theScore NJ Sportsbook Review

Another mobile sportsbook has come to New Jersey. Canadian sports media operator theScore has launched a US sports betting app in the Garden State. The second theScore sportsbook is expected to launch a sports betting app in Colorado in 2020.

TheScore is partnering with Monmouth Park Racetrack, one of the land-based permit holders necessary to operate in the Garden State. The new sportsbook is the third to operate in association with Monmouth Park.  We suggest trying one of these top rated sportsbooks.

The Score has been a fixture in the Canadian sports landscape since 2007. Its app covers action on more than 20 sports leagues. The company itself trades on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Those familiar with theScore may know that the company provides some of the best sports information aggregation on the planet. Its app combines real-time news updates, scores and fantasy information to keep its customers in the loop.

Also, players can customize the information that they receive upon logging in. The result is a unique user experience for each sports fan.

So, it’s only natural that customers of theScore can use its wealth of information to guide their sports betting. However, offering sports betting is a different animal than simply providing news updates about sporting events.

Thankfully, the Canadian company has a multi-year partnership with American sportsbook technology provider Bet.Works. Bet.Works’ software now powers theScore sportsbook app and online platforms.

Bet.Works offers turnkey solutions to companies wishing to power sports betting. Barring regulatory hurdles, Bet.Works will also provide the muscle behind the new sportsbook at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort in Iowa.

Welcome bonus at theScore

TheScore is offering to award players a free bet on their first deposit. This free bet will match the deposit amount 100% up to $100.

So, new players to theScore can start things off with a bang on the app. The free bet is eligible for any market at odds up to +300.

Better still, existing theScore app users will find this offer doubled. So, they can receive a free bet worth up to $200.

Players will have ten days from the receipt of the free bet to use it. After that, it reverts to theScore.

However, with a risk-free wager in hand, there’s no reason to wait. Get in the game.

theScore Sportsbook Bonus Code 2021

Online Sportsbook theScore Sportsbook
Bonus Code None
Bonus OfferFree bet to match 100% of first deposit up to $100
Online Since October 2019
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Do I need a promo/bonus code for theScore?

There is no promo or bonus code associated with the first deposit bonus. Players will automatically receive their matched free bet.

However, other promotions that are yet to come may well have a code. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of any offer.

TheScore’s VIP and loyalty rewards 

There is no indication of a VIP or loyalty program on theScore just yet. However, as time passes, it’s possible that one may debut.

If it does, it is unlikely that players should have any reason not to join. Even casual players should make sure to take advantage of any perks that might come their way.

theScore NJ Sports Betting Apps

TheScore Sportsbook: Creating a new account

Creating an account on theScore is a simple process. The account wizard guides you through all the necessary steps in order to become a member.

The sportsbook requires that you submit your name, address, phone number and email address to the site as a means of identifying you. You must also provide your birth date, as sports betting is only available to players who are 21 years or older.

Typically, the site does have a verification process in addition to asking for these pieces of information. You will be asked to confirm the account’s creation through the provided email and/or verify that the financial information you’ve provided is correct.

theScore allows players from outside New Jersey to register for an account. However, players must be within the state to play or bank on the site.

Sites use geolocation software to ensure that no out-of-state play is occurring. They risk fines from the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement for violating this policy, so they are unlikely to let it slide.

However, provided that you are inside the Garden State and are 21 or older, you should be able to play on any online sportsbook in the state, including at theScore.

TheScore software review

Customers experience online applications in different ways due to a variety of ways they access the app. A customer using a desktop or laptop computer can have quite a different experience on a site than one accessing the same site with a mobile device.

So, here is what customers can expect when they visit theScore app. Since theScore emphasizes mobile applications, mobile app users can count on having a richer experience than their desktop counterparts. 

TheScore sportsbook app review

The betting app for the Score emphasizes customization over everything. In other words, each player should have a unique experience when they log on. 

Much like the company’s sports news app, players can choose their preferred aspects to see. There are numerous filters available that each bettor can use to screen out all the events that don’t interest them. 

