled, your bet would likely be refunded. If it’s an injury that cuts a player’s season short, it will be up to the sportsbook to decide how it wants to go about that dilemma. More times than not, a good faith refund will be administered.

As for returns, let’s consider the current favorite on the odds boards. Patrick Mahomes, winner of the 2018 award, checks in with odds ranging from +450 to +600 at our top sportsbooks. If we use odds of +500 as an example, you’ll get $500 back for every $100 wagered if Mahomes manages to pull it off.

From an implied probability perspective, odds of +500 indicate that he has a 16.67% chance of making it happen. As one of the top signal callers in the league with lots of weapons at his disposal, it certainly wouldn’t be stunning to see a Mahomes win coming to fruition.

That said, there are lots of other intriguing contenders to consider as you scroll the odds board.

NFL MVP Race – Betting Trends

In perusing this season’s NFL MVP candidates you’ll notice the odds are quarterback-heavy at the top — and for good reason. A QB has won the award each of the last eight seasons. Since the turn of the century, a grand total of four running backs have taken home the trophy:

  • Adrian Peterson in 2012
  • LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006
  • Shaun Alexander in 2005
  • Marshall Faulk in 2000

No other position player has won the award during that stretch, which means 80% of the NFL MVPs this century were quarterbacks. You’ll also notice that wide receivers offer up ungodly returns on investment.

If you want to bet on a top wide receiver such as Tyreek Hill or Davante Adams, you’ll see ridiculous odds like +10000 in many spots. That’s because not a single WR has won the award since it came into existence all the way back in 1954. Heck, even a kicker won it!

Don’t put much thought into backing a defensive player, either. Lawrence Taylor’s 1986 season saw him become the first player who lined up on that side of the ball to win the award since Alan Page did it in 1971. To date, they’re the only two defenders who have made it happen.

It would also help if said team was playoff-bound, as well.

NFL MVP list past 10 years

2020Aaron Rodgers
2019Lamar Jackson
2018Patrick Mahomes
2017Tom Brady
2016Matt Ryan
2015Cam Newton
2014Aaron Rodgers
2013Peyton Manning
2012Adrian Peterson
2011Aaron Rodgers

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Most are unaware of this, but the winner of the award is already chosen before the playoffs begin. Those responsible for the decision are a panel of 50 voters from the Associated Press, the Newspaper Enterprise Association, Pro Football Writers of America and United Press International (UPI).

A grand total of nine players have won the NFL MVP more than once. Peyton Manning sits atop the list at five wins, with the last coming back in 2013. Players who have won it three times are:

  • Tom Brady
  • Johnny Unitas
  • Brett Favre
  • Jim Brown
  • Aaron Rodgers

Joe MontanaKurt Warner and Steve Young have each won the award twice.

The Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers have had the most winning players, with nine players each.

While Brett Favre put forth another worthy MVP season in 1997 with 3,867 passing yards and 35 TDs to lead the Packers to a 13-3 regular season record, Barry Sanders should’ve won the award outright after logging another of what still remains a record six 2,000-yard rushing seasons. He also scored 14 TDs and averaged a ridiculous 6.1 yards per carry!

Even so, the players shared a split of the award. Other notable controversies include Joe Montana throwing 16 interceptions and still stealing the award away from Randall Cunningham, who lit the gridiron up with 3,466 passing yards and a 30:13 TD/INT ratio while ripping off another 942 yards and five touchdowns on the ground. Talk about highway robbery.

Using recent history as an indicator, there’s only been one repeat winner since the turn of the century, that being Peyton Manning in 2008-09. While the voting panel has shown a knack for giving the award to a player multiple times, it’s also exhibited hesitance in handing it off to the same player in successive seasons.

Montana, Favre and Manning are the only three to have won consecutive awards in the last few decades. Those looking to back Jackson this season could benefit, considering all three of those players played the quarterback position.

If looking to attain the most bang for your buck, then you’ll certainly want to take fliers on unsuspecting big underdogs before the regular season begins. Heck, you might even make it a point to get down early on a couple favorites.

Once the cat is out of the bag, the betting markets pounce in hopes of gaining the most value from an investment. Betting lines for the NFL MVP Award react and move accordingly every single week to players who have good and bad games. Make it a point to be in the know to allow for some excellent hedging opportunities down the road.

Originally called the Joe F. Carr trophy and awarded from 1938-1946, the AP award is now considered the NFL MVP trophy. AP stands for Associated Press.

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