How to Bet on the XFL Online

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NFL football is the most popular sport in America to watch and bet on – by far. But once the Super Bowl bets have all been cashed, the long wait for NFL games that matter begins again.

Unfortunately, that long wait may return yet again.

The XFL made its return in 2020 with long-awaited dreams of a sustainable spring football league. You might remember the first incarnation of the XFL in 2001. That league only lasted a year before closing up shop. Last year the Alliance of American Football (AAF) didn’t even make it through its first full season of spring football before ceasing operations.

But now, it appears the XFL has fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic. The league’s parent company, Alpha Entertainment has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy putting a 2021 return in jeopardy. Assets and liabilities range from $10 million to $50 million with seven of the leagues eight coaches among the top creditors.

While the demise of the AAF does not bode well for the long-term viability of a new football league, the XFL pledged to be different this time around. Innovative rule changes, a faster-paced game, and major broadcast deals were among the exciting developments. As a bonus, the full schedule of XFL games and playoffs were available for betting in certain states.

The league stopped playing games due to the pandemic halfway through its first season.

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What is the XFL?

The XFL is a professional football league that will resume play in 2020 after debuting- and ceasing operations- in 2001. The XFL aims to fill a lull on the sports calendar from late winter through early spring and appeal to fans of NFL and college football.

XFL teams 2020The XFL promises some exciting innovations for viewers, including rule changes and a faster-paced game that stays true to the roots of traditional football. There are:

  • Eight teams for the first year: Four in the East Division and four in the West Division
  • 10 weeks of regular-season action
  • A round of playoffs
  • Championship game in late April

The inaugural XFL Draft has already been held. Several big-name coaches are at the helm of the league’s teams.  Major broadcast partners are lined up, and the league has great backing and solid leadership.

All that said, spring football has been attempted before. Just last year, the AAF kicked off for the first time and the league wound up shuttering operations midway through the year. This year is the XFL’s second incarnation; the initial launch was deemed a failure after one season.

Optimism is high that it’ll be different this time around, but we’ll naturally have to wait and see. If the league can put forth teams that are worth watching, competitive games and compelling storylines, then there’s a good chance they’ll attract attention.

What are the XFL team names for 2020?

The XFL will begin to play with eight teams sprinkled geographically across the US. Here are the eight franchises and where they will be playing home games this season:

xfl team logosWestern Division

  • Dallas Renegades (Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX)
  • Houston Roughnecks (TDECU Stadium in Houston, TX)
  • Los Angeles Wildcats (Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA)
  • Seattle Dragons (CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA)

Eastern Division

  • DC Defenders (Audi Field in Washington, DC)
  • New York Guardians (MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
  • St. Louis BattleHawks (The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, MO)
  • Tampa Bay Vipers (Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL)

Fans of the NY Guardians are fortunate that New Jersey is a sports betting-friendly state. Several top NJ sportsbooks operate in NJ including those who made our list of recommendations. As for those located in the other XFL states, road trips to neighboring states with legalized sports betting is entirely acceptable.

You can sign up and manage your account from any state; however, you need to travel to a legalized state to place your bets. You can then return home and even collect your winnings, but you’ll have to head back when it’s time to place more bets.

XFL bet types

You’ll be able to place the same kind of bets on the XFL as you can betting on the NFL or betting on college football. Here’s a look at the major types of bets you can place:

  • Moneyline: A moneyline bet is a straight wager in which you are simply picking the winner of the game between the favorite and the underdog.
  • Point spread: A point spread must be accounted for in these types of bets. The favorite needs to win by more than the spread to “cover,” while the underdog needs to keep the margin less than the spread.
  • Totals: Also known as the over/under, this wager revolves around the total points scored in the game. Oddsmakers set a benchmark total, and bettors decide if they like the number to go over or under that amount.
  • Props: A prop bet is a wager on a specific event that may happen during a game, such as a quarterback throwing for a certain amount of yards or which player will score the first touchdown.
  • Parlays: If you place two or more games on a single ticket, you’re making a parlay wager. These bets are high-risk and high-reward as the returns can be great; however, they get tougher to hit when you add more games.
  • Futures: You’ll be able to place a futures bet on the winner of the inaugural XFL Championship. As the season moves along, we may even see futures opportunities on the XFL league MVP.

XFL live betting

These are bets you can place after the action has already gotten underway. Markets and odds move quickly, but live betting continues to grow in popularity.

Live XFL betting markets are still likely to be different from app to app, but you’ll be able to see them in the lobby once the game begins. You can likely expect to bet on quarters/halves and outcomes with changing odds as the game progresses.

In-game props, such as the number of yards gained, next touchdown scored and more, will likely be available.