Here are some of the other aspects we saw:

  • Availability: TheScore app is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Speed: The app functions without any slowdown or lag. Navigation is smooth and fluid.
  • Overall Performance: The achievement of this app is its ability to customize. Players can allow or filter out anything they deem unnecessary, no matter the format.
  • Markets: Since theScore has such a robust history of league coverage, it should come as no surprise that there are so many markets available for betting. Almost any professional league has some market for wagering on theScore.
  • Live Betting: One of the best parts about online sportsbooks is the increased ability to offer live betting. Bets are now available on extremely granular micro-events throughout each game. Playerscan wager on the outcome of the next play or the score at the end of a quarter. Live betting can be a great way to get back into the black if initial bets go south.

Browser and desktop review

For the more technologically averse among us, most sites also offer the ability to access the site using a desktop or laptop computer. 

The browser version of the app is functional, if a bit spare. There is no difficulty with the application; it’s just not a very fancy site to use.

theScore NJ Sportsbook

Betting options

TheScore’s ideas about a US debut are quite ambitious. New Jersey’s online sports betting market has become very competitive in the year since its debut.

In order to compete in such a heated market, theScore is going to have to compete with the market leaders on both options and functionality. DraftKings, FanDuel and the others have a tremendous head start and have already developed a certain degree of customer loyalty.

Above all else, theScore is going to need a robust in-game betting component. All the major competitors (especially DraftKings) have a live ticket system that is nothing short of revolutionary.

In essence, the live ticket system allows players to cash out their tickets at any time for a reduced payout. In doing so, the player can guard against last-second meltdowns, and the sportsbook can discount their loss on what would likely have been a payout anyway.

Many of the New Jersey apps also feature a betting carousel. This is a customizable function that draws from players’ betting history to suggest bets. Each player has a different rotation of suggested actions on their app.

Naturally, theScore’s app must offer the types of bets typically found in both retail and online sportsbooks. Those betting formats include point spreads, moneylines, totals, futures, and propositions.

Point spread: A point spread is a wager on one team in a contest. The sportsbook will designate an expected margin of victory in a game, and the bettor will wager on whether he or she believes the favorite will exceed that margin, or the underdog will overcome it (even if they end up losing the game).

Moneyline: Moneyline bets are wagers on which team he or she believes will win, and the payout amount reflects whether the winner was the favorite or underdog.

Totals: Totals are wagers on the total amount of points that a player expects two teams will score in a given contest. This type of bet is commonly referred as the over/under. Players wager whether the actual total will be higher or lower than this number.

Futures: Future bets are wagers on long-term events that won’t determine a winner for several months. They tend to be bets on which team will win a sport’s championship, which player will win a season-ending award, or something similar. Futures are usually a straight-odds bet.

Propositions: Propositions, or prop bets, are bets on activities ancillary to the actual gameplay. Wagers on events like the coin-toss, the first player to score, or the number of points a player will have at the end of the game are examples of this type of bet. Most stories about farfetched bets people have made involve proposition bets.

Finally, many sportsbooks offer a series of wagers known as parlay bets. These bets are combination wagers that allow players to make the same wager on multiple contests.

Parlays are an example of high-risk, high-reward endeavors. Players must accurately select each contest in their parlay, known as a leg, in order for the bet to win. However, a successful parlay comes with a much higher payout than a series of single wagers on the same contests.

Odds boost

One type of promotion that many New Jersey online sportsbooks commonly offer is called odds boost. Quite simply, an odds boost is a mechanical alteration of the given lines for a particular contest. 

In other words, the sportsbook adjusts the odds on selected events to encourage betting on the game. This kind of promotion can create added value for bettors, particularly those who were already planning to wager on the given event.

While there are no odds boosts currently active on theScore, these are typical bonuses. So, make sure to check the promotions page often.

theScore NJ Bonus CodesBanking options at theScore


There are three options for players to make deposits on theScore.