Spread & Totals Live on ABC/ESPN

Another intriguing aspect of the XFL is its willingness to incorporate real-time betting into its broadcasts. The XFL announced that the “score bug” on ABC/ESPN broadcasts will not just feature the score and game clock, but also current point spread and over/under lines.

The lines will be provided by Caesars sportsbook but will likely be comparable to what you see on other operators including DraftKings and FanDuel. Announcers will also be given free rein to discuss the betting odds on the broadcast.


draftkings xfl dfsJust before the 2020 season kickoff the league announced it had signed a partnership deal with both DraftKings and FanDuel to be official Daily Fantasy Sports partners for the XFL.

What does that mean for you? You’ll be able to draft daily fantasy lineups and play XFL specific contests on DraftKings and FanDuel all season, starting on Feb. 8.

Over the 10-game (plus playoffs) season you can expect to wide a variety of XFL DFS contests from 50/50s and head-to-heads to weekly Guaranteed Prize Pools.

As both DFS powerhouses do with the NFL, you can likely expect big-guarantee GPPs to wrap the season up on Championship weekend. Claim your free bonuses and play XFL DFS all season long via the links below:

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When does the XFL season start?

The XFL season gets underway on Saturday, Feb. 8. There will be four games on opening weekend: Two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

XFL Week 1 results

Saturday, Feb. 8

  • DC Defenders 31 Seattle Dragons 19
  • Houston Roughnecks 31 Los Angeles Wildcats 17

Sunday, Feb. 9

  • New York Guardians 23 Tampa Bay Vipers 3
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 15 Dallas Renegades 9

XFL Week 2 results

Saturday, Feb. 15

  • Seattle Dragons 17 Tampa Bay Vipers 9
  • DC Defenders 27 New York Guardians 0

Sunday, Feb. 16

  • Houston Roughnecks 28 St. Louis Battlehawks 24
  • Dallas Renegades 25 Los Angeles Wildcats 18

XFL Week 3 results

Saturday, Feb. 22

  • Houston Roughnecks 34 Tampa Bay Vipers 27
  • Dallas Renegades 24 Seattle Dragons 12

Sunday, Feb. 23

  • Los Angeles Wildcats 39 DC Defenders 9
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 29 New York Guardians 9

XFL Week 4 results

Saturday, Feb. 29

  • NY Guardians 17 LA Wildcats 14
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 23 Seattle Dragons 16

Sunday, March 1

  • Tampa Bay Vipers 25 DC Defenders 0
  • Houston Roughnecks 27 Dallas Renegades 20

XFL Week 5 results

Saturday, March 7

  • Houston Roughnecks 32 Seattle Dragons 23
  • NY Guardians 30 Dallas Renegades 12

Sunday, March 8

  • LA Wildcats 41 Tampa Bay Vipers 34
  • DC Defenders 15 St. Louis Battlehawks 6

Over the remaining weeks of the regular season the XFL schedule follows the same pattern: Two games on Saturday and two on Sunday with all games in separate broadcast windows.

For Weeks 9 and 10, there will be a Thursday night primetime game that will be broadcast by Fox. For those two weeks, there will be just a single game on Saturday and a pair on Sunday.

Playoffs get underway on Saturday, April 18, with a matchup set to broadcast on Fox. The following day, a playoff game will be on ESPN. The winners of those two contests will meet in the XFL Championship game at 3 p.m. EST, Sunday, April 26, on ESPN.

How is the XFL different from the NFL?

The XFL promises a game that stays true to the foundations of football. However, the league is also looking to be an innovator while attempting to create a fan-friendly product.

Here are some of the differences you can expect to see in the XFL in comparison to the NFL:

1. Scrimmage play instead of extra point

As opposed to just lining up for a kick after touchdowns, teams can go for additional points depending on the length of play.

  • A two-yard scoring play is good for 1 point
  • A five-yard scoring play is good  for 2 points
  • A 10-yard scoring  play is good for 3 points

If the defense recovers the ball and returns it for a score, they get the same amount of points as was being attempted.

2. Two forward passes allowed

Teams can attempt two forward passes on the same play as long as the initial pass doesn’t go past the line of scrimmage.

3. Overtime shootout

When overtime is needed, teams will go through five rounds of 2-point conversions. If no winner is decided, they’ll then move on to additional rounds.

To speed up play, offenses and defenses from both sides will be on the field in the appropriate end zone. Defenses can’t score in the shootout, as a turnover just results in a dead play.