First and foremost, players can make a credit card deposit with their Visa or Mastercard. Please note that many American banks, including some of the larger ones like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, are likely to decline the transaction.

Even if they don’t, banks will often charge a cash advance fee for these deposits. So, bear those things in mind if you want to use a credit card.

Players can also use a Play+ prepaid card to fund their accounts. These types of accounts are essentially gift cards that the player gives themselves.

Finally, players can also use online bank transfers to move money around. Through echeck select, players can essentially use the bill pay function in their bank accounts to transact with theScore.

Each of these methods bears a $10 minimum deposit limit. theScore requires a government identification for any deposits in excess of $2,500.


The methods available for withdrawal are mostly the same as the methods for deposit on theScore. Players who used their Play+ cards or used echeck select can have the money come back to them in the same manner.

The only different method is cash at the cage. Players can receive money out of their theScore accounts if they physically go to the cashier at Monmouth Park.

Withdrawals can take anywhere from 1 – 3 business days. While the cash withdrawal should be short and sweet, it’s a good idea to alert the cage to your request 24 hours in advance, if possible. Otherwise, there might be unnecessary delays.

theScore customer support

Things don’t always go off without a hitch. So, it’s imperative that a sportsbook maintain an active customer support capability.

For theScore, players can reach out to customer support in one of three ways. The first method is by calling the support line. Dial 1-855-916-0077 for immediate assistance with any issues.

Players can also choose to contact theScore through the support email address. Email [email protected] for help.

Finally, players can also use the request form that theScore offers on the support page. Choose the appropriate nature of the concern, and leave the relevant information in the boxes provided.

Hopefully, these methods will be sufficient to answer any questions that arise.

History and company overview may not be a familiar name to most Americans, but it is no garage startup. The Canadian company burst onto the market in the Great White North in 2007.

The company’s signature product is a news app for sports fans. The app allows fans to customize and aggregate their desired sports news in a sleek format.

The result is an application that allows users to enhance their viewing experience for their favorite sporting events. By its admission, theScore features information on more than 20 leagues, 800 teams and 15,000 athletes.

The Score is no fly-by-night organization, either. The Toronto-based company counts more than 200 employees on staff and trades on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.

Entering such a crowded market as New Jersey is undoubtedly a daunting task; however, theScore certainly has plenty of muscle. So, theScore may hold its own as it enters the sports betting world this year.

theScore Online Sports Betting NJ FAQ

Where Is theScore Sportsbook Legal?

You can legally bet at theScore online sportsbook within the state of NJ.

Additionally, theScore has partnerships with licensed casinos that are supporting the expansion of theScore’s online sportsbook beyond just NJ and into an ever-expanding list of other states.

Where can you use theScore NJ online sportsbook?

Players are able to make real-money bets using theScore from anywhere within the state of New Jersey.

As sports betting expands, there will be the opportunity for more and more players from other states to try theScore’s online sports betting product.

Is theScore sportsbook legal in New York?

Not yet. New York is still figuring out how to handle online sports betting, and theScore won’t be able to offer an online sports betting app in NY until that question is settled.

In the meantime, players living in NY do have the option of simply crossing into New Jersey in order to place their bets. That’s an option that is becoming increasingly popular for New Yorkers who want to bet using legal online sportsbooks like theScore.

Can you use theScore in California?

Not yet. We’re still waiting for legal online sports betting to come to California.

How do I use theScore sportsbook outside of NJ?

Right now your options are limited. There are only a few states where theScore is available. Refer to the review above for an up-to-date list of the states outside of NJ where you’re able to use theScore online sportsbook to place real-money bets.

Does theScore accept credit cards?

Yes. You are able to use most credit cards to make a deposit at theScore’s online sports betting site.

Can you cancel a bet at theScore online sportsbook?

Generally speaking, no.

It is a standard sportsbook policy for bets to be final once made. So at theScore and other online sportsbooks, you are unlikely to be able to back out of a bet once it has been confirmed.

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