4. Continuous clock

Outside of the two-minute warning, the game clock will run throughout the game. The clock only stops during the change of possession, except in the last two minutes of the half or game, when it will stop after each play. There will also be a 25-second game clock and only two timeouts per half per team. For an instant replay, a ruling must be handed down within 60 seconds.

5. Penalty focus is on player safety

Officials will be mainly on the lookout for fouls that jeopardize player safety. Procedural violations can still be called, but the emphasis is on not slowing the game down due to minor infractions.

So, this is a sampling of the changes the XFL intends to implement. It’s all geared toward keeping the action on the field moving while limiting downtime.

6. Halftime will only last 10 minutes

In line with keeping the game moving, halftime will only be a 10-minute break.

Who owns the XFL?

vince mcmahon xflAlpha Entertainment owns the XFL, a company owned by Vince McMahon. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because McMahon owns the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the most successful brand in professional wrestling.

McMahon was the owner of the original XFL as well. It debuted with plenty of fanfare alongside its broadcast partner NBC. After the initial hype and curiosity factor wore off, that league fizzled and ceased operations.

There have been plenty of rumblings through the years that McMahon wanted to take another crack at professional football. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the second incarnation of the XFL is here.

However, this is far from a vanity project. McMahon is going all-in here, and he has the track record to back it up. Many moons ago, he dreamed of taking his regional wrestling promotion national.

Today, WWE is a global powerhouse and a publicly traded entity.

Jeffery Pollack, the former commissioner of the World Series of Poker, has been brought on board as president and chief operating officer of the XFL.

Oliver Luck, former NFL quarterback and athletic director at West Virginia University, serves as the league’s commissioner.

XFL player contracts

XFL player contracts are also unique in that players will receive a portion of their salary guaranteed, and the winning side for each week’s games will receive a victory bonus. The average XFL player salary will be about $55,000 for a 10-game season but some of the more high-profile players could earn up to $500k.

Which XFL players went on to play in the NFL?

While the original XFL didn’t last long, playing in the league proved to be a good thing for several players. Here are some of those who would go on to play in the NFL:

xfl he hate me

  • Rod Smart
  • Yo Murphy
  • Jose Cortez
  • Mike Furrey
  • Corey Ivey
  • Kevin Kaesviharn

For the current crop of XFL players, there are a number of players with NFL-caliber talent who could open up some eyes with a strong showing in the spring. Here are some of the top names to watch:

  • Jordan Ta’Amu, QB, St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Rashard Davis, WR, DC Defenders
  • Nick Truesdell, TE, Tampa Bay Vipers
  • Trey Williams, RB, Seattle Dragons
  • Isaiah Battle, OT, Clemson
  • Anthony Johnson, DT, Los Angeles Wildcats
  • James Vaughters, LB, DC Defenders
  • Derron Smith, S, Dallas Renegades
  • Jamar Summers, CB, New York Guardians
  • Nick Novak, K, Los Angeles Dragons

That’s just a handful of players in the new league. As with the original edition of the XFL, we could see some new stars made overnight.

When is the XFL Draft?

The XFL Draft was held Oct. 15-16, 2019. The draft was conducted via conference call with picks released by the league on social media. The league tried out an interesting concept for its inaugural draft in a bid to even out the player pool.

The XFL Draft was conducted in five phases, with the first four devoted to specific position groupings:

  1. Offensive skill positions
  2. Offensive lineman
  3. Front seven of defense
  4. Defensive secondary
  5. Open draft of any position

Also, there was a Tier 1 allocation of quarterbacks. Here’s how that shook out:

  • Landry Jones, Dallas Renegades
  • Cardale Jones, DC Defenders
  • Phillip Walker, Houston Roughnecks
  • Luis Perez, Los Angeles Wildcats
  • Matt McGloin, New York Guardians
  • Brandon Silvers, Seattle Dragons
  • Jordan Ta’Amu, St. Louis BattleHawks
  • Aaron Murray, Tampa Bay Vipers

For each of the other phases, the initial order was selected by lottery. Then the order rotated after each round in snake-like fashion. Here’s who was the top pick for each of the other four phases:

  1. Rashard Davis, WR, DC Defenders
  2. Storm Norton, OT, Los Angeles Wildcats
  3. Obum Gwacham, DE, Tampa Bay Vipers
  4. Derron Smith, S, Dallas Renegades

The Phase 5 selections were released in bulk by the XFL. There was also a supplemental draft held by the league on Nov. 22, 2019. All told, each franchise drafted 71 players. By the time the regular season begins, rosters will be trimmed to 52 players for each team.

Who are the XFL coaches?

The XFL aims to hit the ground running, and it will need some experienced football minds to do just that. The league has attracted several top names who will be patrolling the sidelines for the 2020 XFL season:

  • Bob Stoops, Dallas Renegades (Previous: head coach, Oklahoma Sooners)
  • Alfonza “Pep” Hamilton, DC Defenders (Previous: assistant head coach, Michigan Wolverines)
  • June Jones, Houston Roughnecks (Previous: Hamilton Tiger-Cats, CFL)
  • Winston Moss, Los Angeles Wildcats (Previous: assistant coach, Green Bay Packers)
  • Kevin Gilbride, New York Giants (Previous: offensive coordinator, New York Giants)
  • Jonathan Hayes, St. Louis BattleHawks (Previous: assistant coach, Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Jim Zorn, Seattle Dragons (Previous: QB coach, Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Marc Trestman, Tampa Bay Vipers (Previous: head coach, Toronto Argonauts, CFL)

Long-time football fans will recall many of the above names. Once again, this is no fly-by-night operation that has been thrown together on a whim by McMahon. The launch of the XFL was quite calculated, as has been the selection of all associated with the league.

The goal of the XFL is to crack the nut that is spring football finally, and there’s simply no way they can do that without a compelling product. Based on the talent level in the league offices, on the sideline and the playing field, it looks like they have an excellent shot at making some noise.

How do I watch or stream the XFL?

The XFL has deals in place to broadcast its games on major outlets every Saturday and Sunday, as well as a pair of Thursdays throughout the regular season. XFL fans can find the games on one of four outlets:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • Fox
  • FS1

Besides, fans looking to stream the games should be able to do so on the ESPN+ and Fox Sports apps. Those who have cut the cord can find the above broadcasters on several top streaming packages, including Hulu, Sling and YouTube TV.


What does XFL stand for?

It’s simply the X Football League with the “X” not having any specific designation.

Why did the XFL fail?

The initial version of the XFL attracted some curiosity in the early going, but it couldn’t maintain the momentum. The product on the field left a lot to be desired, and the league called it quits after one season.

Why is the XFL coming back?

The initial XFL was the brainchild of WWE honcho McMahon. He has long sought to take another shot at spring football, and he is now doing so with a clear-cut vision on how the league can be successful this time around.

How much do XFL players make?

XFL players will make a guaranteed base salary ranging from $55,000 up for a 10-game season. Winning teams will also receive a victory bonus. The overall salary cap per team is expected to be about $4 million.

When will the XFL air?

The XFL will debut on Saturday, Feb. 9, with a pair of games.

For Weeks 1 through 8, games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays. In Week 9 and 10, a Thursday night game will be added to the mix.

The playoff round will be held on the weekend of April 18-19, while the XFL Championship game will be on Sunday, April 26.

How long will the XFL last?

We can’t say for sure that the XFL will be successful this time around; however, there’s an impressive array of talent associated with the league. Also, several broadcasting heavyweights are slated to carry the games.

Alpha Entertainment, the parent company of the XFL that McMahon owns, has a long-term vision for sustained success.

How do I try out for the XFL?

In 2019, the XFL held a Summer Showcase series in each of the league’s eight cities.

These were open tryouts that created quite a bit of buzz in online circles. While we can’t say for sure that the league will do the same this offseason, it seems likely that there will be news on XFL 2020 tryouts before too long.

Where do I watch the 30 for 30 on XFL?

As part of its 30 for 30 series, ESPN put together a well-received documentary entitled This Was the XFL.

You can find it on its broadcast properties occasionally, as well as on its subscription-based ESPN+.

Which XFL teams aren’t returning to play?

There were eight teams in the original XFL, and eight squads in the new version. That’s where the similarities end. All of the teams are entirely new, but the XFL is returning to two of its original markets: NY/NJ and Los Angeles.

Where do I get XFL jerseys and merchandise?

An array of XFL merchandise is available on the league’s website:

Where is He Hate Me now?

Rod Smart went on to play in the NFL.

Smart was the biggest star from the first version of the XFL. He earned the nickname “He Hate Me,” based on how he adorned his jersey, which was a customary practice in the original XFL.

Smart has reportedly been a business owner, personal trainer and a school guidance counselor.

How is the XFL different from the AAF?

The XFL is entirely separate from the Alliance of American Football. It has different ownership, a unique take on several standard football rules and deals in place with major broadcast outlets.

The AAF debuted in 2019 with high hopes of being the answer for spring football. Funding issues led to the league ceasing operations before its first season was complete.

Who is the XFL commissioner?

Oliver Luck serves as the commissioner of the XFL.

He’s a former NFL quarterback who has had an extensive post-playing career at the coaching and executive level. Luck is a former athletic director at West Virginia University and the father of retired NFL QB Andrew Luck.

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